Social Isolation Tyranny

Unvaccinated residents of Sydney, Australia, will face social isolation and a difficult life should they continue to resist vaccination, says New South Wales state Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Just like smokers.

Australia went from a free country to a police state in less than a year.

Smokers have been experiencing this tyranny for much longer than that.

Soon everyone else will too.

P.S. “…they spent decades trying to scare us about overpopulation, global cooling, the amazon rainforest (allegedly disappearing), and finally, climate change, and they failed. A virus comes along and they realized that this cut across ideologies, cut across political affiliation and they were able to declare an emergency and suspend normal democracy. They were able to achieve their one-party state with an unelected bureaucracy.”

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3 Responses to Social Isolation Tyranny

  1. Mark Jarratt says:

    This latest draconian imposition by the fearmongering menticidal politicians and their zealous minions is illegal under S51xxiiiA of the Australian constitution and the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, a federal statute.

    Any legislator unfamiliar with inalienable rights, the rule of law, and statute, is clearly unfit for elected office.

    Various legal challenges are being mounted (e.g. and I am sending funds, and my learned advice, maximising success! Who will rid us of these deluded autocratic kleptocrats. 🙌

  2. Joe L. says:

    Yes, just like smokers. In fact, they’re now explicitly trying to make the public associate the unvaccinated with “secondhand smoke.” Unfortunately, most nonsmokers aren’t aware that “secondhand smoke” was proven to be a big lie, exactly like the “threat” posed by the unvaccinated.

    Sebelius: Unvaccinated Are ‘Like Secondhand Smoke’ — They Can Make Me and My Family Sick

    Former Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that Americans who have not received a coronavirus vaccine are like “secondhand smoke” in that they can make people sick.

    Sebelius said, “I think what President Biden has done is balance between what the science says and trying to cajole, encourage, make it easy for people to follow the science. When that turned out not to be as effective, then he turned to more hardened mandates. But what people don’t have a right to do is make other people sick, put other people in jeopardy, risk other people’s lives, risk children’s lives. So I think the president has been walking a line of balancing science and safety and security at every step along the way. Hoping that the mass majority of the American public would follow that lead.”

    She added, “It’s a lot like secondhand smoke. You have a right to be a smoker. The science is very clear what smoking will do to you, what cancer will be caused, what kinds of health conditions. You have a right to be a smoker. You don’t have a right to smoke next to my desk, to blow smoke on people, on my children, to force me to live in a housing facility where I am subjected to more smoke. That is a line that we have in this country, which delineates what your individual rights are. I think we’re looking at very much the same situation. OSHA, you’re absolutely right, has always provided guidance and mandates about safety in a workplace. This is not a safe workplace if I’m working with a person that may make me and my family sick. That’s not acceptable.”

  3. RdM says:

    She added, “It’s a lot like secondhand smoke.”
    [ … ]
    “OSHA, you’re absolutely right, has always provided guidance and mandates about safety in a workplace.”

    says it all.

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