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Romano Grieshaber: The Unwavering Professor

Some weeks ago I asked one of my commenters, Reinhold in Bavaria, if he would like to write something about Professor Romano Grieshaber’s new book, Passivrauchen – Götterdämmerung der Wissenschaft which was recently published in Germany. He very kindly agreed to do … Continue reading

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Plain Packaging Futures

I’ve been continuing tinkering with ideas for simple, attractive cigarette packets. I guess that one reason I’m doing it is because the the plain packaging ‘consultation’ is quite obviously a fraud. After all, these ‘consultations’ always are. In the tobacco … Continue reading

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Left and Right, Planned and Unplanned

An interesting comment by Michael McFadden last night has set me thinking about the political Left and Right. Somehow, in the 70s and 80s this underwent a psychotic role-reversal of sorts. The Lefties suddenly became known for wanting all sorts … Continue reading

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Apologies to everyone who was notified by email of a new post by me, and who found one that was password-protected instead. This was me being not-clever-enough by half. What’s happening is that I’m preparing a new post about Professor … Continue reading

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EU: Union or Disintegration

Ultimately, it seems to me, the fate of the UK smoking ban is entirely dependent on the fate of the EU. So what’s going to happen to the EU? A week back, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Daily Telegraph wrote this: … Continue reading

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Lovelock Recants

H/T James Delingpole for this msnbc interview of James Lovelock (my added emphases): The new book [by Lovelock] will discuss how humanity can change the way it acts in order to help regulate the Earth’s natural systems, performing a role … Continue reading

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Pretty Woman

It’s probably a man thing, but it always saddens me when a pretty woman dies. Like this one. London Marathon runner Claire Squires, who died just one mile from the finishing line hairdresser Claire, 30, … fell to the ground … Continue reading

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War of the Worlds

For some reason – or maybe no particular reason at all – last night I remembered Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast from the 1930s. Some listeners heard only a portion of the broadcast and, in the atmosphere … Continue reading

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Couple of Items

Just a couple of items, both courtesy of non-smokers. First the Belfast Telegraph: Why war on cigs will run out of puff long before the smokers do Where I think government’s/Stormont Assembly’s war on the ciggies is going wrong is … Continue reading

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Not Angry Enough?

I got tagged on Facebook last night by Lecroix Kwdjer  ( who lives in Spain, I believe): Anger? C. C Frank Davis talks about anger but we need an even angrier attitude. Say no to pubs, restaurants and the like. Just … Continue reading

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