Parliamentary Zoo Reconvenes


Parliament reconvenes today, and that will mean renewed constitutional chaos and political theatre until 31 October at very least. The British Parliament will resemble a zoo, filled with shouting and bellowing MPs.

Nigel Farage said yesterday, after the Supreme Court found that Boris Johnson had misled the Queen in proroguing parliament, that Boris should  offer his resignation today. But if he does, and the government falls, there’ll have to be a new election, and the Remainers in parliament don’t want that, because many of them are likely to lose their seats in a new election. So Boris will probably struggle on as a crippled Prime Minister.

What we have is a Remainer parliament desperately trying to keep Britain in the EU, and in so doing effectively acting to abolish itself. For there’s really no place for national parliaments in a EU which wants to abolish nation states.

For the peoples of Europe, the question really is: Do you want to be governed by elected representatives of your own people, or would you prefer to be governed by remote, unaccountable foreigners? Do you want to run your own affairs, or would you rather that somebody else ran them for you? I think if this question was asked of the French or Spanish or Italians or Germans, they’d nearly all choose to run their own affairs.

So why do Remainers want to hand British sovereignty to the European Union? Because they want to be part of the most powerful political entity in Europe. They are more concerned about power and security than freedom and democratic representation. They want to be inside one of the Big Battalions rather than outside. And that’s why, after the post-war dissolution of the Big Battalion of the British Empire, they set out to join the emerging Big Battalion of the imperial European Union.

It’s the same situation as the American colonies faced in 1765. American Remainers wanted to stay inside the powerful British Empire, even if they had no representatives in the British parliament. And American Leavers wanted independence from the dominion of a remote, unaccountable, foreign power in Britain. In the end it was the American Leavers who won, after fighting a war of independence from Britain. Are the British going to have to fight a war of independence from the European Union? Certainly the EU is not going to make it any more easy for Britain to leave the EU than Britain made it easy for the American colonies to secede from the British Empire.

But it’s not just Britain that is facing this problem. All the other nations of Europe are also facing it. Britain just happens to be the first EU member state to vote to leave the EU. It won’t be the last, with nationalist populism mounting everywhere in Europe.

Anyway, I continue to doubt that Britain will leave the EU on 31 October. I think we’ll still be inside it. And we’ll continue to be for some time to come. But even if Britain remains inside the EU, I think that the centrifugal forces now slowly tearing the European Union apart will result, sooner or later, in its collapse. And then Britain will be ejected from it along with all the rest of Europe, and there’ll be nothing for the Remainers to remain with.

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7 Responses to Parliamentary Zoo Reconvenes

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    This Parliament is a disgrace. When the election eventually comes , we, the People, will take our revenge on this scum.

  2. Clicky says:

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    It looks like a usurper Parliament has been bolstered by a Europhile ‘Supreme Court’ that rejected centuries of precedent and the traditional separation of powers to sustain membership in the EU despite a majority will of the people seeking to restore sovereignty to Westminster.

    This type of elite devotion to their own power circles is how rights and liberties are eroded as exemplified in the imposition of smoking bans (by suppressing evidence that rules out risk to others) resulting in the persecution of smokers…

    • SL, I’m afraid that the traditional separation of powers has been dead and buried for generations now, and that the ‘usurper Parliament’ you’re alluding to is well aware of its demise, unless it’s simply braindead. The very concept of balanced views, upholded by various, but independent (whatever that adjective may still mean nowadays) bodies, with the best view prevailing in the end, has gone by the board quite a long time ago.

      And absolutely nothing can exemplify this better than the otherwise unexplainable success of the antismoker movement, all based on ludicrous lies and statistical illusion, including (but not limited to) the SHS myth…

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  5. Igrowmyown says:

    O/T but I have been pondering on the sudden outbreak of vaping hysteria in the USA and it becomes obvious that it is tied into the MSA whereby the more people smoke then the more income the state’s receive. No income received from vaping, therefore ban vaping and increase smoking rates. They need a percentage of smokers to guarantee their income.

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