When Trust Has Gone

Headline 1:

Covid vaccine: A QUARTER of Brits could refuse to take coronavirus jab as docs warn of ‘selfish’ delay to lockdown end

Headline 2:

‘People think Covid-19 is political scheme or conspiracy theory’

Is anyone surprised?

Is anyone surprised if people don’t take Covid-19 seriously?

We live in a world of vastly exaggerated “threats”. Not least of these is the vastly exaggerated threat from environmental tobacco smoke, which has been used to expel millions of smokers from the bars and restaurants and cafes they once inhabited. The lesson people have learned from this is that medical authorities will tell lies in order to produce social change. They know they’re being lied to. And that’s why their trust has evaporated.

Cry wolf enough times, and people will stop believing you.

And that’s what’s happened.

It’s the same with global warming. That’s another exaggerated threat, this time from carbon dioxide.

Peter Hitchens:

In the name of Covid, the State has already thrust itself into every corner of our existence.

It has come between husbands and wives at the ends of their lives. It has forbidden the old to embrace their grandchildren.

It has denied us funerals and weddings, locked the churches, silenced the ancient monastic music of cathedral choirs and prevented the free worship of God for the first time in 800 years, and banned us (unless we are Left-wing) from holding or attending public meetings.

It has ordered us to stay at home, scolded or fined us for sunbathing, going on country rambles or even entering our front gardens.

It didn’t start with Covid. It started long before that. It was the smokers who were the first to experience the lying and the bullying, thrusting itself into every corner of their existence, coming between husbands and wives, banning them from meeting in pubs and restaurants, scolding and fining them.

Now they find that nobody believes what they say about anything.

Peter Hitchens doesn’t smoke, so for him it all started with Covid. But for smokers it’s all been going on for a long. long time.

From the comments:

London suburbs are apparently full of garages/ garden rooms converted to pubs where people can drink/ smoke/not socially distance as they choose.

I can believe this. They’re people who don’t believe what they’re told about tobacco and alcohol and fast food and Covid-19 and global warming and all the rest of it. Why the hell should they believe?

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13 Responses to When Trust Has Gone

  1. Seems that some Unions, media and Quangos are deliberately trying to make

  2. Opps button fail…
    ….this appear to be as a result of government incompetence. PHE and the teachers union are two that spring to mind. Both left leaning. Both feeding rubbish to media. It’s very frustrating..
    Apologies for split comment…

  3. Dr. Sok says:

    I think a lot more are going to be questioning authorities when they realise they are unemployed and they can’t afford to keep the roof over their heads.

  4. Александра Собина says:

    “Is anyone surprised if people don’t take Covid-19 seriously?”
    Not at all, I’m one of them who does not take Covid seriously. I’m sure most of people has immunity and it is not even close so deadly as they are broadcasting.
    I don’t want vaccine simply because I do not need it. Also I do not need muzzle, sanitizer and bleach.
    I do believe it is a game of politicians what they wish to extend as long as possible, and they enjoy it. If we are lucky, we may hear the truth about it after some 30 years or even later. Lets wait and see.

    • Joe L. says:

      I’m right there with you. As smokers, we recognize a pattern here, because we’ve been subjected to it for decades.

      With COVID-19, it’s as if they’ve taken the Tobacco Control playbook and sped it up by 14,000%. The pseudoscience, the countless contradictory statements and figures, the social engineering, the bullying, the cries of “think of the chiiiildren” (except this time around it’s “think of the elderlyyyy”), the reasoning behind face mask mandates being that a mask protects the people around you, and not wearing one is selfish (uncannily mirroring how the secondhand smoke myth was used to usher in smoking bans, because the libertarian argument of “my body, my choice” was painted as inconsequential due to the unsupported, unscientific claims that secondary smoke is more harmful to nonsmokers than primary smoke is to the smoker), … and the list of similarities goes on and on. It’s as if we’ve just experienced the past 70 years of Tobacco Control tactics crammed into 6 months with COVID-19.

      • Rose says:

        Dick Puddlecote

        “If you want to get rid of your middle-class clientele and close your restaurants, start allowing smoking.” <- Just one gross remark in a catalogue of lies, snobbery and calls for tyranny of the majority in the Lords yesterday

        Amendment 11: 20 Jul 2020: House of Lords debates –

        "Lord Carlile of Berriew spoke about .. "the real danger of the exhalation of coronavirus with that tobacco smoke, if the people smoking are suffering from coronavirus"

        Highly unlikely

        Nitric oxide treatment can be pivotal in the fight against COVID-19
        Jul 21 2020

        "Nitric oxide treatment can be pivotal in the world's fight against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, according to a review from the George Washington University (GW). The article is published in the journal Nitric Oxide.

        Nitric oxide is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory molecule with key roles in pulmonary vascular function in the context of viral infections and other pulmonary diseases. In SARS-CoV-1 infection, which led to the outbreak of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2003, nitric oxide inhibited viral replication by cytotoxic reactions through intermediates such as peroxynitrite. It is one of several potential COVID-19 treatments included in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's emergency expanded access program."

        • Rose says:

          Oh, that’s how you do it, sorry for the double post.

        • Joe L. says:

          We’re being told that face masks/coverings prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, no matter what kind of material they’re made out of (we know this isn’t true, because even N95 masks are only expected to filter 95% of particles <= 0.3 microns, but coronaviruses are on average 0.12 microns in size–but I digress).

          So if "experts" believe face coverings made out of the material of your choosing are effective at filtering 0.12 micron-sized SARS-CoV-2 particles, then they should clearly filter out tobacco smoke particles, which are visible to the naked eye. Thus, these bespoke face coverings should obviously protect people from the purportedly deadly secondhand smoke. Therefore, smoking bans–based on the supposed “threat” of secondhand smoke–are now meaningless, because the scraps of random fabric wrapped around nonsmokers’ faces will, according to the reasoning of the “experts”, must filter out all tobacco smoke particles. If the efficacy of homemade face masks is as good as the “experts” claim, all the propagandized reasons for banning smoking are now nullified.

  5. garyk30 says:

    80 years ago, a British PM came back from Munich and proclaimed that there would be ‘peace in our time’.
    Most claims since then have been just as unproven.

    • garyk30 says:

      The list of the ‘experts’ claims that have been wrong is very long and the list of their claims that have been right is very short.
      There is no reason to trust them.

  6. Александра Собина says:

    Where from this ignorant people came from, looks like they can not read, just watch TV. What a pearls of ignorance, intellect shines out right from **** hole.

    • Rose says:

      They are not real Lords and Ladies any more, The dreadful Blair saw to that.

      How do you become a Member of the House of Lords?

      “Two events have changed the way Members of the House of Lords are appointed: the 1999 House of Lords Act, which ended hereditary Peers’ right to pass membership down through family, and the introduction of the House of Lords Appointments Commission. There are now a number of routes to becoming a Member of the House of Lords.”

      Blair attacks hereditary peers

      “The defeat of the government’s plans to change European ballots by the Lords illustrates the “overwhelming case” for reform of the upper chamber, Downing Street has said.
      The government was left reeling after the Lords defeated it for the fifth time on the bill to change the electoral system for next year’s European elections.

      Earlier, Prime Minister Tony Blair told MPs the issue was no longer about voting rights but Tory hereditary peers defying elected MPs.
      After the Lords voted against the government, Baroness Jay announced the bill had been lost and that next year’s Euro-elections may have to be held under the old first-past-the-post system.

      The bill will be re-introduced afresh after next week’s state opening of parliament, and the Parliament Act will be used to ensure its passage.
      A Downing Street spokesman said: “This vote underlines once more an overwhelming case for reform of the House of Lords.

      “The truth is that the Tory hereditary peers can be wheeled out on any day of the week on any issue to defeat the democratically-elected government.”

      During the debate, some peers warned the Opposition against walking into a trap as the government would use the defeat as an excuse in its attempts to reform the Lords.
      The Downing Street spokesman added: “The three-to-one inbuilt majority for the Tories is a democratic disgrace.
      “The government will deal with it by removing voting rights of hereditary peers. In the meantime we remain absolutely determined to fulfil our manifesto commitment on PR for the European elections.”

      “Tory leader William Hague hit back by asking the prime minister how many of his own backbenchers had voted for the closed list system – a question Mr Blair failed to answer..

      Mr Hague said: “All independent opinion is against a voting system which denies the voter the right to vote for a candidate they prefer.”
      He said Mr Blair’s government was extending the powers of a “clique of cronies” and overriding every constitutional check and balance.

      The prime minister replied the proposed “closed list” system was already in use in many major European countries.
      He insisted: “This is however no longer about the system, it is about hereditary Tory peers in the House of Lords.”

      And as far as I can see it’s been downhill ever since.

  7. Александра Собина says:

    Thank you, Rose.

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