Tobacco Update

I had an email this evening from Rose, wishing my tobacco plants well. Here’s what they looked like a couple of days ago. And a month or two back. In a few days these ones will have reached the top of the window. Still no flowers on them.

But the principal message of Rose’s email was that her computer was dying. A smell of burning plastic was coming from it, and it had already been resuscitated once by her daughter. She said she’d have to start saving to buy another one.

What would we all do without Rose?

I can’t think of anyone else than Rose who really ought to have a computer. She’s one of the best and most prolific commenters, not just here, but on all sorts of other blogs. And she has her own garden in which she grows tobacco. And she even has her own virtual ‘garden’ over on Forces (see right margin), full of all sorts of stuff she’s dug up here and there about tobacco (I’ve helped a bit there too).

Also she’s one of the people who never goes to pubs since the smoking ban, and hardly goes anywhere much now. But she has our little smoky online community. Or at least she will until her computer dies.

I only have her email address, but I’ve asked her if there’s some other way of contacting her. After all, if she has no computer, she won’t be able to receive emails. Maybe an address, or phone number, or her daughter’s email address.  All I know is that she lives in Yorkshire. I’ve emailed her my mobile phone number.

Because if she can’t afford to buy another computer (and if she has to save up, it sounds like she can’t), I started wondering whether us lot might be able to help out. I’ve got an old notebook that I hardly ever use, but it’s only got modem phone connection, not broadband. I’d be happy to lend her that, except I live in Herefordshire.

I haven’t checked prices, but a new notebook was around £300 last time I looked, and the little netbooks are about £200. Or what about a secondhand one? Maybe a few of us might think of putting a few quid Rose’s way to get one. I could start Rose’s New Computer Appeal. It would be a bit pointless if we don’t know where to send it, though.

Anyway, I hate the idea of Rose not having a computer, and saving up one pound a week so that she can buy a new one in, say, 2016.

Anyone got any suggestions? There are quite a few people up Yorkshire way who might have some ideas. There must be something that can be done.

In other news, the Filthy Engineer has an online survey asking smokers whether they want to quit smoking. ASH is forever saying that 80% of us want to give up. Well, they’re right about the 80%. But his 80% are people who don’t want to give up smoking. And that sounds about right, in my experience.


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26 Responses to Tobacco Update

  1. jaxthefirst says:

    I’d happily chip in my widow’s mite if an appeal got going. If I was a computer-y person with any spare ones lying around, I’d also happily let her have one but – alas – I’ve only got the one machine as I’m not remotely computer-y and when a new one comes in the old one goes out!

    We mustn’t lose Rose!!!!!

    • Margo says:

      Hear hear, me too. I’m poor too and have no spare computers but I could go a tenner to a fund if we start one. Would also like to buy some baccy seeds if Rose could send me some, as I’m very inspired by Frank’s indoors plants (didn’t know that could work) and aim to do my own next time round. Had one go in my crappy garden a couple of years ago with bought seeds – nothing happened at all. Maybe the slugs got to them?

    • beobrigitte says:

      I have a labtop which is functional when plugged in (battery is shot) and I am happy to donate it. But you are right, we mustn’t lose Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rose provided me with a wealth of information; she really could do with a brand new PC/Labtop. I am willing to donate towards this.
      Frank, email me so I can send it!!!!

  2. karlos says:

    Those poor beggers need a bigger pot of putting in the garden to get some leafs the size of elephants earholes and your flowers for your seeds for next year, no really.

  3. mactheknife says:

    If you can get me her address Frank, I’ll send her one…

    • Frank Davis says:

      That’s very kind of you. A new one, or secondhand one? Not that I want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

      Anyway, I don’t have her address.

      • Walt says:

        I’f you don’t hear from her soon, I’ll email a guy I “met” thru the Siegel board who spends half his time in the US and half in the UK who I vaguely think might have her address or phone. So might the people at forces, where she first planted her cyber garden.

        If the offer of a new computer doesn’t come through, do you have a Brit version of Ebay or ? Even Amazon might have some reconditioned ones for sale. Then too, do your libraries offer free computer use to anyone with a card? If so, she can at least get on line and email you again as well as check in to these threads. One thing we do know: Rose is resourceful.

        • Frank Davis says:

          Rose is very shy about email addresses and stuff. She’s a very shy lady. I don’t think anyone has her address or phone number. But quite a few people know exactly where I live. So they’ll probably come round and kill me tomorrow.

        • beobrigitte says:

          If Rose shows up at yours tomorrow just tell her that we ALL value her contributions!!!!
          Chippin’ in – that’s what friends are for!!!!!!

  4. magnetic01 says:

    Plibersek, Greens attack big tobacco

    The federal government and Australian Greens have attacked an attempt by tobacco companies to flout plain packaging laws.
    Imperial Tobacco is using packaging to directly challenge government health warnings, telling its Peter Stuyvesant brand customers that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”.
    Health Minister Tanya Plibersek described the move as “the ultimate sick joke”, saying the government had referred the packaging to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
    “What’s really on the inside of a smoker are diseased lungs, hearts and arteries,” she said.
    “Smoking-related diseases kill 15,000 Australians a year and the government is determined to reduce the pain and suffering caused by this deadly product.”
    Greens senator Richard Di Natale was scathing of the move.
    “I will tell you what is inside Big Tobacco – a bunch of greedy, morally bankrupt, deceptive executives, who are doing what they can to maintain a dying industry,” he told reporters in Canberra.

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Can anybody say WE ARE BANKRUPT and this is all we have for four years of anti-smoking proposals!

    Labor’s smoking crackdown
    By Louise Willis
    Posted 4 hours 31 minutes ago

    Photo: Labor has promised to extend smoking bans to include public swimming pools and playgrounds. (Alexandra Beier, file photo: Reuters) Map: ACT
    Labor has pledged to increase the number of places in the ACT where smoking is banned.

    Smoking is already banned at health facilities, schools, restaurants and bars, outdoor eating and drinking areas, and in cars carrying children.

    If re-elected in October, Labor would extend those bans to public swimming pools and playgrounds, sporting fields when children are present, covered bus interchanges, university campuses, and all large public gatherings and outdoor events.

    Labor would also spend $800,000 funding programs to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to stop smoking.

    Labor would also will provide $1.4 million to set up an alcohol and drug outpatient service, which it describes as the missing link between the already established withdrawal unit and other services provided by the Government and community sector.

    The money would be spent over four years.

    It sounds more like Labor is giving up proffering up a measly 2.2 million for their public nazi campaign!

    Just how quickly will these other services disapear once the aussies figure out just how bankrupt their country is….. I would figure that labor would have thrown at least 10 million or 20 million for a new nazi section in public healthism. If they cant afford to open new ones they sure as hell cant afford to keep what they already have!

  6. xyz says:

    If this is a desktop PC then the burning smell is very likely the Power Supply Unit (PSU) (Power resistor overheats and burns the PSU motherboard – giving acrid smell of burning epoxy). ATX power supplies are easy to change – Phillips screwdriver and notepad to note/draw how and what is connected is all that is needed – get the same wattage as the old one – about £15 to £65 depending on wattage and quality. Get a 24 pin ATX + SATA power connectors as these will also fit old 20 pin ATX motherboards as well as new 24 pin ones.

  7. Marie says:

    I live too far away to be of any practical use to Rose, even though we have more computers in this house than is sensible (husband builds them for a hobby). If you decide to launch a whip round I would be more than willing to make a contribution to help Rose buy a new one though. I cannot imagine being without her erudite and fascinating comments on the blogs.

  8. alex says:

    Hi Frank – ever heard of Freecycle? – look for your local area & you may even find someone giving one away for free.
    Worth a try at least.

  9. Frank Davis says:


    Rose got my email, and has written down my mobile phone number. Her sister says she’s got an old computer in her garage that’s still working, and this will be re-activated. But her sister is going to Arizona tomorrow. And Rose is going to Cornwall for a holiday too. So it will have to wait.

    Anyway, lots of great suggestions and offers here. I’m sure that we haven’t heard the last of Rose.:-)

  10. mactheknife says:

    A new one Frank, what else is Amazon for. I donated to the FORCES media portal project, and Rose sent the thank you note, so I won’t see her go off the air… :)

  11. nisakiman says:

    If it comes down to a whip-round to buy Rose a new computer, count me in. You could set up a pay-pal account for it, perhaps. If she’s using a desktop, then she will only need the tower unit. Monitor should be ok to re-use.

    We can’t let Rose go offline – she’s a national treasure! She’s the link-meister supreme!

  12. Messalina says:

    Hi Frank,
    Those are beautiful tobacco plants. I just got some seeds, I hear they’re quite easy to grow.
    I’m poor too, and I live far away but I would gladly chip in to help Rose get a new computer. We can’t let her go offline, her comments are so brilliant, intelligent, very well written and such a delight to read. I can’t imagine being without a computer, It’s a necessity these days as I don’t go out much either and it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family and smoky online communities.

  13. Tony says:

    I’ll chip in too.
    I’m stating the obvious here but her first priority should be to back up as much stuff as possible before her PC gives up the ghost entirely. Just copy/paste directories onto a memory stick (or to DVD).

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