No Respite

It seems to be impossible to get away from politics these days. In the UK there’s a been the superheated Brexit debate that culminated in a General Election last week. And now in the USA the House of Representatives has impeached Donald Trump. What’s going to happen next? It reminds me of the febrile days of the 1972 Watergate affair.

A couple of things that have jumped out for me. First one, which I saw yesterday:

James Comey’s claim that the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation was run “seven layers” below him is a total lie according to Attorney General William Barr, who said that the FBI’s probe was actually handled by a “very small group of very high level officials.”

In fact Barr didn’t actually use the word “lie”. He instead said that what James Comey had said was “simply not true.” But it’s still pretty shocking when the US Attorney General says something like this about a former FBI Director.

Second one, which I saw today:

The federal prosecutor probing the origins of the Russia-collusion hoax has requested “emails, call logs and other documents” from John Brennan, former President Barack Obama’s CIA director turned NBC and MSNBC contributor, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, the prosecutor charged with conducting the review into the origins of the Russia collusion probe, “wants to learn what Mr. Brennan told other officials, including the former FBI director James B. Comey, about his and the C.I.A.’s views of a notorious dossier of assertions about Russia and Trump associates.”

So former CIA Director John Brennan is under investigation by Federal Prosecutor John Durham. That’s interesting too.

Is anything likely to come of it? My view is that people like John Brennan and James Comey are simply too powerful to ever get prosecuted for anything. Same with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and plenty of other people. They’re all effectively above the law.

Or is it that William Barr and John Durham are now signalling that they’re not above the law?

A lot of people on Trump’s side certainly don’t seem to be above the law. One of Trump’s early presidential campaign managers, Paul Manafort, has been prosecuted. So has Trump political advisor Roger Stone. And Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. And Trump-supporting author Jerome Corsi got hauled in front of the Mueller investigation. And of course Trump himself has just been impeached by the US House of Representatives.

It all seems to have been going one way. It’s always Trump’s people who get prosecuted. Nobody on the other side gets touched. And this has led me to believe that the other side (the Deep State?) is far more powerful than Trump, although not seemingly powerful enough to oust him from office.

Closely related to all this, Rush Limbaugh is saying that the Trump impeachment was supposed to turn Trump’s base against him, and it hasn’t succeeded:

CNN has been desperate to find Trump voters who are turning on Trump. They have been out to various states, battleground states with their video crews trying to find Trump voters on the farm, in the outhouses, in the diners, wherever they think Trump voters are, and they’ve been desperate to try to find Trump voters who are mad at Trump and think Trump ought to go, and they can’t find any.

So they said to themselves, where can we go? They desperately need people who appear to be average, ordinary Americans ripping into Trump. So they decided to go to Boston. And here is the montage of voters in Boston that they found talking about impeachment.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I think that he absolutely should be impeached. No one’s changing anybody’s mind which is, like, really disheartening to me.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN 1: I think that it’s just tearing us apart right now. They’re not getting anything done. They’ve been after this guy for three years now.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN 2: They might be really blowing their – their effort on an impeachment when in reality they need to be finding someone to win in 2020.

So it seems that it’s Democrat voters who don’t like what’s happening. It’s all backfiring badly on the Democrats.

Maybe over Christmas there’ll be some respite from it all.

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2 Responses to No Respite

  1. Clicky says:

  2. waltc says:

    It should be said that Manafort and Cohen are doing time for personal financial fraud unrelated to the campign tho they were targeted (and caught) only because of their connection to Trump. Manafort was also charged with not having registered as a foreign lobbyist for his past work while his partner , brother of a Hillary campaign mgr who also never registered, is untouched. Flynn is now presenting evidence that he was entrapped, that the FBI doctored the transcipt of his interview and threatened him, and no one knows exactly what Stone did except it has something to do with either perjury or just misremembering.

    Meanwhile the Dem debate last nite again showed their disdain for white people, males, Americans (born or naturalized) both rich people and working classes whose jobs they want to scuttle and whose fuel bills and taxes they want to raise, and their favoritism for racial and illegal alien minorities (reparations for them) and for transgenders. The question will be how many people hate Trump so much they’ll vote for Anything But and how many actually like that ideology.

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