Great Free Publicity

Guess what? Along with F2C and DP, I’m in the Guardian! With no comments permitted, natch.

Linda Bauld of Stirling University called the police last September when a pro-smoking blogger calling himself Frank Davis wrote that: “You should start worrying when bricks start getting thrown through your window or messages daubed on your door.”

Bauld should emigrate, Davis added, so she would be elsewhere “when your old university department gets torched and your old colleagues are strung up from lamp-posts.”

And aren’t I ever so thoughtful and considerate, to let these people know what’s going to be coming down the track, years before it actually happens?

Any organisation that sets out to vilify and degrade a quarter of the population, whether they are smokers or anybody else, is inviting big, big trouble for themselves.

Davis has said of Ash’s director Deborah Arnott that “I’d have had a hard time preventing myself from strangling Arnott on the spot and on camera, or bludgeoning her to death with a microphone stand.” He calls anti-smoking campaigners “Nazis” and has compared Arnott, to Hitler.

Well, it’s true. I would have a hard time. I hope I never get invited to debate with her. Probably won’t be now. Pity. But there was nothing to debate anyway.

And they are Nazis. They’re using genuine Nazi eugenic ‘science’ (Lickint, Muller, Schairer, Schoeniger, et al) to pursue the Nazi goal of demonising, excluding, and ultimately eradicating smokers, who are regarded as a kind of vermin no different from Jews or Gypsies or homosexuals. And they’re pursuing this goal using Nazi methods of state coercion and state-sponsored propaganda – the Big Lie -. And, like Nazis, they are a predatory organisation that steals from their victims, misappropriating their good name, their jobs, their homes, and their money.

If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

I know that Simon Clark doesn’t like calling them Nazis:

As for comparisons to Nazis, “As I have said many times, repeated references to a totalitarian regime that slaughtered six million Jews is inappropriate and embarrassing in relation to tobacco control. In terms of building support for our cause, it is entirely counter-productive.”

I agree it’s inappropriate. The historical Nazis demonised, persecuted, exiled, and ultimately murdered tens of millions of ‘undesirables’ within the confines of Europe. The modern Nazis are demonising, persecuting, and exiling hundreds of millions of ‘undesirables’ over the entire world. And this time there’ll be no hiding place. So the modern Nazis are actually far, far worse than their historical predecessors.  This time the holocaust is to be self-administered – using suicide drugs like Chantix and Zyban.

Anyway, my hit count has been maxing out since 7 pm when the Guardian piece appeared. It’s great free publicity. DP and F2C are probably experiencing the same. Thousands of smokers who’d never heard of any of us now have. Thanks a lot, Tobacco Control!

I’ll have to read the Guardian article carefully, but it looks to me like us bloggers have been getting under TC’s skin far more than we ever thought we did. They’ve been ringing the police every afternoon by the sounds of it. But then, since these people are frightened of tobacco smoke, they scare very, very easily. And they wouldn’t do anything like contact me, would they? No, of course not.  They head straight for the authorities, and dial 999.

There were of course the usual attempts to link people like me with Big Tobacco.

“…This is part of a deliberate attempt to misinform the public and politicians, denigrate our research and to harass, denigrate and undermine us as researchers.”

Bath University is to host a new website,, to monitor and counter moves by the industry and its supporters to fight control measures.

“When people make comments online, I sometimes wonder whether it is a real person or manufactured false identity. There are various front groups for the tobacco industry, and , I think, front individuals who post negative comments.”

She [Arnott] believes tobacco industry fears over plain packaging of cigarettes are linked to the apparent upsurge in vitriol and threats, although there is no evidence firms are in any way funding or connected to it.

Quite clever, isn’t it? You suggest several times that it’s all a deliberate misinformation campaign being run by Big Tobacco, and then finally say that there’s absolutely no evidence for any such thing.

It would be a bit like me saying that Deborah Arnott sleeps hanging by her clawed feet from her bedroom ceiling, …but that there’s absolutely no evidence for it.

Not yet, anyway.

It may not, however, just be the Guardian piece which has sent the hit count sky high. Last night’s piece on California’s Proposition 29 is at Number 2 on Google today. So I might be helping to prevent Stanton Glantz & co getting their thieving hands on another $750 million of smokers’ money. I bet that prospect exercises TC far more than anything else I may write.

P.S. Pat Nurse on this story.

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127 Responses to Great Free Publicity

  1. Smoking Hot says:

    lsn’t it gratifying to know we upset them? Nice one, Frank!

  2. chrish36 says:

    Your time is up frank and along with other bullying bloggers who feel that “anything goes” when you attack people verbally, threaten with piano wire etc, and generally call them cheats liars, nazis and all the rest of the bully stuff that pro smking lobbyists feel they can get away with.

    no longer will you be free to to do this…there are watchers who will inform the targets you go after.

    bully blogger think twice

    action will be taken.

    • Why is it that you guys can never write properly?

      Perhaps it’s because you come from Russia?

      • Mr A says:

        And another blogger traced his IP address to France.

        Nope, there’s nothing sinister, bullying or threatening about saying “You are being watched” and “You will be informed upon” whilst posting from a series of anonymous international proxies. Nazis would indeed find such behaviour utterly alien to their psychological make-up.

        Hypocrites! If these people had even an ounce of self-awareness their heads would explode from cognitive dissonance. Luckily for them, they are as thick as pig-shit – typical “useful idiots.”

    • beobrigitte says:

      Your time is up frank and along with other bullying bloggers who feel that “anything goes” when you attack people verbally, threaten with piano wire etc, and generally call them cheats liars, nazis and all the rest of the bully stuff that pro smking lobbyists feel they can get away with.

      What about the “bully stuff” anti-smoking lobbyists feel they get away with?

      bully blogger think twice

      action will be taken.

      Ah, can we take this a being a treat?

      Anti-smokers, you went too far, trying to intimidate angry people will not work.

      Isn’t it high time for THE TRUTH?

    • truckerlyn says:

      Running scared? Must be because finally the TRUTH is getting noticed instead of the corrupt bullshit the anti tobacco morons have been spewing and getting away with for far too long!

      We are sick and tired of OUR hard earned cash being thrown to idiots who spread vicious lies and propoganda against us. Try, for once, to look at the REAL research that is not paid for by the blood money of the big pharma companies and is therefore not corrupt. It might not make pretty reading as it dispels ALL the myths that you miserable lot have been spouting and getting away with for far too long.

      Yes, Nazis the lot of you and you should ALL rot in HELL!

      • truckerlyn says:

        By the way, I am an individual who smokes and had absolutely NO intention of giving up. I have no connection whatsoever to any tobacco company or anything else. For me, these blogs are a way to put my point across and vent my spleen because I am sick to the back teeth of my health being compromised by a load of cheap lying bastards.

  3. chrish36 says:

    The blogging history of a number of bloggers are being looked into, there are many many posts on several blogs which have broken the law.

  4. Donny York says:

    Please catch “If You’re Not Buying Cigarettes, then… WHAT KIND OF CITIZEN ARE YOU?” song. Share it out there!
    Smokers are indispensible citizens !

  5. Christopher Snowdon says:

    It gets better. Anna Gilmore et al have spent *months* on this. They have your greatest hits here: . The whole site is amazing. Anyone who has ever done anything, however slight, to annoy tobacco control is on the list.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Did I make it! I did leave Deb Arnot the nazi link on here story yesterday!

    • Something I have been trying to put my finger on about these anti smoker nazis for some time, and it is shown admirably by the web site in question.

      They all appear to have the foot stamping moral indignation and self rectitude of a gang of pre-pubescent school gilrs who decide to set up a “C.N.D” group during their lunch break.

      It is “School tuck shop” politics/campaigning.

    • Mr A says:

      Lol at their entry on DP!

      “Richard / Dick Puddlecote is a libertarian pro-tobacco blogger who has the same name as a Medieval wool merchant.[1] He is a member of the smokers’ rights group Freedom2Choose.[2] Puddlecote says he runs his own transport business,[3] yet there is no “Puddlecote” listed as a Director at Companies House.”

      Jesus wept – given that level of intelligence it’s hardly surprising they believe ASH’s junk science.

      Somewhat disappointed I’m not mentioned on their listing though. Note to self – must try harder!

    • smokingscot says:

      I note their Main Page has an extremely odd form of General Disclaimer (foot of the page) designed to get CRUK and Smokefree SW off the hook, despite their financial involvement.

      When tt screw up – and that’s an absolute inevitability – that disclaimer will come back to haunt them. It’s on the Web, it’s got their fingerprints all over it and it’s been captured by many. Got the whole thing on a clapped out USB if needs.

      The last thing either outfit wants is a court case. Furthermore, this whole attempt to engender public sympathy is, as with everything to do with all TC outfits, a non-starter. The general public simply do not take to them and that’s what jury’s are made of.

      Bring it on; they’ve got very, very deep pockets and it’s about time they spread it around a bit more.

  6. forcesnl says:

    I hate not being on that wikisite :(

  7. smokervoter says:

    That is terrific news. Californians are going to Google “Prop 29” all weekend long and sit around and discuss it. This posting, incredible as it may seem, will be the only I’ve seen actually written by a smoker.

    There are many No on 29 opinion pieces but they are all prefaced with ‘We all know smoking kills everyone who ever touches a cigarette’ and ‘Although I hate smoking’ or ‘I used to smoke’. Most of them also say that taxing smokers is a Great Idea but want it to go to the general fund to solve the budget deficit. The state spent too much so let’s go after the Untouchables for the money. Nobody sees the shabbiness of this? Healthism is in some ways almost worse than Racism because it’s such a shrouded and sanitized hatred.

    Can you imagine any other time and place where the actual citizens being taxed never bother to object publicly to being fleeced to the tune of almost a billion dollars a year? And for the filthy lucre to be used to further castigate them. And to be used as MJM said, to further increase their tax burden in the future?

    Thanks to your efforts Frank, they’re going to hear from at least one real life smoker.

  8. junican says:

    Thinking soberly, the critical thing here is that it has taken a few little blogs (if Frank and Dick will allow their heads to diminish in size a little) to bring the massive confidence trick, which is Tobacco Control, into the public’s awareness.

    What is a most horrendous thing is that 650 ‘representatives of the people’ (aka Members of Parliament) could not be bothered to check the facts before they voted in favour of the Health Act 2006. They could not be bothered. As a consequence, millions of smokers have been, and continue to be, persecuted – and the persecution gets worse and worse.

    Persecution? YES! Because the object of the exercise, as far as Tobacco Control is concerned, is to shame and humiliate any person who enjoys tobacco.

    • beobrigitte says:

      What is a most horrendous thing is that 650 ‘representatives of the people’ (aka Members of Parliament) could not be bothered to check the facts before they voted in favour of the Health Act 2006. They could not be bothered. As a consequence, millions of smokers have been, and continue to be, persecuted – and the persecution gets worse and worse.

      Persecution? YES! Because the object of the exercise, as far as Tobacco Control is concerned, is to shame and humiliate any person who enjoys tobacco.

      Shaming and humiliating law abiding people wasn’t enough for Tobacco Control, the list of their plain wrongdoings is long and law abiding people just have had enough of them.
      The anti-smokers appear surprised and upset that the tern “Nazi” is being used to describe them, yet they fail to print that they used (and still do) Hitler’s anti-smoking propaganda and policies. How long would people put up with it?

      Perhaps the anti-smoking members of public (see, here is a neutral term) who continue to lobby for more extensions of the smoking ban are aware that they have reached the end of the road and – finally – the persecution of smokers will find an end.

    • truckerlyn says:

      What is even worse Junican is that most of those 650 ‘representatives of the people’ are every bit as corrupt as the anti smoking lobby, or worse!

      When will people open their eyes and see the 3 main parties for what they are – puppets of the likes of tobacco control who have grown too big for their boots because government have allowed them to?

      Voting for any single one of the 3 main parties is voting for the same bullshit politics we have endured for the past couple of decades – nothing will change until the smaller parties like UKIP at least get a good number of MP’s elected. For me, if there is no UKIP candidate to vote for I would vote BNP before voting for any of the 3 main parties or the Green lot!

  9. We are many
    We are independent
    We are SMOKERS!!!!

    And we’re coming……

  10. jaxthefirst says:

    Here’s a universal truth: Bullies are cowards.
    Here’s another one: Bullies will only ever pick on someone whom they think is weaker than they are.
    Here’s a third: If you stand up to a bully, they’ll do one of two things – back down or go running to Mummy, grizzling like Diddums and telling tales of being bullied themselves and asking her to sort it all out for them.

    Now, who does that remind you of? The mask is slipping on an almost daily basis, these days, TC! Better rein in some of your leading lights before they get so carried away that they blow your whole cover sky high! Can’t have your true colours revealed for all the world to see, can we? That would never do!

    And the free publicity via the MSM is great news! We’ve all been scratching our collective heads on here, haven’t we, trying to think of ways to get non-internet-using individuals aware of blogs like these, and what do you know – the Grauniad’s gone and done it all for us!

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    This is part of a deliberate attempt to misinform the public and politicians, denigrate our research and to harass, denigrate and undermine us as researchers.”

    Deb Arnot as I know your reading this,FUCK YOU! Then you call yourselves researchers my ass!
    Every piece of JUNK ASS SCIENCE any tobacco control researcher ever produced is JUNK!
    We know you will never ever debate the junk science in open forum at least with someone who knows the facts………

    Is Simon Clark really on the smokers side,I just gotta ask! Seems to me he is aiding and abetting the enemy. We need a strong voice not a wimp out!

    Ya Simon I said that and calling them NAZIS is exactly what they are, I see you didnt reference my post on yesterdays arnot story!

    If you had the moniker sticks like mud on a pig!

    Here just so you dont have to go look for it:

    “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”
    (Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler; 1943)

    The Führer thanks you from the grave:

    Hitler’s Anti-Tobacco Campaign

    One particularly vile individual, Karl Astel — upstanding president of Jena University, poisonous anti-Semite, euthanasia fanatic, SS officer, war criminal and tobacco-free Germany enthusiast — liked to walk up to smokers and tear cigarettes from their unsuspecting mouths. (He committed suicide when the war ended, more through disappointment than fear of hanging.) It comes as little surprise to discover that the phrase “passive smoking” (Passivrauchen) was coined not by contemporary American admen, but by Fritz Lickint, the author of the magisterial 1100-page Tabak und Organismus (“Tobacco and the Organism”), which was produced in collaboration with the German AntiTobacco League.

    • XX (Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler; 1943) XX

      Ahh. Now I don’t know about you, but as far as I am concerned, every one with even as much as HALF a fucking brain cell knows that Mein Kampf was NOT witten in 194 fucking 3.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.

        That quote in particular is apparently from the Ralph Manheim translation (ISBN 0395078016). Page 403 of the 1943 version.

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    Oh and Simon in America damn near every tobacco control office is at an unkown,unpublished address and its been like that for years! So yes,these folks have always been afraid whether anyone actually meant to do them harm or not. But we can damn sure tell you go look at the WALL OF DEATH real deaths to smokers caused by this GOD DAMNED smoking ban. Plus the hatred the government and these Tobacco control nazis have created against smokers and you say we shouldnt fight back………..or call the poor lil monsters NAZIS!!!!!!!!

    Simon and Arnot did you really think smokers would take this EUGENICS DRIVEN MADNESS LAYING DOWN! Now arnot has the audacity to try and create public emotional outpouring for herself and others after what theyve done to smokers……………..It shows one thing,somebody in the government is finally figuring out enuf is enuf and arnots driving force is to go after PRO-SMOKING SITES!

    Frank well done and if I ever meet up with ya,first drinks on me FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

  13. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank by the end of the weekend you may be a national hero!

  14. lecroixkwdjer says:

    Huge congrats,Frank!!. Keep stirring that pot. Now tobacco control works for you :).

  15. waltc says:

    I guess the Guardian just didn’t have the number of your new mobile phone to call for a counter comment. Fine reporting there. And not btw, there’s not just the effort to link you to Big T but to crank callers. I’d hope Pat Nurse (or anybody here except you) would write a letter to the editor citing that article about shooting smokers in the street and ask about double standards.

  16. chrish36 says:

    Frank Davis are you insane, you have repeated your death threats again, and once again said it will happen.

    you have commented on killing 2 people and torching a university and killing those within.

    the police have been informed.

    • Blad says:

      A “Mummybest” has spoken!

      • Mr A says:

        No question mark. Complete lack of capitalisation. It’s a shame these postings don’t allow a “post in green crayon” option for people like Chrish36.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Frank Davis are you insane, …

      Are you, chrish, in a position to be a judge of this?

      you have repeated your death threats again, and once again said it will happen.

      the police have been informed.

      What is “it”? Spare us no details!!!

  17. waltc says:

    Is that guy being satiric? I can’t tell anymore; reality is now officially surreal.

    On Simon Clark’s niceties about how TC hasn’t (yet) killed 6 million so cut the analogies, the point to remember– and to possibly remind him– is that the likeness is not to how the holocaust ended but to how it began. The parallels are incontrovertible. Banned from restaurants. Banned from parks. Banned from sidewalks. Banned from universities. Fired/ not hired. Banned from living in apartment buildings. Ghettoized. Propagandized against as vectors of disease in films and posters that, in themselves, are uncannily parallel. Next time you see him, tell him to seriously research that lovely incremental series of Nazi “solutions” that predated the Final one. Then, he can talk.

  18. Bemused says:

    No Walt, he is not being satiric, he is flying round the blogosphere leaving bizarre, badly written comments / threats. Latest at the Angry Exile’s place.

  19. Angry Exile says:

    Hey, Frank. Sorry to butt in and go a wee bit off topic, but someone going by chrish36 visiting via a free proxy in France has just been round mine to leave a comment and… Well, to cut a long story short can I just ask if you’ve threatened to kill anyone lately? Not predicted violence when people have finally had enough but actually said that you personally would do kill someone?

    /has quick look around

    Nope? Yeah, thought not. Sorry to bother you.


  20. nisakiman says:

    Frank, I have a feeling that the tide is beginning to turn. Shame about there being no comments allowed on that article, but then that’s to be expected. The right to reply is not part of the TC agenda. However, both yours and DP’s names are mentioned, and people know what Google is for.

    We still have a long and bumpy road ahead of us, but as we’ve discussed here before, so did the sceptics of the AGW scam. That tide has turned thanks to the bloggers who kept pumping out the truth.

    What the zealots haven’t taken on board is the old adage “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    A little off topic, but Junican’s latest post merits a wider audience. He is pointing out yet another bare-faced lie by ASH. They musn’t be allowed to get away with all their bullshit propaganda.

    The post is here:

    • beobrigitte says:

      Thank you Frank and Thank you Bolton Smoker’s Club!!!

      For me, GaryK30’s comment:

      “Death-by-smoking statistics are sobering. Six million people die each year from tobacco-related diseases”

      Just a bit of comparing the size of problems.

      It takes a long time for smoking to kill you.
      Starving does not take so very long!!!

      Hunger mortality statistics
      On the average, 1 person dies every second as a result, either directly or indirectly, of hunger – 4000 every hour – 100 000 each day

      – 36 million each year – 58 % of all deaths (2001-2004 estimates)

      Gary K.

      is as thought provoking as is Prof. Grieshaber’s point that
      … whilst tobacco is blamed to be the cause of illnesses, the real individual causes remain undetected…

      With respect to the Daily Mail copy of the Guardian article:
      Shame about there being no comments allowed on that article, but then that’s to be expected. The right to reply is not part of the TC agenda.

      Perhaps the editor does not like the general public’s response to this article? Whatever it is, lets have a bet! I bet that all of a sudden there will be the same boring anti-smoker comments visible.
      If I win, I would like to ask for this to be added to the TC-tactics wikipage!

  21. chrish36 says:

    Angry exile perhaps you could have another look for the death threats, try at the top of this post. The reality is that frank has made and repeated again on this thread death threats, along with violence and arson

    Police have been informed.

    Tobaco control (university of Bath) have logged these and other trolling extremists comments and action will be taken, blogging histories are being looked into with further action planned on several bloggers. Trolling pro smokers cannot hide.

    Online bullying will not be tolerated anymore,

    • Angry Exile says:

      /long sigh before quoting from own comment/

      “Not predicted violence when people have finally had enough but actually said that you personally would do kill someone?”

      Comprehension fail.

      Chrish, I shushpect I already know the anshwer to thish, but if online bullying will not be tolerated anymore when will you guysh all be canshelling your internet connectionsh?

      • chrish36 says:

        Angry, please don’t bother quoting your badly written comment again ” would do kill someone”…lmao.

        why not read the threat again which makes it quite clear “it will happen in the future”, if you can’t be arsed to read franks post properly then ask someone esle to explain what the content means cos i can’t be arsed anymore to explain the facts.

        • When the plaster comes off, and you go back to school, ask your teacher about the capatalisation of the “I” when refering to ones self. ;-)

        • Frank J says:

          Got it! you’re Ann Milton and you don’t like being rumbled. Must take it easy with you. You seem likely to burst into tears any second.

        • Angry Exile says:

          Oh, dear. I’ve been caught out making a poor edit from “would do it yourself” to “would kill someone”. I inserted the cursor behind the wrong word and naturally that completely invalidates the logical point that predicting something will happen is not the same as saying that you will cause that thing to happen. Because of my error, kindly pointed out here by Chrish with hish inconshitent capitalishation and apparent application of punctuation by firing a shotgun blindfolded, we must assume that weathermen are personally responsible for making it rain on the Jubilee weekend. To the Tower with them all! Bad news for them but on the plus side I tipped Hawthorn to win this afternoon, which according to Chrish logic must mean I’m Buddy Franklin.

          Understand, Chrish? Predicting event ≠ causing event to occur. I’m sure you’ll respond again despite suggesting that you won’t, but it won’t be me sitting at your computer doing it. Again, I’m predicting something will occur but I have nothing to do with whether or not it actually happens. See?

        • magnetic01 says:


          You obviously mean “shee”

          …… as in… shee….. shee…. yew dorty rat!

    • Just go fuck yourself, or whatever wee pre-pubescent girlys do these days for fun.

    • truckerlyn says:

      And anti smokers threatening to shoot any smoker on sight is not illegal?

      That was posted by a blogger an an anti smoker site some months ago – so, Pot, Kettle, Black comes to mind.

      Of course, we smokers are not running scared so we did not bother the police with about this blatant threat to our lives, after all, we are not doing ANYTHING ILLEGAL!

      The anti smoking blog, however, by allowing this post unchallenged IS!

      Get your own bloody house in order before attacking anyone pro smokers.

      And, for the record, in my book none of you deserve to live, just like none of the Nazis deserved to live and that is why they have been searched out and put on trial for war crimes up to the present day. So, watch out.

      If you wish to take this as a threat, then go ahead, but I am only stating facts that are widely known and available.

      • truckerlyn says:

        Dick Puddlecote has the full and correct information on the threat to shoot smokers on sight on his blog. Hope he doesn’t mind, but I have copied and pasted it here:

        “The ‘snipers’ article was a direct satirical response to something just as – if not more – deeply objectionable which appeared in the Luton Herald & Post.

        My only suggestion for effective action is to be a bit literal around it.

        Anyone who buys a packet of fags emblazoned in huge letters with that no nonsense warning that smoking kills is tacitly accepting the possibility.

        So let’s set a squad of licesed snipers on the streets, with permission to pick off smokers whenever there’s a clear shot.

        I confidently predict that the prospect of having your head blown off while enjoying what you didn’t realise would be your last cigarette would give smokers up and down the country an extra incentive to kick the habit.

        And if they defiantly carry on puffing, when they are popped between the eyes it will save the health service all the costs of caring for them in their declining years.”

  22. magnetic01 says:

    No, Walt, no satire. That’s a bona fide antismoking drone. This is his piece from Tea & Cigarettes:

    “Take your head out of the sand Pat nurse and have a look at Frank davis who is once again repeating his death threats on his blog.

    tobacco contol (university of Bath) have a website with these death threats logged and many other extreme trolling posts by pro smokers.

    The gloves have been removed, online bullying by pro smokers will be dealt with.

    Hate filled rants with repeated death threats will be taken seriously.

    your time is up smoking trolls, any person that gets threatened, or called a liar , cheat or mocked will be informed immediately.”

    Where has this guy been the last 30 years? A small, self-installed elite of zealots – very much in the eugenics tradition – decided for everyone that tobacco-use should be eradicated from the world. While they were claiming they were “grass roots” activists, they represented a top-down dictatorial clique (i.e., WHO-run). While their plan from the outset was an eradication plan, they have lied incessantly about their actual motivation.

    Once the fanatics were given a foot in the door by governments, the rhetoric really started to fly. They use the most inflammatory terms possible – “kill”, “death”, “poison”, “toxic” – that go far, far beyond the raw statistical data they are purportedly referring to. The fanatics have manufactured secondhand smoke into a bio-weapon-like phenomenon, a whiff capable of maiming, if not killing, the hapless “breather”.

    It has been incessant fear and hate-mongering that has produced irrational fear and hatred on a grand scale, much of it based on peer-reviewed [agenda-driven] “science”. Through a constant barrage of inflammatory propaganda, those who smoke have been demonized, vilified, de-normalized, de-humanized, stigmatized, leperized, slandered. They have been reduced to persona non grata, dismissed as just “addicts” whose opinions are worthless and inconsequential. Through progressive brainwashing, those who smoke have been removed from “normal” society, not fit to socialize with their nonsmoking “superiors”. And children should not have to endure the sight of these “filthy, disgusting” people engaged in their “filthy, disgusting” habit.

    All sorts of laws have been instituted against those who smoke. They have been tossed out of the indoors and out of the outdoors. They have had ever-increasing extortionate taxes imposed on them. Now there is refusal to employ them. They are even denied housing and medical treatment. All of it is indicative of a bigotry bandwagon.

    And this moron, chrish36, thinks the gloves are now off. Little does this nitwit know that it is those whom he supports that started the “war” long ago. It is they who made facts the first casualty of their war. It is the antismoking fools that defined the framework where they represent the “absolute good” battling “absolute evil” (tobacco industry, tobacco users). It is the prohibitionist miscreants that view themselves as “infallible” where any questioning of their conduct is viewed as some conspiracy attempting to undermine their “wonderful” work. These are the typical fevered imaginings of fanatics, of disturbed minds.

    And this chrish36 notifies that he has become an informant. Why is this not surprising coming from an antismoking drone? Worry not, chrish36, the litany of delinquent, fraudulent, fear and hate-mongering antismoking conduct has also been well documented.

    • XX And this chrish36 notifies that he has become an informant.XX

      Not a very good one though. First rule on UC/Informant ops, “don’t tell the bastards your a copper!” As me old Sergeant was always fond of telling us.

      My bets go on some 14 year old who has broken their arm, and devoid of the ability to wank themselves silly, have devolved to trolling until the plaster comes off.

  23. magnetic01 says:

    This is from the pathological liars:
    The atmosphere which has been created (calling someone ‘health fascists’, Nazis, extremist etc.) also de-humanises scientists, and makes it more likely that a physical attack may actually happen.

    It must be borne in mind that it is the antismoking fanatics that have created an atmosphere that de-humanizes those who smoke. There are those that believe that any contact with a whiff of smoke is a threat to their life and limb due to selfish, uncaring, stupid “addicts” who shouldn’t be allowed to “poison” the normal folk: It is these that are most likely to physically attack, [falsely] fearing for their lives. It is the antismoking fanatics that have forced those who smoke out into the dark at night that places them in immediate danger. It is the antismoking fanatics that demand that hospital patients have to venture off the entire hospital grounds – in all weather – if they want to have a cigarette that exposes them to hazard far beyond a cigarette. It is the antismoking fanatics that have made reasoning with them impossible. What recourse does the typical citizen have in the face of this institutionalized, bigoted, propaganda juggernaut that pushes for more and more restrictive/de-normalizing laws based on the propaganda? Their view is extreme (prohibitionist) and fascist, to be imposed on all and where no-one is permitted to disagree.

    This is the sickly situation that the antismoking fanatics have created on a global scale, and with considerable funding. These oafs then have the gall to claim that references (in blogs with limited exposure) to their closed propaganda loop as “fascist” is “creating an atmosphere that de-humanizes scientists, and makes it more likely that a physical attack may actually happen”. This is extraordinarily perverse, but very much in keeping with the derangement that is the antismoking mentality. Typical of fanaticism, there is a complete disregard for the issues raised. Given the limited repertoire of fanaticism/zealotry, the fanatics simply dismiss all criticism as the senseless, “dangerous” activity of tobacco industry “apologists”. Truly pitiful!

  24. chrish36 says:

    you may wish to ignore death threats magnetico, the victims of the threats and the police will not.

    it is truly pitiful that you and others will not condem bullying, violence and death threats, but hardly surprising when the subject of health and smoking has been bastardised and twisted to the extent it has by pro smoking troll bloggers

    • magnetic01 says:

      Is there an exit door in that rich, terrifying fantasy world of yours?

    • Briar Tuck says:

      “it is truly pitiful that you and others will not condem…”

      What’s really “pitiful” (sic), chrish36, is that you can neither spell, punctuate, nor even find your Shift key. That makes you more noise than signal.
      Personally I think you’re a ROM construct.

    • beobrigitte says:

      the victims of the threats and the police will not.

      So we smokers can issue numerous law suites against anti-smokers!

      • truckerlyn says:

        Perhaps we should as these anti smokers wouldn’t know the truth if it got up and smacked them in the face!

        As mentioned above, somewhere, they were happy to allow comments by those stupid enough to believe all their lies and propoganda, to post ACTUAL threats against smokers :-

        All smokers should be shot on sight, then the bastards might start to get the message

        That, I believe, is a direct threat against all those who smoke what is still a perfectly legal product and of which the sale/purchase of said product raises billions for the government each year!

        Hypocritical, pathetic morons that they are

  25. Frank, congratulations.
    -The anti-smokers are complaining, because they know their time will soon be up, they can feel the tide turning
    -Your name and that of others has been published nationally, so you can hope for a number of people joining our fight through your blog
    This might be the beginning of the end for the antis.

  26. Messalina says:

    Hi Frank,
    Wow – what can I say! Excellent Work. So now our voices are being heard and just maybe starting to be acknowledged not as Big T Stooges, but as individuals, the smallest minority of all.
    I read your letter to Linda and it certainly didn’t sound like a ‘death threat’ to me. It just simply informed her that there are a lot of angry people out there and maybe someone will do something nasty, as unfortunately in any sort of peaceful protest movement, you’ll always find the odd extremist nutter.
    I just hope you don’t get bullied by these people, whathisname above’s threats sound very nasty indeed.

  27. Mesmer says:

    Excellent Frank! Nothing more to say.

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  29. Rick S says:

    Well done, Frank – and Dick as well! This is probably the best day there’s been since all the smoking ban crap kicked off. And the illiterate, childish threats from “chrish” just go to show how pathetic the tobacco control industry really is – it’s nothing but a big balloon just waiting to be pricked.

    Rick S

  30. Scot says:

    I expect Gilmore, Arnott, Bauld, Pell etc all expect us to go round and ream them out for their sterling “work” they do for us ubermensch?

  31. Scot says:

    Untermensch I meant or maybe a Freudian slip on my behalf relating to the above mentioned, oops…

  32. Pingback: The Guardian Angle | Head Rambles

  33. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank has any media contacted ya yet for an interview?

  34. Mr A says:

    Well done Chrish! Firstly, congratulations for posting on weekends! Are you sure your ASH paymasters will reimburse you for such “out of hours” working?

    Secondly, good – take it to court. You have no evidence of anything.

    And you know full well that all it would take is someone to go to Court for your whole edifice of lies to come crashing down. Not just the junk science, but the whole “denormalisation” strategy, which 99% of the population, despite it being mentioned in Parliament and thus being in Hansard, are unaware of. And do you know what? Most of that 99& of the population (you know, the ones outside the Tobacco Control” bubble) find the whole concept of State-sponsored “denormalisation” of a section of its citizenry to be, well, deeply unpleasant at best and downright sinister at worst. I have yet to meet a non-smoker in the real world who has not been downright astonished and then shocked by the whole concept and, once they have become aware of it, have moved from either not giving a damn about smoking or just thinking that “smoking bans were the way things were going”, to becoming deeply anti-Tobacco Control. You see, your whole position depends on most non-smokers not giving a damn about smoking as they don’t smoke themselves. However, as more become aware of the deliberate denormalisation strategy (something which most normal people find quite disgusting as a concept), as they see the TC template being applied to areas that DO affect them (alcohol, fast food etc), once they see the blatant lies of TC (half of all smokers dying in middle age, for example, or Feinstein’s “Yes, it’s rotten science, but it’s in a worthy cause. It will help us to get rid of cigarettes and become a smoke-free society,” more and more non-smokers start to see through you. Your whole edifice is about to collapse and your little smear job at The Guardian will help that happen.

    Thanks for the publicity.

  35. jaxthefirst says:

    A question for Chrish,

    I am assuming that anyone who has notified the authorities about on-line bullying and harassment by anti-ban proponents has done so because they feel that on-line bullying per se is wrong, rather than just objecting to it because it is on-line bullying directed against the anti-smoking movement?

    In which case, I am also assuming that they will be reporting the myriad of persecution and violence-encouraging articles and comments which have been made by anti-smokers against smokers over the years.

    And if not – why not?

  36. Steve Kelly says:

    The Guardian points to somebody “calling himself Frank Davis” and to somebody else “calling himself Dick Puddlecote”: suggesting these guys are probably really maybe Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds, or since those guys are dead, their channelled spirits, I guess.

    Since the Frank and Dick I’ve read are not into occultism maybe Frank and Dick themselves, real guys with real feelings, wrote the blogs in question. The real Frank and Dick incidentally have expressed as much affection for Big Tobacco as I hold, which is to say, far less than none. Those are some things the Guardian might consider.

    What I’ve read also suggests that some of the Tobacco Control drones were getting alarmed by evidence that they are becoming (properly) perceived, increasingly by more and more amongst the public, as anti-scientific ideologues and hateful bullies, and furthermore that the real Frank and Dick made mention in their blogs, that this is indeed the case.

    In those blogs the real Frank and Dick made clear what feelings hateful bullies engender in response to their hateful bullying. They did not threaten or call for violence. They told the bullies that they were right about what they were sensing of the public’s mood. More and more people are re-assessing Tobacco Control. More and more feelings of outrage are being engendered by anti-scientific Tobacco Control bullies. The real Frank and Dick expressed a reality.

    The Guardian and the bullies might consider all of that. More likely they’ll go on condemning phantasmic Morrises and Reynoldses and such while also going on believing most assuredly in their own purity and sanctity. Hatemongering fanatics always prefer the unreal to the real and their entirely false perspective always plays crucially into their genuinely righteous downfall.

  37. garyk30 says:

    chrish36 is living proof of the fact that; by definition, 50% of the anti-smokers have a less than average IQ.

    Gary K.

  38. mummybest says:

    Well done Frank, Dick and F2C.
    I continually send hate mail to the anti smoking industry bosses and anybody who enjoys denormalising smokers. The U.S. Surgeon General recently received an invite to weightwatchers and Arnott got a list of plastic surgeons. Cameron and Clegg also get surprises.
    How long before the thought police knock on my door ? I couldn’t give a flying fuck.

  39. tobaccocontoller says:

    Mummybest you are already being monitored and have been logged as an extremist troll by tobacco control, you can read about it on the site.

    Perhaps you could join Frank davis and make a confession for police purposes.

    what is the content of your Hate mail?

    pro smoking extremist trolls are being monitored.

    • Bandit 1 says:

      ‘tobaccocontroller’, you really need to take a good, hard look at yourself in the mirror. What are you DOING with your life?

      Do you realise how straight-up Nazi everything you’re spouting sounds? If you have kids, do you tell them about what you’re doing? If you do tell them, do you think they’re proud of you?

  40. garyk30 says:

    “pro smoking extremist trolls are being monitored.”

    Anti-smoker extremist trolls, 50% of whom are of less than average IQ, usually are ignored!!!!

    Gary K.

  41. beobrigitte says:

    Guess what? Along with F2C and DP, I’m in the Guardian! With no comments permitted, natch.

    Publicity is publicity; bad publicity is even better than that. It would be surprising if comments were allowed to this attempt of another society manipulating article.

    Please keep us informed about this threatened action by this “informer” – I have a large file containing threats made by anti-smokers (One of the most curious one being: “you smokers should all be gassed”) and would not object to publication of these.

  42. forcesnl says: is set up by an Amsterdam detective agency. A quick translation from their website says:

    It’s set up by an Amsterdam detective bureau.
    On their site ( they say about themselves:
    Jansen Buro & Janssen is a onderzoeksburo that follows police, justice and intelligence services and prompted a critical opinion about unsolicited.

    A basic rights collective that publishes on expansion of powers and repressive legislation, particularly in its own assumed FENS on the internet.

    Sometimes a support group for people who unwittingly followed or persecuted.

    An answer box for citizens, but also politicians, journalists, and other researchers.

    And usually a combination of this already.

    Jansen & Janssen are two detectives from the TinTin cartoons

  43. Rose says:

    I really can’t make sense of all this.

    What’s on earth is going on?
    Only last week Sarah Duffy was talking in public about the FCTC and Article 5.3, signing the FCTC was kept very quiet, I didn’t even know we had signed anything until recently and I’m sure most people still don’t know, yet she talks about it publicly?

    DECEMBER 16, 2004
    Britain ratifies anti-tobacco treaty
    “The announcement was hidden away in a statement about a reduction in the number of smokers in the UK.”
    It was too, it took me ages to find it.

    Perhaps with this article they were trying to get their blow in first, but by doing so they have finally admitted that not everyone thinks the ban is a “Huge Success” and told thousands of people where to find more information. More puzzlingly, with the monolith of TC, the WHO and our own government behind them, why would they even feel the need to?

  44. lysistratatheoriginal says:

    We’ve just published a response from F2C to the Guardian article here:
    And a link to it on the F2C Forum site if anyone wants to comment.
    It’s great to be in sich wonderful company!

  45. lysistratatheoriginal says:

    *such. bugger. It’s my fake Scottish accent.

  46. mummybest says:

    Glad that I am being ‘monitored’. I consider it an honour !!
    As a retired Chartered Accountant and Tax specialist and successful businesswoman in her 60’s, I do not consider myself below average intelligence.
    I have successfully challenged many NHS Trusts on the ‘no smoking’ in the grounds ‘policy’ and also won the case forcing the UKBA to disclose where they burned the ‘confiscated’ tobacco products.
    ‘The Witch from Essex’

    My name is Brenda and all F2C know me as do a few other pro smoking ‘activists’

    I am not a ‘troll’ and not anonymous. I am a older lady who’s social life has been ruined by this spiteful ‘tobacco control’ industry and what I comment is what I believe.
    I look forward to the thought/smoke police calling on me. I am unfortunately home 7 nights a week, and any time after 6 p.m.will be convenient for my indoctrination lessons.

    • Tom says:

      I saw that too and was wondering why they were singling you out. When HMSP (Her Majesty’s Smoke Police) arrive you might want to burn a cig or two just prior to their arrival. Didn’t they make it a law that no civil servant can enter a household for at least an hour where prior a cigarette may have been smoked? Light two and that might put them off for two hours wait. I thought that was one of their ridiculous laws on the books from a year back. Well I guess they want to ban freedom of thought and freedom of speech now too, on top of banning smoking. How dare anyone have an individual held belief on a matter these days.

  47. I will on the Stephen Nolan show at 10.30 pm tonight on the Guardian article.

    • Mr A says:

      No, they are not. I submitted two 12 hours ago (nothing offensive).

      The Comment count is still, unsurprisingly, zero.

  48. james101 says:

    Great article Frank. I have to agree with Smoking Hot it is gratifying to know that weve upset them.

  49. tobaccocontroller says:

    Mummybest, i suggest you forget boasting about hate mail because the real police will be calling at your door.
    This sort of pro smoking extremist trolling seems to be acceptable on troll blogs, infact death threats seems to be acceptable as long as it gets publicity,

    the train crash has happened…the game has changed.

    time to wake up nutters.

    • nisakiman says:

      Oh do grow up…

    • jaxthefirst says:


      I don’t seem to be able to get any response from Chrish, so I’ll ask you instead: is online (or indeed offline) bullying unacceptable by anyone, or is it acceptable when it’s directed from anti-smoking camps towards smokers?

      Because if it’s unacceptable by anyone, anywhere, towards any target, then I’m wondering whether you’ve posted similarly threatening comments on any of the anti-smoking articles following some of their own suggestions openly encouraging violence against smokers or persecution against them.

      And if you haven’t then – err – doesn’t that in effect mean that bullying is acceptable to you, provided it’s coming from people with whom you agree?

      Just asking …

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Yes the game changed,you just hit your lowest public appearance…………..

      The sky is falling on ASH! Why else would they attack bloggers if the bloggers werent having an effect on tobacco control. Your direct assault just like the one that was done against Michael Mcfadden last fall by James Repace when they set up a website to attack his integrity which they were forced to take down. This all was a result of the Schuman case where Mr. Repace made a complete insane ass out of himself !

      Schuman’s Expert Witnesses Testify in Secondhand Smoke Trial

      The plaintiff’s expert witnesses spoke up on day three of David Schuman’s case against his housing cooperative, Greenbelt Homes, Inc. (GHI), for its failure to prohibit the nuisance created by his townhome neighbors, the Popovics’, secondhand smoke.

      Courtroom and Plaintiff’s Townhome Register Similar Carcinogen Levels

      But, an incident from Repace’s testimony Thursday came back into play Friday during cross examination. Goecke pointed out that on Thursday, while demonstrating the carcinogen monitor, Repace had measured the concentration of carcinogens in the court room — which is in a smoke-free building — and the amount he recorded there was similar to what Repace had reported recording in Schuman’s townhome in July of 2011.

      It dont get much worse than that for a JUNK SCIENCE MOMENT EHH!

  50. I wish I were finding this as amusing as some of the Great and the Good Guys and Gals seem to be doing. I find it utterly chilling. Hatred + fear + real power = danger. Which is not to say we should all shut up, do as we’re told and toe the TC party line. We are, after all, all Spartacus and should stand up and say so. But it does seem as if their gloves have finally come off, all of a sudden. I look forward to hearing what Dave Atherton has to say on the Beeb tonight.

    • legiron says:

      Not just the gloves. The mask is coming off too. The face of Hate is about to show itself to everyone.

    • Marvin says:

      “Hatred + fear + real power = danger”

      But what can they do???

      TC are weak, bullying cowards, sure they have the state on their side.
      But how far does the state want to take the persecution?
      Do they want a civil war?

      Nah, this tantrum is all about TCs public image.
      It’s slipping thanks to pro-smoking bloggers like Frank, DP, Leg-Iron and many more.
      Keep up the good work guys and don’t go over to the dark side.

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  52. Tony says:

    I imagine you will have seen this already. But just thought I’d add that the anti-smoker’s global warming friends have been up to similar tricks: Claiming death threats etc:

  53. I’d like to make two comments on the TT site thingie…

    1)The character of the quotes selected by them seem to be generally reflective of sort of a juvenile personality (like the little tattletale running up to the teacher and saying “I heard Billy saying “poop!” Really rather humorous for the most part.


    2) And, as is usually the case when Antismokers actually come out from behind the screen to confront those who fight them, they end up actually being quite helpful to us. Helpful how? Simply because they obviously focused a significant amount of resources on their research and development and tried to dig out the worst stuff they possibly could. Heh, if all they could dig out for most of their targets were quotes along the lines of “He called me a bad name and made me cry!” that actually shows, far better than we ourselves EVER could show, that there was no REAL dirt to be found: Our bloggers are quite clearly true grassroots activists without any real or significant ties to Big Tobacco or THOSE would have been the headlines. Basically the Antismokers have now publicly affirmed our “innocence” to the world in a way that can’t be contradicted. Hopefully they’ll spread the joy to others of us in the fight and affirm our lack of real ties to Big Tobacco as well!

    – MJM

  54. timbone says:

    I would like to cut and paste my reaction posted on Dick Puudlecote’s blog last night. As for the Chrish troll, just a little entertainment.
    No publicity is bad publicity. I have seen that statement proven correct on several occasions. I have read the article, and yes, full of the usual ‘out of context’ misreporting which has been claimed time and time again by countless people for countless years. So what. I loved it. Readers of that article are going to see that there really is some anger out there. Some readers may well secretly enjoy the fact that those pompous holier than thou pontificators of anything anti tobacco are fwightened. I also see that Stephen Williams is quoted concerning these imaginary front groups of the tobacco industry. If BT are to begin being accused of supporting such vitriolic attack on TBC then they may come forward to argue against such slander. Another good result.

  55. Mr A says:

    Whoops, looks like I accidentally emailed a link to Tobacco Tactics’ listing of “Tobacco stooge MPs” to each of the 29 MPs mentioned on Tobacco Tactics, along with a brief message explaining how TT are funded by the DoH. I wonder if Tobacco Tactics has much of a future? More importantly, I wonder if TC is getting too big for its boots? Libelling MPs…. when you’re State-funded?

    Oooh I hope there is some comeback on this!

    • legiron says:

      That, Mr. A., is an IWTOT.
      As in, ‘I wish I’d thought of that’.

      • Mr A says:

        Even better, they are on both sides of the House. Nice way for Tobacco Control to build cross party resistance to their insanity. ;)

        Oh, also accidentally emailed the scientists listed there – maybe they can take Gilmore to some kind of Academic Tribunal. It does look like they were published in peer-reviewed journals, after all. I don’t think Universities look kindly on ad hominem assaults on other academics’ integrity….

        Now if only they had got round to publishing some names on their “Tobacco Lawyer” stooge list. THEN, we’d see some fun.

        As we know Tobacco Control don’t thrive well when people can see what they’re up to – they rely on lies and people not questioning (or being given the opportunity to question) their lies. This sort of public exercise will backfire on them. Big style.

  56. forcesnl says:

    Hey, let’s set up a similar wiki website! We can all work together to set this site up!

    • So we can all be juvenile together?

      Na. The way it looks in MY chair, is that they are hanging themselves quite nicely.

      Sometimes it is much better to sit back and eat your packed lunch whilst waiting for the hooded man to apply the torch to the pile of wood they have built around themselves.

  57. junican says:

    Since Mummybest was feeling lonely, I have emailed:
    and demanded that ‘The Bolton Smokers Club’ and ‘Junican’ be added to their lists. I shall complain like mad if they do not. I suggest that others do likewise.

    Incidentally, I noticed that their ‘lawyer stooges’ section is empty. I wonder why?

  58. Pingback: Frank Davis

  59. Smoking ’em up over here, Boss!
    Never mind so-called passive smoking. Personally, I’m fed up suffering from the effects of other people’s passive right-wing politics, passive acceptance of the Police State and passive absorption of vacuous propaganda.
    Time for us to smoke some of these people out and stop their selfish insistence on their right to impose their own lack of awareness on everyone they come into contact with.

  60. Pingback: Longrider » The Evil That Men Do

  61. james101 says:

    TC have can see the popularity of these blogs provided by the likes of Frank Davis (with nearly two thousands hits in one day) Leg Iron and Pat Nurse. The highly inaccurate article published online by The Guardian show TC is desperate, for public support. It can see the scale of its opposition and it is scared.

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  63. Sandra Gebhardt known as Sandy says:

    I am sorry but i search for Frank Davis, born between 1946-48, MP sergant 554th, 385th, 15 Batalion, Stuttgart Vahingen, later perhaps Frankfurt, not tall, black skin, smoker, cool cigarettes, red car- somebody know that man, wait for an information, not seen since 28 years, long time soldier, to 1984-1986 in germany, please somebody give me an answer

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