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Spoiled identity? Who? Me?

Rose dropped a link to Tobacco Control, Stigma, and Public Health in yesterday’s comments. Commenting on the rise and decline of the cigarette and smoker in America, medical historian Allan Brandt, who in the early 1980s, on the eve of the AIDS … Continue reading

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The Great Betrayal

I’ve added another icon in the margin. It shows ASH’s Deborah Arnott saying what she herself wrote in January 2007, six months before the UK smoking ban came into force: “Smokers will be exiled to the outdoors.” The icon links … Continue reading

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Expensive Law

Wonderful thing, Capitalism. Yesterday, in the comments, Wiel Maessen (one of the leading figures behind the amendment of the Dutch smoking ban) was explaining how a group of Europeans were planning to go to court to claim damages for loss of business … Continue reading

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Spanish Smoking Ban NOT to be amended?

H/T Lecroix Kwdjer in the comments, and after reporting a few days ago that the Spanish smoking ban looked set to be relaxed, it now looks like it isn’t: El Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad no tiene previsto modificar … Continue reading

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Straws in the Wind

I often wonder what goes on in politicians’ heads when they’re thinking about smoking and smoking bans. But I’m never any the wiser for it. Tony Benn once said that politicians were either signposts or weathervanes. The principled signposts pointed … Continue reading

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Living in a Time of Madness

I remember when I first heard the idea of a public smoking ban first suggested back in 2004 by Sir Charles George, then-president of the BMA, I thought that it was a mad idea dreamt up by mad doctors, and the … Continue reading

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Merry Bloody Christmas

…from Phil Williams.

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