Nationalism Versus Globalism

Via James Delingpole (and many others):

Calorie limits will be imposed on thousands of foods sold in supermarkets and restaurants in a bid to combat obesity.

Draft proposals seen by The Telegraph set out detailed caps for ready meals, sandwiches and even portions of vegetables served across the country.

The plans, drawn up by Public Health England (PHE), suggest a limit of 544 calories for any convenience meal – far below many of those sold today.

I think this is wonderful news. I hope that, some time later on this year, people discover that supermarket cottage pies and lasagna and chicken tikka masala are the same price they used to be, but half the size.

It would more or less guarantee a social uprising that would put the Gilets Jaunes to shame. The whole country would be up in arms.

Smoking bans only affect 20% or less of the population. Alcohol restrictions affect many more. But once the madmen in Public Health start putting mandatory limits on how much people can eat, absolutely everybody is affected.

So please Bring It On.

Please Do It.

For it’ll be the end of Public Health, the end of all these nannying, bullying tyrants, and (best of all) the end of all the smoking bans as well, in one colossal explosion.

But even if these mad food restrictions aren’t enacted, I’m beginning to think that an explosion is already starting to happen anyway.

Because in Europe and America we’re seeing a growing revolt by nationalists and populists against globalists. The globalists make plans for the whole world. They want to abolish all the nations, and replace them with regions (such as the EU) in a system of global government in which entire populations would be moved around like sacks of potatoes, and absolutely everything is regulated and controlled down to the smallest detail.

Global organisations like the UN and the WHO are key players in this globalist scheme of things. And I’ve begun to think that the global wave of public smoking bans that have been rolled out all over the world in recent years, via the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, has actually been a flagship globalist enterprise. Because if you can ban smoking everywhere in the world, you can ban anything. And so once you’ve successfully banned smoking, you can next ban drinking, and then you can ban supersized meals. And this last is exactly what Public Health England is proposing to do. Which tells me that the globalists are planning to continue to extend their control to more on more areas of everybody’s life. Needless to say, global warming/climate change alarmism is being used to extend control over energy supplies as well. Everything must be controlled.

What we’re seeing in the world is a growing revolt against the top down control of all areas of life by an army of globalist social planners. Smoking bans were just the first example of top down control being extended to everything.

What’s being attempted by the globalists is nothing short of a global revolution. What’s different about this revolution is that, unlike previous revolutions (like the French revolution and the Russian revolution), this is a revolution being imposed top down by the world’s social elites onto the peoples that they govern.

James Delingpole goes on to write:

What’s particularly weird about these plans is that, though they sound just the kind of Nanny State measure Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour will introduce if it is ever voted into power, they are being plotted under a Conservative administration.

There’s nothing weird about it. More or less the entire global political class – left, right, and centre – has been co-opted into the globalist scheme. It’s why the European political class – all the Merkels and Macrons and Mays – are all of one mind, regardless of their nominal political affiliation. And it’s why the American political class, both left and right, is so desperately trying to oust a nationalist Donald Trump who has yet to be co-opted into the globalist plan. He’s an outsider who hasn’t drunk the kool-aid. He’s an enormous fly in their ointment.

There’s a world war under way, between globalists and nationalists. It’s being fought in every country in the world. For a very long time the globalists have been extending and consolidating their power. But a nationalist, populist, localist revolt is now under way in the USA, and in Europe, and it’s spreading everywhere.

The new world war hasn’t become a shooting war yet, but it’s very likely to become one once some nations become nationalist, while others remain globalist, and the globalists try to re-assert their hegemony. For example, it’s why the globalist EU wants a European army to defend globalist Europe against nationalist Donald Trump’s USA (something that would have been regarded as madness only a decade or two ago). It’s also why the globalist EU will severely punish any European state (e.g. Britain) that attempts to re-assert its national identity by leaving the EU.

The globalists are currently still in control of the world. But they’ve begun to lose control. What happens when they start getting desperate?

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14 Responses to Nationalism Versus Globalism

  1. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    Act locally, think globally.
    I’m in the temperate rainforest mountainous SW of Tasmania, the island state, in the Lake Pedder “wilderness” (getting away from it all, with my anti smoking brainwashed beloved bride, and everyone else).
    We hiked 18km yesterday, up hill and down dale. Didn’t break ankle or plummet to death.
    Only bad spot was when some stranger, a self righteous neurotic bullying tyrant empowered by the prohibitionist state, took it upon herself to go out of her way to confront and lecture me for smoking (although I always use my portable ashtray), saying it’s ILLEGAL. 
    I bit back, saying BUGGER OFF, pointing sharp hiking stick at her, and “flipping the bird”.
    I refrained from throwing her off the mountain, evidence of my restraint and self control (yes officer, she seemed to lose her footing and slip, while rabidly foaming at the mouth). 🐩
    I had checked the TAS parks site: no regulations or restrictions on smoking, in the open air, in 35kmh winds. Rule as with everything, is take all rubbish out. I’m religiously doing that. 
    Agree totally: let the dictatorial PHE parasites have their way, then others might realise why devotees of Frank’s fine blog and those committed to free choice are relentlessly peeved and angered by such petty intrusive tax and ban prohibitionists. 😡

    • RdM says:

      “(getting away from it all, with my anti smoking brainwashed beloved bride, and everyone else)”

      Love that, “brainwashed beloved bride”.

      Touching love. Really beautiful.

      But if you’re smoking typically stinky paper burning commercial factory made (‘tailor made’ hardly applies these days, although I think Nate Sherman cigarettes would) – then I have little sympathy;- they’re horrible to the outsider.

      In my experience.

      RYO with clean burning papers are much much less offensive, even pleasant, and certainly (although an acquired taste) cigars or very certainly pipes often have a positively pleasing “room note” (the smell, or scent, indoors, let alone outdoors!)

      Look at notes on “room note” here in pipe tobacco reviews …

      ( Are you old enough? … )

      Yes, I was tackled by a brainwashed er deluded ant-tobacco rote zombie claiming that I “couldn’t smoke here” which was outside the venue for a funeral for an artist friend on the footpath, sitting with a woman friend who had just been telling me how she fell in love with tobacco in South Africa, but we found it easier to just move along rather than stand and argue, tell her perhaps that I was purifying the atmosphere… to my shame.

      Jim would have had no truck with such bullshit.

      Primitive rites?

      There’s more …

  2. RdM says:

    Yes, I think I like Al Jarreau’s version of “Why Do the Nations So Furiously Rage?”
    from the aforementioned Quincy Jones A Soulful Celebration of Handel’s Messiah
    over a typical ‘classical’ rendition.

    But you be the judge!

    Or some over-strained baritone, doing it the ‘right’ way …
    (although the orchestra is beautiful!)

    So, Why Do the Nations So Furiously Rage?

    I’d say money, elites making wars happen for profit, for a start.

    Worth looking at the origins of WW1 again …

  3. Rose says:

    When I was first researching the modern roots of anti-smoking and it’s connection to eugenics and other German activities in the 30’s, I came across this apparently unrelated article which has stuck in my mind ever since. As time passes and the more outrageous the wouldbe food controllers demands get, the more I wonder if it might be true.

    Codex what?

    “According to Wikipedia “The Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “food code” or “food book”) is a collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to foods, food production and food safety under the aegis of consumer protection. These texts are developed and maintained by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a body that was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Commission’s main aims are stated as being to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the international food trade. The Codex Alimentarius is recognized by the World Trade Organization as an international reference point for the resolution of disputes concerning food safety and consumer protection.” Doesn’t this sound great? “Food safety, consumer protection, fair trade…” And look who is behind this reference work: respectable institutions like WHO, UN, WTO! Where can I sign to support this honorable 40 plus year project?

    Who is the driving force behind this Codex? In fact, Codex is a playground for multi-national corporations interested in food and health defined by their standards. The five constituents that benefit from Codex are Big Pharma, Big Bio-Techna, Big-Chema, Big Medica, and Big Agra biz.

    Here is the story told by Rima E. Laibow, M.D. She is a graduate of Albert Einstein College. In 2004 she left her successful medical practice to battle Codex Alimentarius and educate the public about this enormous health threat: The Codex is a pharmaceutical initiative that stems from the German death camps. Its history is quite interesting. The system employed in the German death camps was created and implemented by I. G. Farben (Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie, also called I.G. Farbenfabriken). I. G. Farben was a German conglomerate of companies during World War II, the great Nazi combine that included pharmaceuticals, chemicals, munitions, mining and other heavy industries all combined under a single directorship.

    The over-manager of I. G. Farben, Fritz ter Meer, and twenty-six other I. G. Farben employees were deeply involved in what the Germans called “the killing of useless eaters” or people who had lives not worth living. They provided the chemicals that were injected into the hearts of death camp prisoners, as well as having manufactured the gas, Zyklon B, used to kill them.

    After World War II, they were incarcerated for four years by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. While imprisoned, Fritz ter Meer hypothesized that food was the answer to gaining world power. He concluded that “he who controls food, can control the world.” With the help of Nelson Rockefeller, Fritz ter Meer’s former business partner and US Undersecretary of State after the war, all convicted IG Farben managers were released from prison already in 1952 and reassumed positions in the highest levels of German industry. Fritz ter Meer later became the head of Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and he called together the executives of former I. G. Farben, suggesting a letter to urge the United Nations take over the regulation of world food. Fifteen years after they were convicted in the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, this actually happened. In 1962, the Codex Alimentarius Commission was formed. In 1963, as a result of this, standards and guidelines began to be promulgated for everything that goes into your mouth: milk, food, oil, nuts, water, vitamins, or minerals. If it goes into your mouth, then there is a standard for it.”

    If Codex’s first mandate is health, then why does it pass these disastrous guidelines? For instance, all cows used for dairy must be treated with Monsanto bovine growth hormone. Why? Because the basic thrust is that as many people as possible must be sick, have no access to natural remedies (another Codex activity) and have only pharmaceutical options available to them as they suffer and die from these degenerative diseases.”

  4. Clicky says:

  5. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Yes indeed Frank bring it on ! PLEASE !!! Then the rest of the country will know what we’ve had to put up with since 2007 !

    • Joe L. says:

      I also have been waiting for the bully state to start oppressing a larger swath of the population in hopes of gaining support from nonsmokers for the repeal of smoking bans. However, those who buy convenience meals will not be forced to eat them outdoors in the wind, rain, sleet and snow, so they will never truly “know what we’ve had to put up with”.

  6. beobrigitte says:

    Smoking bans only affect 20% or less of the population. Alcohol restrictions affect many more. But once the madmen in Public Health start putting mandatory limits on how much people can eat, absolutely everybody is affected.

    So please Bring It On.

    Please Do It.

    For it’ll be the end of Public Health, the end of all these nannying, bullying tyrants, and (best of all) the end of all the smoking bans as well, in one colossal explosion.

    Chances are that the public will do nothing. The many years of nannying government(s) infantilizing citizens are bearing fruit, people are neither willing nor capable any more to be in charge of their own lives (and the responsibilities that come with it).
    A good example is the lack of council houses/flats. Despite everyone being aware that labour sold off most of these houses/flats about 15 years ago cheaply to tenants of x amount of years, people still expect to get a council house as, considering current house prices, they feel they are entitled to one. And some lucky people who have most of their rent of private owned flats/houses paid by the social act in a manner only a nannying state can induce: like a child. Some people stop paying the rent (the rent for these properties are paid into the tenants account rather than straight to the land-lord) and claim it’s the social’s fault and therefore expect re-housing. This reflects badly on those who get into rent arrears due to e.g. zero hours work contracts etc.etc.

    What we’re seeing in the world is a growing revolt against the top down control of all areas of life by an army of globalist social planners. Smoking bans were just the first example of top down control being extended to everything.

    I agree, we need a colossal explosion that wipes out all the greedy and fearmongering leeches and that brings back common sense and ADULTS. It will happen when most of the people in every country joins us smokers with our backs against the wall.

    • jaxthefirst says:

      “Chances are that the public will do nothing.”

      Yes, I think that the majority of the public will do nothing, because to be quite honest, the majority of the public don’t have the breadth of mental capacity to make the kind of connections that need to be made if they are to see where these salami-slice measures inevitably end up. And the reason for that, ironically, is because in order to get their heads around what’s coming their way, they have to get their heads around what’s already happened to smokers, because it’s a mirror image of all these new Prohibitionist measures – same tactics, same emotional trickery, same made-up statistics, same fabricated fears. And that in turn means accepting that they’ve been manipulated, duped, taken in and played for fools by the Public Health movement in respect of the “dangers” of smoking. Which, when you like to think of yourself as a rational, smart adult who makes your own mind up about things – which most people do – is a bit of a shock, not to mention a blow to your pride. Nobody likes to have to admit, even to themselves, that they’ve been outsmarted or brainwashed, and most will resort to almost any means – including cognitive dissonance, open aggression or complete and utter denial – in order to avoid having to admit to the fact that that’s what’s happened. Until, of course, it hits them in the face, by which time it’s generally too late.

      This is perhaps one of the more insidious harms that the anti-smoking movement has inflicted, and it’s on the non-smoking, rather than the smoking, population. Their very open and well-publicised attacks on smokers have often masked the fact that behind the scenes, and with much less fanfare, at the same time they were effectively also quietly manouevring pretty much all non-smokers into a very vulnerable corner that they now can’t get out of. Was this deliberate, or was it just “collateral damage?” Who knows? Perhaps they simply didn’t care. But either way non-smoking drinkers, vapers, chocolate eaters, couch potatoes or any number of other indulgence-enjoyers, are now sitting ducks for any new Prohibitionist movements to take pot-shots at with impunity, knowing that they have no effective means of resisting, because psychologically it is too hard to do the one thing that they would have to do in order to fight back, i.e. accept that they have been duped by all the anti-smoking “hype” and start arguing from that standpoint. For, as smokers know only too well, a few weasel words of protest just in respect of one’s own chosen pleasure (“It’s not fair,” “it’s a legal product,” or the old (and easily dismissed) favourite “but there’s no such thing as Passive ……..”) are a woefully poor defence against State-funded lobby groups with the bit between their teeth and their chosen target-group in their sights. No wonder the anti-alcohol and anti-obesity controllers are at such pains to mimic their heroes in the anti-smoking movement … they have a lot to thank them for!

      The fact that non-smokers will eventually be unable to eat what they like, drink what they like, do what they like, say what they like or even think what they like any more will be the price they pay just to protect their silly, short-sighted pride. It’s just a shame that they have to take the rest of us with them into their miserable, controlled, pleasure- and indulgence-free future.

      Drinkers, vapers, chocoholics, chip-eaters, pie-eaters, sweetie freaks, cream cake lovers – You Have Been Warned.

  7. Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

    The neurotic bully in question was at least 50 metres distant. Diverged from her route to rabidly confront me. I usually do not “arc up”, but I had decided the first puritanical bigot to moan and complain about my intermittent smoking in strong winds (only had 4 Ukrainian Camel Blue during the entire hike) would suffer the consequences. That idiot won the booby prize. 🏆

  8. Lepercolonist says:

    “The plans, drawn up by Public Health England (PHE), suggest a limit of 544 calories for any convenience meal – far below many of those sold today.”

    This is similar To Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program. Less salt,sugar,meat,etc. Problem is the children are refusing to eat these tasteless lunches. Which means malnourishment. Massive food waste, cost overruns and no local input leading to school administers outrage.

    Donald Trump is now revamping this program with the help of the USDA. Finally, some common sense.

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