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Vive La Différence!

When, just 3 weeks ago, I suggested doing our own survey of smokers, I had in mind a British survey (if only because most of my readers are Brits). But pretty rapidly it emerged that a number of Americans were … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Posts

WordPress comes with a fairly impressive site stats facility, which I regularly check out, to see what’s being read, what’s being searched for, and so on. And one thing in it that’s attracted my attention recently has been the list … Continue reading

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Bonjour Fumeurs

I’ve been wondering for a while what’s been happening with French smokers. The impression I’ve gained is that there is widespread disregard for the law, and there are plenty of places where people have just carried on smoking. But I … Continue reading

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Frank Davis App

I created my first mobile phone android app today. I found that there were a whole bunch of websites that created free android apps. So I’ve made one that follows myRSS feeds (both main blog and comments) using Appyet. And then, … Continue reading

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International Social Impact Survey Starts

Well, today at least three people started asking smokers to fill out the ISIS questionnaire. Someone’s been pounding the streets of Torbay today in the bottom left corner of Britain, and Leg-iron’s taking it round to a smoky-drinky tonight in … Continue reading

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Connecting Up Smokers

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few weeks how to connect up all the disconnected smokers scattered all over the world. It’s something I’ve always wanted to see happening, and it’s something I’m sure will happen: smokers will … Continue reading

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The Right to Smoke

I’ve been invited three times now to join the Right to Smoke Facebook cause, and each time I’ve declined to join. Here’s the invitation: [ … ] has invited you to join their cause on Facebook: The Right to Smoke … Continue reading

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ISIS questionnaire

I’ve been running two blogs for the last couple of weeks. Apart from this one there’s a little bunch of people over on the Social Impact Survey blog trying to get the survey on the road. We’ve got a draft … Continue reading

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It was sunny today, and I went and sat out in my favourite pub garden with a beer and a cigarette, and mulled over my latest idea: Smokernet. The all-volunteer International Social Impact Survey that I’m helping to set up … Continue reading

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Deep Smoke 2

A long response by Deep Smoke (who once worked for a tobacco company) to a question from markw: Question: All kidding aside could you ask Deep Smoke why the Tobacco Companies won’t fight the shs claims using tobacco control’s own … Continue reading

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