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Europe at the Crossroads

A quote from an article by Ezra Klein in the Washington Post set me thinking today: Europe has the resources to get through this crisis. But it doesn’t have the governance structures necessary to do so, nor is it clear … Continue reading

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Hello World

I ordered Chris Snowdon’s new book, The Art of Suppression, today. It’s a snip at £9.99 (in the UK) for a signed copy. So I thought I’d put in a plug for it. It’s about alcohol prohibition and tobacco prohibition … Continue reading

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I suppose that most people, when they’ve finished work for the day, slip out of their professional identities when they take off their their suits or overalls or uniforms. They stop being lawyers or accountants or plumbers or soldiers, and … Continue reading

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Taxation, Taxation, Taxation

H/T Dick Puddlecote for this 20 minute interview with Dr Judith MacKay about the UN summit conference on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), such as cancer, heart disease, chronic lung disease, and diabetes. They’ve moved on from tobacco, which is now deemed to … Continue reading

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H/T The Boiling Frog for this Telegraph article about Greece. People are switching off: from politics, from the mass media, from social life. “We would like to see the politicians executed,” says Maria, not smiling as she delivers the joke. … Continue reading

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Rather Be Blind

I picked this up from Lawson Narse a month or so back, and really liked it. Meena singing Rather Be Blind, with Steve Potts on drums and Donna Grantis on lead guitar, all crushed into somebody’s living room.

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Blessed Forgetfulness

One good thing about not having a TV set is that I don’t have to watch party conferences, or hear anything about them anywhere. I have a suspicion that there may have been a LibDem Party conference this last week, … Continue reading

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For anyone interested in the UARS satellite due to crash somewhere in the next few hours, here’s the NASA official site. And below is some of the data displayed at Heavens Above at 19:30 BST. The website images seem to update … Continue reading

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Sums it up perfectly.

Sums it up perfectly. A close ally of Ed Miliband has admitted that the previous Labour Government stopped listening to anyone.

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Bayes’ Theorem 2

In the comments earlier today, Brigitte asked: Am I the only one who believes that screening programmes, if anything, provide a false sense of security? That set me wondering, and I’ve been looking at Bayes’ theorem again. The original question … Continue reading

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