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E-cigs to be Banned

Via Facebook and UK Vapers today: Now another massive blow to the harm reduction market, UK authorities have decided to ban all recreational nicotine, bar tobacco on the basis of a flawed ‘consultation’ and in spite of thousands of testimonies … Continue reading

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Small Potatoes

One thing about the smoking ban that always seems glaringly obvious is the manifest injustice of it. There’s nothing remotely even-handed about this law. There is nothing fair about it. How could anyone enact a law that was so manifestly … Continue reading

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Jred at Riff’s Bar

I live like a hermit these days. That’s almost entirely a consequence of the smoking ban. So it was a big event to find myself sitting on a warm summer evening talking to Jredheadgirl – aka Juliette Tworsey – and … Continue reading

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As the car climbed over the top of the hill, there was revealed a wide plane below us, filled with factory sheds and chimneys and concrete and steel and roads. And my father declared: ‘That’s what I like to see! … Continue reading

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The Modern Ethical Vacuum

How do you tell right from wrong? 50 years ago, when I was a boy, Christianity supplied the answers to those sorts of questions. Since that time, Christianity has been getting increasingly marginalised. The Archbishop of Canterbury was complaining recently … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Least Action

I get a nice example of what might be termed a moral problem almost every time I go out in my car. The lanes round where I live are narrow, sometimes just wide enough for a car to go down. … Continue reading

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Catch That Buzz

Sheila Duffy of ASH Scotland started a blog a few days ago. Well, not really a blog. More a press release. ASH don’t blog: they send out press releases. Anyway, she wrote: So that is what those of us trying … Continue reading

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