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The New Aristocrats

One hundred years ago yesterday, top European aristocrat Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot dead in Sarajevo. This led to an ultimatum from the Austro-Hungarian empire to Serbia, whence the assassin had come. And it activated a whole set of alliances … Continue reading

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The Waiting Room

Maybe it’s just me, but the medical profession seems to be getting seriously out of order, and calling for more and more bans. E-cigarettes should be banned in public places because they ‘normalise’ smoking, a leading doctor has said. Surgeon Ram … Continue reading

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One Step Closer to Quitting Europe?

The appointment today of palaeo-federalist Jean-Claude Juncker as the next EU Commission President, in the face of vocal resistance by David Cameron,  brought immediate claims that Britain was on its way out of the EU. e.g. Daniel Hannan: As recently … Continue reading

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Three Obscenities

Obscenity number one: BMA calls for tobacco prohibition: The British Medical Association (BMA) has voted by a large majority for the illegalisation of tobacco for people born after the year 2000. Dr. Tim Crocker-Buque, who is a Specialist Registrar in … Continue reading

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A Loss of Self-Confidence

A lot to process today in the comments. But the line that stood out strongest for me was from one of Nightlight’s comments: …smokers believe ‘smoking kills’(hence it is sin). Just as there are no muggers organizing to defend their … Continue reading

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Small Acts of Resistance

Carol2000 keeps on saying: We should be attacking their scientific fraud at every opportunity, and ultimately create or (our?) own opportunity with a lawsuit that calls on them to cease and desist, and which installs appropriate supervision over them. Well, the … Continue reading

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UKIP Voters are a Bit Thick

I was a bit puzzled today to learn that… Ukip voters feel disconnected from mainstream politics because they don’t know how to send emails or browse the internet, Labour’s shadow business secretary has suggested… Mr Umunna said it was time for … Continue reading

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