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Death to Tobacco Control

H/T Simon Clark, the European Commission has published its report on its public consultation on the possible revision of the EC’s Tobacco Products Directive. Amazingly, 96% of the respondents were EU citizens, and not (as is very often the case … Continue reading

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Citizen Science

H/T The Tap blog for this video by Dutchsinse asking if a supervolcano is about to erupt in California. Dutchsinse seems to be an MidWestern American who keeps tabs on earthquake/volcano activity around the world. He seems to put out his … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Of What You Fancy

This possibility was mentioned in the comments a few days ago. Amy Winehouse’s Death: Family Suspects Alcohol Withdrawal The sources said Winehouse’s decision to give up drinking entirely for three weeks might have given a lethal “shock” to her system. … Continue reading

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I Have Lived In Your Future…

Yesterday I wrote of the healthists that They are, quite simply, the latest bunch of tyrants bent on enslaving humanity for their own ends. They want to make people do what they want them to do, rather than freely choose … Continue reading

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Freedom, Health, etc

These days, I sometimes think that my whole aim in life is simply to be able to sit in a pub and smoke a cigarette and drink a beer. If you can’t do that, you can’t do anything. It’s not … Continue reading

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False Alarm

One of the things I find rather strange about smoking is that more or less everyone seems to believe, somewhere deep in their hearts, that they shouldn’t do it. It doesn’t just apply to smoking though. It applies to alcohol, … Continue reading

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Did Breivik Miss Brundtland?

I didn’t really wake up to the Norway massacre until I read today that Gro Harlem Brundtland had been Anders Behring Breivik’s main target: Norway shooting: killer ‘confirms Gro Harlem Brundtland was main target’ The man who bombed Norway’s capital and … Continue reading

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