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Potential and Actual Threats

From Dick Puddlecote: “there are potentially more cancer-forming chemicals within e-cigarettes than you’ve actually got in cigarettes per se themselves.” There are also potentially more cancer-forming chemicals in one of my cheese sandwiches. There are also potentially more cancer-forming  chemicals in … Continue reading

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Anti-Depressant-Driven, Suicidal, Homicidal, Lobotomized States

Last week, I started out thinking that the Germanwings air crash had most likely been caused by a sudden depressurization of the plane. But since the cockpit voice recorder was found, it’s emerged that the co-pilot locked himself in the … Continue reading

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It’s Happened Again

The clocks went forward an hour today in the UK. Or maybe they went back an hour. I’ve already forgotten which. Chris Snowdon has written a rather humorous piece about British Summer Time, and the objections raised against it, including … Continue reading

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Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey

In a time when democracy doesn’t seem to work any more, and politicians seem to be under the control of the EU or the UN or anybody but the people who elected them, it might be worth considering the end … Continue reading

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Hunter-gatherer Moralists with Cell Phones

More on lunatic “health” experts from James Delingpole: There was a letter to the Daily Telegraph last weekend which depressed me more than anything I’ve read in ages. It reported the visit by a social worker to an elderly woman … Continue reading

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Creeping Fascism

Well, that didn’t take long. Last night I wrote: The next revelation might well be that she’s actually the real public health minister, and Jane Ellison is just one of her stooges. H/T Taking Liberties, Deborah Arnott has gone one better … Continue reading

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Who Runs The Government?

I wrote last night that the government will always do whatever ASH tells them to do. H/T Simon Clark, we now perhaps know why. Breaking news. Whether by accident or design, public health minister Jane Ellison has just revealed what we all … Continue reading

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