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  1. Smithers says:

    Frank, ur email not working, please email me at philhandyman24-7@ntlworld.com asap. Cheers mate

  2. Patrick says:

    What do you think about this!

    “On 22 November 2010, the Towards Tobacco-Free Singapore online campaign was launched to support the initiative to phase out tobacco in Singapore by preventing the supply of tobacco to Singaporeans born from the year 2000. The initiative was put forward by a team consisting of a lung cancer surgeon, medical officers, a university professor and a civil servant. The proposal has received strong public support and has attracted media interest.”

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello!
    I´m from Sweden and I found your name when I was searching for relatives in USA. In a gust book in our home two close relatives of mine left the address: 613, White Str, Flint, Michigan. When I googled the address your name came up.
    I wonder if you have any information about people connected/relatives to Ida and Lawrence Larsson. They visited Sweden 1958 and at that time they lived at the above address. We now that they had children.
    Thanks for all your help – all information might be useful…
    Best regards
    Stig-Åke Lindgren

  4. Mike Baraniecki says:

    Frank, I’m located in Murrieta, CA. It’s in Southwest Riverside County (aka The Inland Empire). I found you website while perusing the internet one day. It was ironic to say the least as I was doing a search on Frank Marshall Davis, a former mentor of President Obama. Suffice to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find you and I read through most of the articles you posted. I truly enjoy your writing, finding it rather easy-going and full of sardonic wit. Yes, I’m a smoker in CA and have been for the last 40 years. Keep up the great work, friend. I’m hooked.

    -Mike Baraniecki,
    “Sum ergo cogitabo.”

  5. Jon E. says:

    Just read a couple of your posts, but don’t have time to browse through all of them. Could you direct me to the posts where you say why (ie, what good reasons do you have) to think that cigarettes don’t cause cancer? And why do you have so much distrust against tobacco control scientists?

  6. James Albert says:

    Do you realise that the world’s largest tobacco companies all use Child labour to harvest tobacco (mainly in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan and the rest of Central Asia). Thus ensuring children get cancer before the age of 10 or at the very least miss out on an education. Oh well, I guess it keeps tobacco companies’ profits high, so who cares?

  7. ijcd36 says:

    The totalitarianism of our times has resulted in eco-devastation, terrorism and debt. Would readers agree that the analysis here: http://www.doctor-ian.org/?p=430, et seq, explains what has been happening and suggest a solution?

  8. Murray White says:


    Thought this might be of interest




  9. Anthony says:

    FRANK YOU write so beautifully. I am greatly enjoying all your stories. Grew up in Zimbabwe, myself and the colonial days of school boy discipline was going strong in the 80’s & 90’s, even today. Cheers for now… Anthony :-)

  10. Manfred says:

    NZ lives in a strange bubble, possibly as the result of having one of the highest rates of using cannabis in the world, according to the United Nation’s 2012 World Drug Report. Meanwhile, the NZ anti-smoking activists et al. set about trying to ban smoking in, around, near and amongst anything and everything. Despite the large prospective cohort study reported in J Natl Cancer Inst (2013) doi: 10.1093/jnci/djt365 first published online: December 6, 2013, of 76,000 women that highlighted the substantive non-effect of second hand smoke, soemthing already well established but not well know, the Ministry-of-we-know-best-for-your-own-good continue to peddle their meddlesome wares. The’re never short of good ideas about where to ventrue next in their desperate quest to control, regulate and direct.

    As standards in education slide, parental control is subverted and out of necessity The State becomes in loco parentis, the control will tighten. Anyone know anywhere else to go?

  11. dimitris says:

    Mate, you have a mistake on your map. “North Cyprus” is a greek island called “Crete” and it’s not a country.

  12. prog says:

    OT, but a must see for those worried about the Islamifcation of Europe – the fall of Sweden. The result of over liberal thinking, with one blinkered generation ignoring everything that has been achieved during the country’s long history by naively believing that all immigrants will embrace Swedish values – there is evidence to suggest that Sweden’s ever increasing Muslim population is now close to 10%, the level at which they can force social change at the expense of traditional values.

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