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A Tobacco Control Propaganda Piece

H/T Tony for Burning Desire: The Seduction of Smoking. Episode 1 on BBC iplayer. It starts with a voice-over: “Cigarettes are the most lethal consumer product on the planet. Every year more than five million customers of the tobacco industry die.” … Continue reading

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I smoke, I voted UKIP

I seem to have flipped into some sort of graphics mode over the past couple of days. Yesterday I constructed an image of The Fighting Temeraire with a government health warning on it. Today, a comment from Magnetic triggered another … Continue reading

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A New Way To Insult Smokers

I had an email today from Simon Clark asking me if I might help draw attention to a new micro-site: No Prime Minister. It’s intended to generate letters and emails about “plain packaging” to Downing Street. He’s worried that plain … Continue reading

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The Resurgence of the Old Culture

In the aftermath of the UKIP victory, various extinct political dinosaurs have emerged from the mists of time. Today I was watching Michael Heseltine, one of the principal Europhile architects of Margaret Thatcher’s downfall, commenting on UKIP.   People, he … Continue reading

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Normal Blokes Can Balance Beer Glasses On Their Heads

EU election results from the Telegraph: From the Guardian: However, the prime minister appears to have been provoked into criticising Ukip and Farage more openly again in recent weeks, as well as repeatedly rejecting the idea of any pacts or … Continue reading

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The Sniper Took Aim, But Then…

EU election results are slowly trickling in. UKIP is doing well, it seems. So, in the absence of any firm news, a story I came across today: They were so close to us that we could count them, one by … Continue reading

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Still Petulant After All These Years

The other shoe still has yet to drop. But Janet Daley makes a good point: Everybody is talking about learning political lessons – and then going on to say exactly the same thing they were saying before the Great Earthquake … Continue reading

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