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The New Dark-Age Mind

I seem to be coming across quite a few interesting people these days. Jordan Peterson was one. Another one who I only encountered yesterday was Victor Davis Hanson in a YouTube podcast: It was only a short conversation – barely … Continue reading

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Straying Off The Reservation

I’m off on a bit of an intellectual adventure at the moment. I’m not usually very adventurous. I think the same way as everyone else, about almost everything. But sometimes I stray off the reservation, and wander off on my … Continue reading

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I spent all evening in the Smoky Drinky Bar last night, slowly drinking most of a bottle of Chardonnay, on what was my 70th birthday. As a result, today I feel like I’m about 80.

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I don’t usually pay any attention to birthdays of mine. It’s just some more water under the bridge. Another year passed. But this one’s different. It’s the biblical three score years and ten. I’m 70 today. And I feel that … Continue reading

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Freezing Arctic Blast Looms

Maybe it’s because I’ve been piecing together a new theory of ice ages, but I seem to suddenly be noticing weather reports. Like this one: A ‘polar vortex’ is set to grip Britain with a freezing Arctic blast which could … Continue reading

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Strike Off All The Non-Practising Doctors

I was once a small boy, but I no longer call myself that. For years I’ve been mulling over what to do about the medical profession. Or at least the high ranks of the medical profession. People like Sally Davies, … Continue reading

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The Earthquake I Didn’t Notice

Mirror: Britain hit by EARTHQUAKE as people report ‘violent shaking’ in homes from Cornwall to Blackpool Terrified Britons told of damaged buildings, objects falling off shelves or walls, furniture moving and lights flickering when the strongest tremor in a decade … Continue reading

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