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Yusuke Takakura

Hat tip to Walt for this: TOKYO: A Japanese university has stopped hiring professors and teachers who light up, officials said on Tuesday (Apr 23), as the nation steps up an anti-smoking campaign ahead of the 2020 Olympics. Nagasaki University spokesman … Continue reading

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A Few Things I Noticed Yesterday

A promising headline in ZeroHedge: Government’s Counterproductive War Against Smoking was actually a complaint about the war on vaping. … In other news: Theresa May is facing an unprecedented push to remove her as Tory leader, with a petition by … Continue reading

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Yet Another New Wave

Ideas come in waves. And they sweep the world. Big ideas are like tsunamis. Little ideas are like ripples on a placid millpond. And like those ripples they spread in ever-widening circles, criss-crossing each other. In the past, ideas travelled … Continue reading

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The Dream of Eden

Yesterday I ordered a book that I read many years ago, but now think I need to read again: The Pursuit of the Millennium by Norman Cohn, first published in about 1975. Cohn once summarized his work by explaining that … Continue reading

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The Disease of Antismoking

About 6½ minutes into her interview of Dmitry Kosyrev, Emily Wieja asked him if he thought that scaremongering about tobacco was a Western idea. And Dmitry agreed that this “ugly example” was “a Western disease.” He’s quite right, of course. … Continue reading

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Emily Wieja Interviews Dmitry Kosyrev

Today I have another one of Emily Wieja’s interviews. These are remarkable because Emily thinks up all the questions, asks them, records them and their answers, edits them, and publishes them. She performs, in effect, all the tasks needed to … Continue reading

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The Death and Resurrection of Notre Dame

I’ve not commented on the Notre Dame fire because I’ve been waiting to find out how bad the damage would turn out to be. Some of the early reports spoke of its “complete destruction”, as if all that would be … Continue reading

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