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The Storm Drain

I’m one of those people who can remember where he was when President John F Kennedy was shot. And every 10 years or so I get interested in the disputes that surround the event. Last time I got interested, about … Continue reading

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A Refreshing Change

Every letter or email I’ve ever sent to any MP about smoking bans has always brought an indifferent, rote response. So it was a delight to get an email today from my West Midlands MEP, Nikki Sinclaire: Thank you for … Continue reading

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My copy of Michael McFadden’s Tobakkobacht arrived today. I haven’t read it yet. But I read the author’s preface, and in my view for that alone the book is worth every penny I paid for it. Because he writes: …what … Continue reading

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I sat out in my favourite pub garden today. It’s a walled garden, with the walls heavy with ivy and roses. Earlier this year it was a sea of daisies. And on sunny days like today, I sit out on … Continue reading

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Loss of Trust

I was writing about the death of cultural institutions last night. And today I came across something that UK Chief Rabbi Sacks had said of the breakdown of institutions: “And then you ask why they have broken down and you … Continue reading

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Slow Motion Coup d’Etat

The way I see things these days, more or less the entire British political class – Labour, Lib Dem, and Conservative – have signed up to the EU ‘project’ in a way that the British people have not. And they … Continue reading

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The Disintegrating Demos

I must say that I gaze on events in Syria and Egypt (and elsewhere) with something like dumb incomprehension. Some people say that Islam is incompatible with democracy. But an article by Dan Hannan offers a simpler explanation. No, there … Continue reading

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Pot Research

I quite often compare anti-tobacco ‘science’ with global warming ‘science’. Today on WUWT I came across a similar comparison, this time exploring how global warming research is like pot research. One of the reasons given for making marijuana a schedule … Continue reading

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An American Institution

I must be slow or something. I’d never heard of her until today, when I came across her talking about NY mayor Michael Bloomberg. “The overturning of the term limits — when this happens in another country, we call this … Continue reading

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Change Your Hearts

H/T Harley for this eloquent letter from kin_free published in the Blackburn, Darwen, and Hyndburn Citizen. I hope he doesn’t mind me re-publishing it, because I think it deserves it. Change your hearts or lose your inns The English pub … Continue reading

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