Demonic Possession

Leo Zagami reckons that this nasty little girl is demonically possessed.

At first I instantly dismissed the suggestion, because I don’t believe in the likes of devils and spirits and ghosts.

But then I thought that actually he was quite right: she really is possessed. But she’s not possessed by a devil, but by an idea. She’s possessed by the idea of Anthropogenic Global Warming. There seem to be a lot of people possessed by this idea.

People can very easily become possessed by ideas. It happens all the time. They’re not able to stand back and say; “Here’s an interesting idea. Might it be right? Might it be wrong?”

Ideas are like movies. When you entertain an idea, it’s like watching a movie. Pretty soon you’re drawn into the movie, and you inhabit the reality of the movie. And next thing you’re in Rick’s Bar in Casablanca. You almost feel like you could order a drink at the bar.

It’s the same with ideas. People have ideas, and next thing the ideas possess them, and they become possessed. A powerful idea can change the personal reality of the people they possess. And more or less every -ism is a powerful idea of some sort. Socialism. Communism. Fascism. Nazism. And these ideas possess millions of people for years – often entire lifetimes -, and often make them do terrible things.  Isn’t it a form of demonic possession if it makes people do terrible things?

The idea that Smoking Causes Lung Cancer is a simple and powerful idea, and it possesses almost everybody. It’s regarded by most people as a reality, as a fact of life. And it’s being used now to expel smokers from society, exclude smokers from public life, defame them and insult them. And that’s a terrible thing to do to millions of people. The antismoking mindset is another example of demonic possession. The antismokers are in the grip of an idea, and they inhabit an imaginary world.

These days I build heat flow simulation models of the Earth. But it’s an imaginary Earth. It’s a spherical Earth 6371 km in diameter, and it has a temperature of 7000º C at its centre, and about 18º C at its surface. The temperature at the surface of the Earth is being measured by millions of thermometers all day every day, but nobody has stuck a thermometer in the centre of the Earth. Nobody’s actually measured it. So the 7000º C figure is a theoretical construct of some sort. The deepest we’ve ever delved into the Earth, and actually measured temperature, is about 15 km. We’ve barely scratched the surface. We know next to nothing about the interior of the Earth.

Images of the interior of the Earth, like the one at right, doesn’t depict a reality: it depicts the current idea that earth scientists have of what’s happening inside the Earth.  The map on the surface of the Earth is also our best idea of what it’s like. Five hundred years ago, a similar map wouldn’t have included the Americas.

The same is true of the interior of the atom. The image at left is one of electrons orbiting around a core of neutrons and protons. But these neutrons and protons and electrons are imaginary constructs. And so are atoms and molecules. These things are simply the best ideas we’ve got at the moment about how stuff works. And atomic scientists are forever dreaming up imaginary new particles. We’ve only had atomic models like this for the past 100 years.

The Solar System (my model at right) in which the Earth orbits is also another imaginary construct. It’s our best idea of what’s going on around us. And it’s a model that’s only 500 years old.

The computer simulation models used by climate scientists are also imaginary constructs. They’re just ideas. And they’re actually very new ideas. People have only been  building computer simulation models for the past 40 years or so, because that’s how long we’ve had computers. And everything that goes on inside computers is imaginary, and they are used to construct imaginary new worlds: that’s what simulation models are.

More or less everything we think of as real is actually imaginary, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the Conservative Party. These are all simply useful theoretical constructs.

The trouble starts when we become possessed by these constructs, and forget that they’re all imaginary. It’s like watching Casablanca and completely forgetting that you’re watching Humphrey Bogart playing the fictional Rick Blaine, and instead thinking that it’s actually happening here right now.

And that’s the problem with poor little Greta Thunberg. She thinks that the imaginary world conjured up by climate scientists is the real world, when actually it isn’t. She really needs to be made to step back out of the movie she’s watching, and remember that she’s actually just sitting in a cinema with a few hundred other people watching a movie, and it’s only a movie.

We take ideas too seriously. We should remember that they’re just ideas, and treat them playfully. They should never be used as excuses for hurting anybody.

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7 Responses to Demonic Possession

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    I think she has mental issues.

    • waltc says:

      We know she does. She and her family have said so in print. She is on the autism spectrum, has Asberger’s, is Obsessive Compulsive (clearly she is also obsessed and compelled by her ideas about climate) hs suffered from anorexia and what’s been calle “selective mutism” in that she often refuses to speak to anyone but her mother. She has a sister with more a severe version of the same mental problems.

  2. garyk30 says:

    Greta is the main character in a movie that she has created in her mind.

  3. Algernon Struthers says:

    Ideas such as nation, systems that are imaginary, no, but rather there is a deficit in understanding, or applied words, in that regard. ‘Idea’ systems can be broken like Venezuela and like every other country touched by Socialism. The structure of Ideas should not be underrated and there are several ways to view them, which Frank kindly proffers. The difference between Climate Panic and ‘all’s good’ is facts. ‘Climate Panic’ is a false fact. ‘Smoking causes cancer’ is a false fact. They are lies.
    Lies are eventually discovered by those duped and ‘those duped’ are seldom amused, myself included.
    The debate about ideas is some proof that they have structure and that structured ideas are important. Ideas have spawned all the wars of the human race, and also the way it exists, at every quarter. Ideas are largely metaphysical, an area in which the church has failed, and has not conveyed their gravity, because they do not know or understand. Science is trying, often very trying, and back-handers for the likes of Climate Panic are somewhat distracting them from the truth they claim they crave.

  4. beobrigitte says:

    Leo Zagami reckons that this nasty little girl is demonically possessed.
    I don’t think so. I think this little girl (16 years old by now with a brain 5 years away from maturity + raging hormones) is a classic example of the Stockholm Syndrome:
    Stockholm syndrome is a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity.
    Worse even, her lack of mental maturity prevents her from realizing she is a captive of climate change alarmist activists.

    At first I instantly dismissed the suggestion, because I don’t believe in the likes of devils and spirits and ghosts.
    Actually, I did watch on youtube a video of a guy who had a near death experience. He was rather entertaining and according to him the spirits say to plant a trillion trees. That will solve the “problem”.

    The obsession-possessed anti-smokers are not giving up in Germany. This one time, though, they were kicked out as protests were immediate::–Cannstatter-Festwirte-sind-gegen-Rauchverbot/hub01-home-news-regional-baden_wuerttemberg/8667809
    Canstatt’s proprietors are against a smoking ban.
    24.09.2019 – Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – Stuttgart’s proprietors on the Cannstatter Wasen [an event similar to Munich’s Oktoberfest] reject the intended smoking ban of the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Health Manne Lucha (Greens) uniformly. That said its spokesman Werner Klauss on Tuesday before the beginning of the festival. “The roofs of the tents let in enough air and the majority of the visitors would be disappointed by a ban. Smoking is part of socializing.
    [Emphasis added last sentence]

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