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Living In The Twilight Zone

Some days the news just seems totally surreal. After letting kids get sex-change surgery at 15, Oregon Democrats try raising smoking age to 21 Smoking bans are all about denormalising smoking. And sex-change surgery seems to be all about denormalising … Continue reading

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The Lawless World

Pat Nurse was right: the pub smoking room proposal has been removed from UKIP’s manifesto. I suppose that it’s no surprise that this happened as soon as Nigel Farage stepped down as UKIP leader: it was probably only his personal intervention … Continue reading

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The Internet, Government Hyper-regulation, and 0% Interest Rates

I was thinking this morning about all the large changes I’ve seen over the past 10 years or so. And there were three main differences I could discern. Technological: The rise of the internet. Legal: Government hyper-regulation (e.g. smoking bans) … Continue reading

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I bought a couple of expensive wine glasses last week. I wanted them for the transgressive videos I was planning to make with Emily, which were to feature us both (and other people as well) ostentatiously smoking and drinking and … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Bomb

Another day, another bomb. In the Guardian report on it today, there was no mention of either the words “islam” or “muslim”. Although the Telegraph did include a mention: ​Islamic State supporters celebrate Manchester attack online It has all the … Continue reading

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Half a Bottle of Pinot Grigio

I spent a long time talking to Emily on Skype yesterday, and I recorded quite a lot of our conversation. This morning I woke up thinking about our brief discussion of veganism (and slavery). So I looked through the video … Continue reading

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Smokers Will Unite The World

These days it’s the common, shared experience of smokers to have been “exiled to the outdoors.” And it’s the same experience whether it happened to them in Moscow or Manchester or Melbourne. They’re all outcasts. They’ve all been tarred with … Continue reading

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