Tobacco Shoots Up

My tobacco plants have been shooting up over the past few weeks.

I re-potted some of the biggest ones, and this is a shot of them on 2 August:

Here’s what they look like today, 13 August, with a metal foot rule for scale. The one without a bamboo stick is the same one in both pictures:

They’ve climbed over 6 inches (about half an inch a day), and are now about 18 inches high. That’s almost half way to the top of the window. If they keep growing at this rate for another month, they’ll add another 15 inches, and be just 10 inches from the underside of the lintel.

I’m now beginning to think about drying and curing tobacco. The plants are dropping a few of their lower leaves, and I’ve chopped up one of these (a bit laboriously with scissors), and added it to bought tobacco. I might try drying leaves completely, and then grinding them into small fragments, and adding that to bought tobacco to just bulk it out a little. And maybe with some leaves I’ll try the technique of partly drying them and then tying them into small bundles, which I’ve seen on Junican’s site somewhere.

Anyway, it’s beginning to look like I’ll have a fairly good crop in a month or two.

Given my new interest in theoretical plant growth and theoretical cell biology, I’ve also been wondering today whether I might be able to actually look at some plant cells. I’ve got a microscope with 100x, 200x, and 300x magnification. Does anyone know if that’s enough to look at cells? Do I need to prepare them and stain them to see anything?

It reminds me that I saw online a microscope that could be connected to a computer. I seem to remember that it didn’t magnify much though. But it wasn’t very expensive.

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47 Responses to Tobacco Shoots Up

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank if you have access to a shed ,hang the whole plants for about 90 days upside down and you can leave then hanging until needed. Saves havint to turn bailed tobacco for mold and moisture buildup.
    The old timers here in kentucky say leave it hang thru to the july sweat of the next year before smoking or chewing it allows the sugars to set up………

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Oh and an update on the BUNKER/TORNADO SHELTER

      I got it dug 4 feet up to the existing block garage from begind and then as usual with my luck some SOB from 50 years ago buried a septic field line right next to the garage at the 5 foot level.

      I know his is the case as they had 4- 55 gallon drums buried under the old house for a septoic system.. I dug it out and replaced all the field lines new with a new tank,save the drum I buried for my camper which we now sold,so the bunker toilet will now be hooked up to the camper drum tank for waste………life is grand except the old field line flooded my bunker hole!
      for christ sake………………..

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        The size should be roughly 14 feet wide by 24 feet long with 6.5 foot high walls block and a set of 6 inch I beams to take the stress of a 6 inch cement roof poured over corrugated metal roofing. electric with generator,food pantry running water in a sink, a shitter and a reloading bench for ammo besides a gun locker. Back up is a solar array to charge a battery pack of 4 12 volt car bateries for tv,internet and phone charging besides 12 vdc e-lighting and candles with a 100 gallon water back up supply able to downflow for quick showers………..Did I miss anything

        • Rose says:

          Sounds perfect to me, not that I have any previous experience in building bunkers.
          I would certainly hope that it would protect you and yours from tornadoes.
          However as with Frank’s hill fort design, plans could be considered for a line of defences around the perimeter, trenches, drawbridges or pitfalls to be added if it ever became necessary.
          A study of English castle defences might prove fruitful.

        • Rose says:

          Just a further thought, if you are making what amounts to a landbased submarine,with a retractable periscope you could see when the coast was clear of storms, natural or human, then you don’t have to put your head above the parapet as it were.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          A periscope rose,perfect!

  2. legiron says:

    300x should give you a good view of plant cells. You’d need a thin slice so that light can pass through it. You might not need stain but if you do, dilute iodine would do the trick.

  3. Mine are about 3 feet tall right now, except they were grown in the ground and have leaves 3 feet long and nearly 2 feet wide!

  4. Sue says:

    They look great Frank. Which website do you recommend for the seeds? I have a conservatory here doing nothing, I might try to grow a couple. Perhaps using ultra violet lights (like you do with some “other” plants) might prolong the British summer and hence the growing period.

  5. Rose says:

    I’m now beginning to think about drying and curing tobacco. The plants are dropping a few of their lower leaves, and I’ve chopped up one of these (a bit laboriously with scissors), and added it to bought tobacco.”

    They do indeed look good Frank, but might I suggest that you leave some of those lower leaves on the plant to dry completely. It will look shocking but might give you a better idea of the flavour.

    As it is, I am having to sit on my hands to stop myself messing about with the leaves this year, but yesterday, at last, I got my first medium sized leaf cured and dried on the plant, all it needs now is to dry out the last inch of the midrib and leave it to age a little.
    I also smoked my first tobacco flower cigarette of the year.

    • Frank Davis says:

      No sign of any flowers on mine.

      • Rose says:

        Early days yet, from your picture. At the moment they should be part of a tiny green lump between the top two leaves.
        Don’t forget, unlike we outdoor growers, you don’t have a deadline of the first frost, you have plenty of time.

        • Frank Davis says:

          Really? Is tobacco an annual plant? i.e. do they drop dead in winter?

          Or is it a perennial, and can grow up to be a giant 100 foot high tobacco tree?

        • Rose says:

          It is a half hardy annual, I’m hoping that if I let it set seed it will die down all by itself like other annuals.

          But if you don’t let it go to seed, it might carry on longer or just take it’s cue from the shorter days.
          It would be an interesting experiment.

          Pat nurse grew her plants over winter and I think that Junican kept some seedlings too, they should have better answers than me.

  6. Rose says:


    EXCLUSIVE: Smoking ban for resort parks

    “MOVES are being made to ban smoking in Blackpool’s parks.

    Signs are to go up at the entrances to 13 parks and playing fields advising the public the areas are now smoke-free sites.
    Health bosses today said the move was being made to protect children from the dangers of smoking, but the policy has been branded ‘outrageous’ by those who fear it could drive visitors away.”

    Count on it.

  7. magnetic01 says:

    Frank, I’m just going to post a comment with quite a few links. It will probably be “spammerized”. Could you look into this, please. Thanks.

  8. magnetic01 says:
  9. Junican says:


    You should read my article about GROWING, CURING, FLAVOURING AND FINISHING TOBACCO FOR CIGARETTES. It is in the sidebar of Bolton Smokers Club, but here is the URL that will take you straight to it:

    A strange thing has happened. About half way through, a car sales advert appears. Someone has somehow managed to replace the video that used to be there with this advert. How in heaven’s name can that be done? I can only assume that the b*stard who done it has replaced the URL for the tobacco video with the exact same URL for for the advert!
    I shall remove it forthwith!!!!

    My article has become quite popular on the internet. It is the top search item when the words ‘curing’ (or ‘finishing’ or ‘flavouring’) tobacco’ tobacco are googled. I am astonished.

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

    Sweet isnt it!

    Currency’s Days Feared Numbered
    Investors Prepare for Euro Collapse
    By Martin Hesse

    Banks, companies and investors are preparing themselves for a collapse of the euro. Cross-border bank lending is falling, asset managers are shunning Europe and money is flowing into German real estate and bonds. The euro remains stable against the dollar because America has debt problems too. But unlike the euro, the dollar’s structure isn’t in doubt.

  11. Rose says:


    Further to the periscope, local legend says that at the top of the hill, the flat roof of the small factory that used to make aircraft parts during WW2, was painted grass green and a flock of papermache and chicken wire sheep were put on it so that aerial photographs would show a field full of grazing sheep, just like all the real fields full of real sheep around it.
    Apparently they never got removed and the remains are probably still there still.

    But continuing the nautical theme, I had the idea of making a large shallow pond over the top of the bunker as camouflage, with a little island in it to conceal the periscope housing.

    Wildlife Sanctuary/Bunker/Tornado Shelter.

    • Frank Davis says:

      But continuing the nautical theme, I had the idea of making a large shallow pond over the top of the bunker as camouflage, with a little island in it to conceal the periscope housing.

      Ha ha ha!!

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Frank the reality of the situation is probable rovong gangs out to steal your food. Without a hidden defensive position to defend from,it wouldnt be pretty. The periscope idea is a sound one when looking to see the all clear or enemy.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Think about it tobacco is a very profitable barter item!

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          No Frank I have never seriously considered a bunker in my life,Ive eluded to it joking millions of times………but with financial collapse pretty much emminent in my perspective Im ready to drop the cash and work to get er done. I just got a 6th sence kicking me hard in the ass right now……

        • Rose says:


          Having watched the video that Harley took of the tornado track and storm damage near his house, I think a well equipped bunker is a very good idea.
          After the storm has passed you might have no house left.
          But bunkers don’t look very attractive, there’s about four of them still standing in the fields about a mile from where I live.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Rose if theirs no house standing that means no place to live,ie except a well stocked bunker til the insurance man forks up a new doublewide and cars,garage ect………I am designing it si I can park the harley in it and get out. at least Id still have the harley for transportation when all else is destroyed!

        • Rose says:

          Quite so, Harley.

    • prog says:

      Boeing built a ‘town’ on top of one of their factories during WW2.

  12. Rose says:

    Talking of tobacco and camouflage.

    Something that’s been bothering me for a while, if plain packaging does get through and the country is flooded with further counterfeit cigarettes, we need a method of differentiating homegrown tobacco from the rest.

    Now bear with me.
    A few months ago I was looking for a pasta verde recipe because I can’t seem to buy it round here.
    Anyway, I not only found that recipe, but it came with some others too.

    “for pasta purpurea (purple pasta)
    4 tbsp beetroot juice”

    Now naturally I just had to try this , but had no beetroot juice, so I put a small plain boiled beetroot through a garlic ricer and with the macaroni disc on my pasta attachment, proceeded to make some macaroni in the most alarming shade of cerise.

    I gave half the fresh macaroni to a friend of a somewhat nervous disposition to test and froze the rest, but when she boiled it turned pale pink and though she said it was delicious, it didn’t taste of beetroot, looked like intestines and please could I never make her any pink pasta ever again.

    Undaunted, I tried the frozen half and it was true, the pasta did not taste of beetroot and did look like entrails.

    Which got me thinking,as you know even a small amount of beetroot juice stains everything it touches and if dried homegrown tobacco leaves were briefly dipped in a dilute solution of beetroot juice and hung up to dry again, that might be the answer.

    When I get enough dried leaves I shall try this with a bucket in the garden, if it works,no one could possibly mistake bright pink homegrown tobacco for either real or counterfeit.

  13. smokervoter says:

    This belongs with yesterday’s post as per Harleyrider’s Boise, Idaho smoking pan link but here it goes:

    I got trapped in the Boise Idaho smoking ban marathon last night. I normally avoid longwinded debates like that nowadays – I’ve heard it all before. But I took the bait and went through all 300+ comments with my biceps and forearms clenching and twitching intractably. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll describe me as having a very sunny disposition, but callous attitudes like councilwoman Elaine Clegg displayed at the loss of that guy’s bar, in business since 1902, to her ban, and that of the three persistent anti-smokers and it sends me into a burning age. As far as I’m concerned this is war and the gloves need to come off. If I’m reading this correctly, most people in Boise are against this ban on government overreach grounds and Elaine Clegg will find herself out of office come the next election.

    What she and her majority cohorts on the council have done to this bar owner is a crime. She’s taking food right off of his family’s dinner table, not to mention his laid-off employees’. This is no simple, forgivable transgression, this is serious business. If I were him, I would dedicate the rest of my life to her complete and utter destruction. This is war. We either live free or die – and better it be the enemy doing the dying as far as I’m concerned.

    As for the three sneering, snide anti’s, I wish there was an app which would reveal their home addresses. I would be knocking on their doors challenging them to a good old-fashioned bloody fist fight – instead of some ridiculous virtual verbal sparring match.

    It was nice to see familiar faces like MJM, Harley, Nisakiman and Junican stepping up to insert some much needed reality to the proceedings.

    I have a good old carpenter buddy, tired of doing constant battle with elite town planners, who moved away to Idaho to increase his freedom quotient. He told me they didn’t even license builders there. That was 7 years ago. He’s back here now. Control freak liberals and pointy-headed college nerds gradually invaded and apparently ruined things for him and the longtime, ruggedly individualist locals.

  14. smokervoter says:

    Like I suspected about Boise, I found this conversation on the web the following day (today). It is an article about Governor Jerry Brown’s government funded website dedicated to attacking conservatives who dispute global warming. The radio news girl who parroted this on KFI in Los Angeles alluded to tobacco harm deniers as well.

    I picked out some poignant parts here for y’all;


    “Government funded? Are you F-in kidding me? God I can’t wait to get out of this hell hole…that has really nice weather…”

    rpm2day :

    “Likewise, friend.”


    “Boise, my fiend, Boise.
    We’re not hicks like the libs think we are.
    You’ll get the sunshine we all like.”


    “Never thought of people from Idaho as hicks…more like down to earth!”


    “Problem is that so many people are moving here from other places, the Western Montana effect is beginning to burn through. Pocatello, Moscow and Boise are very liberal towns. College towns. Look at what happened to Bozeman/Kalispell/Gallatin valley Montana when the effluent evaders starting moving from California and Washington (who had evaded out of California in the first place).”

    “All are welcome, leave your damn Kalifornia politics at the border, (the Kalifornia one).”


    “Thats exactly what happened here…I mean heck we gave the country Reagan! Liberals are like the plague, no matter where they go…”

    Here’s the link in case anyone is interested.

    <a href=";

  15. smokervoter says:

    Try this link, if it doesn’t work I give up. Websites are too dynamic for their own good nowadays. Way too much javascript nonsense. I’ll be glad when they’re (javascript) all gone. Along with health fascists.

    Jerry Brown Article

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Jerry Brown is the Captain of the TITANIC!

      • smokervoter says:

        Amen Harley, amen. For anyone who went to that link:

        Does Jerry Brown look like death eating a cracker or what? What a miserable, deluded has-been he is. Can you imagine him making out with Linda Ronstandt now? I guess she’s lost some of that classic overbite beauty herself, but still. She’s a progressive loser now as well from what I gather. Inherited-rich, white, liberal girl flouting her down-trodden Hispanic roots for all to marvel and grovel at.

        BTW, that spreadsheet I created to crunch the Proposition 29 numbers revealed some very interesting ‘under the hood’ demographic stats.

        It took me far too long to put this piece together, but if anyone is interested here’s how I would de-Kalifornicate my home state.

        Divvying Up California’s 55 Electoral Votes

  16. Junican says:

    Listen, American friends. Honestly, I do not see the problem of Tobacco Control as a ‘local political’ matter. By ‘local’, I mean either at Presidential level or at town hall level. We know in the UK that, as far as the main political parties are concerned, the politicians are powerless to stop the Health Zealots (or, rather, that they could if they realised the harm that TC is doing. But, even then, since they are too ignorant to make decisions, they have to take the advice offered to them). What they could do, had they the courage, is to use their control of the purse strings. What this means is that they could avoid having to take the advice of the health zealots by de-funding them.
    It seems that there is a cabinet reshuffle due soon. Will Lansley and Milton be ‘promoted’ and replaced by a couple of hard-headed realists? We can only hope, but I have my doubts, if only because TC is only a very minor cost as seen in the context of the overall cost of the Health Service. It would need someone a damn sight more courageouss than the chancers Cameron, Clegg and Milliband.

    Obama is in a similar position as are your local republican/democrats. All the politicians are terrified, especially of the ‘mumsnet’-type organisations.

    We have said again and again that the whole edifice of TC is built upon sand. All we can do is scratch away at it, but what is really needed is a heavy-weight politician to bring a bulldozer into the action.

    It will happen, but we must be patient.

  17. Frank Davis says:

    Posted on behalf of Rose:

    Harvesting tobacco flowers.

    As most people’s Golden Virginia should be in full bloom by now, here is a picture of exactly what the flower should look like on the day when it’s ready to harvest.

    Note the lavender stripes.

    If it’s left even one more day the seeds will form and the pod start to grow, rendering it useless.

    Pick the whole flower.
    Then holding the green part, rock the flower tube gently back and forth, it will separate from the green calyx easily.

    Discard the flower tube and place the green calyx on a piece of folded kitchen, then leave it in a warm place to dry slowly for a few days.

    When the whole calyx is a cardboard colour with no trace of green, its ready to shred, roll and smoke without further preparation, as flower tobacco doesn’t keep.

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