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The Tyranny of Public Health

Good to see someone notices. Infowars: In this speech delivered at a Health-and-Freedom rally in Orange County, California, human-rights attorney Leigh Dundas lights the fire of liberty in the hearts of her audience as she shows the parallels between the … Continue reading

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War on Pubs Is The UK’s “War On Pubs” About Silencing Dissent? …health bureaucrats seem to be intent on the British public remaining joyless as part of some demented puritanical drive to oversee the “crude sanitisation of our understanding of the human … Continue reading

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Amor Vincit Omnia

I sometimes wonder whether they’ll ever stamp out smoking. And the answer seems to be that they won’t. After all, they’ve been trying for over 100 years without success. Over 400 years if you go back to James I. And … Continue reading

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Lockdowns and Microchips

Zerohedge: Iconic author Frederick Forsyth has accused the UK government of waging a “campaign of mass fear” against the British public by using psychological methods to ensure compliance with lockdown that resemble those used against East Berliners in the 1960’s. … Continue reading

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Is It Worth Watching TV?

I haven’t owned a TV licence for over 10 years. I got threatening letters for quite a long time, but I simply replied that I didn’t own a TV set. After a while the letters stopped. It’s saved me about … Continue reading

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Royal Clowns

James Delingpole:: Prince William has confirmed that he’s at least as dodgy a kingly prospect as his father the Prince of Wales by calling for a ‘Reset.’ William, who is second in line to the British throne, slipped the codeword … Continue reading

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The British Police State

Breitbart: Mr Farage reminded Britons during a YouTube broadcast on Wednesday that he had warned the government was “taking far too much power” and eroding Britons’ liberties for several months, but that “all of this went a step too far” … Continue reading

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