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Fernando Tejedor

More Spanish news. ALICANTE – THE knock on effect of Spain introducing anti-smoking legislation is now emerging. With no smoking allowed inside bars and cafes and without a terrace on which customers could smoke, many small cafe bar owners have … Continue reading

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Creating New Realities

H/T to F2Cscotland for this article in typicallyspanish: The WHO’s Armando Peruga said the government must show it is prepared to enforce it [the smoking ban]. The World Health Organisation has warned Spain that the first six months of the … Continue reading

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I haven’t been to a pub since I left Devon and the River. The nearest one to where I now live never seems to open in the afternoons when I usually like to drop by, after going out shopping. But … Continue reading

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Smoking Is A Disease

I’ve been following the Spanish response to their draconian new smoking ban, and reading (as best I can) Spanish blogs and news reports. Today, in El Pais, I came across an article in which the following words appeared. el tabaquismo … Continue reading

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After watching Horizon last night, and writing about it, I carried on thinking about climate today, and how we’re currently living in a 10,000 year long warm interglacial period in the Earth’s history, after having endured 100,000 years of a … Continue reading

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The Death Ride of Science

I’ve just watched Sir Paul Nurse in Science Under Attack. Nurse has a Nobel prize for his work on cell division. He’s a biologist. But the programme mostly wasn’t about biology, but about climate science – or rather climate scepticism. … Continue reading

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Inside the BBC

Fascinating reading in the Daily Mail, where veteran BBC anchor man Peter Sissons’ biography is being serialised. For me, though, the most worrying aspect of political correctness was over the story that recurred with increasing frequency during my last ten … Continue reading

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