The Re-Introduction Of Rationing

A quote that Walt produced about tobacco prohibition-

“…for this is a real crusade, make no mistake, and the true crusader doesn’t stop at burning the village, killing the women and children and making off with the cattle if that’s what it takes to purify the world.”

– got close to the moral point I was trying to make yesterday: that once Health had become the only thing that mattered, then nothing else – e.g. truth, justice, compassion, etc – could be allowed to matter. It’s why Tobacco Control has no compunction whatsoever in telling lies to get its way, firstly with respect to First Hand Smoking, then with respect to Second Hand Smoking, and then Third, Fourth, Fifth, but perhaps most quickly of all – almost instantaneously in fact – in respect of wholly new and unexpected e-cigarettes. For if telling lies will get people to stop smoking, then the more lies – and the bigger lies – the better.

I recently made the same point to my MP about the prison smoking bans that are being justified entirely on health grounds: all considerations of justice and care and compassion had gone out of the window.

And I think that this might be developed into a powerful moral assault on Tobacco Control, which might push them off the moral high ground that they seem to have captured, and which has allowed them to present themselves as “holier than thou”. Tobacco Control may have got themselves into a moral trap in which they are likely to be crushed as they are increasingly recognised (and condemned) as being devoid of all moral sensibility.

But I think that another moral trap that Tobacco Control may have got themselves into lies in the way that they have demonised firstly tobacco companies – who are invariably portrayed as “merchants of death” -, and now tobacco smokers. For in the tobacco companies they have postulated the existence of a quite satanic organisation of people who are deliberately trying to kill millions of people, by selling them poison. What they don’t quite seem to be realise is that if Big Tobacco is one such satanic organisation, then there can be other satanic organisations, and that once this charge has been laid against Big Tobacco, it is perfectly possible for the same charge to be laid against Tobacco Control. In this manner, the biter may end up getting bit. And since “exile to the outdoors” is tantamount to condemning people to a slow death, it is a charge that Tobacco Control is going to increasingly find itself facing, as the weapon it has cheerfully employed against the tobacco companies begins to be employed against it.

Another thought that I had this morning was that Public Health and Tobacco Control intend to construct a planned society. There are probably – in fact, almost certainly – documents somewhere which set out exactly what that planned society might look like. And it would be one in which there would be no smoking, no drinking, no meat, no fat, no sugar, no salt. It would be a society in which everything would be rationed. Everyone would get the bare minimum of what they needed.

After all, if you plan to grow a million potatoes to feed a million people, then you must also be planning to ration the potatoes, one potato to each person, no more and no less.

And this reminded me that rationing had continued in the UK for nearly 10 years after the end of WW2:

Fourteen years of food rationing in Britain ended at midnight when restrictions on the sale and purchase of meat and bacon were lifted.

Members of the London Housewives’ Association held a special ceremony in London’s Trafalgar Square to mark Derationing Day.

The Minister of Fuel and Power, Geoffrey Lloyd, burned a large replica of a ration book at an open meeting in his constituency.

Health zealots frequently cite the war years as having been the healthiest in Britain’s history, during which the nation had to collectively tighten its belt and Dig For Victory. I’m not quite old enough to remember rationing, but my mother did, and would often talk about how there was hardly any meat or butter or sugar or eggs. Even chocolate and tea was rationed. Although it appears (rather surprisingly) that tobacco was not.

I’m now wondering if this was a time which health zealots look back on nostalgically as a sort of golden age when everyone was wonderfully slim and fit (or perhaps just rather emaciated), and which the Labour party under Clement Attlee – the Planning Party – had wanted to maintain in existence.

The planners, I conjectured, never went away. In fact, their plans for everyone became more and more elaborate and detailed. And now, under the banner of Public Health, they are gradually re-introducing the sort of detailed large scale social planning that was used in Britain during and after WW2, and which took the form of rationing. We are now witnessing the gradual re-introduction of rationing, firstly of tobacco, then alcohol, then sugar, meat, eggs, tea, and all the rest. And there will also be rationing of coal, wood, oil, and electricity as the economy is gradually converted to being “carbon-neutral”, and in which the only source of electrical power will be from wind or solar or tidal farms.

It greatly helped the planners that they were able to introduce their plans during wartime, and it will greatly help them today if a state of war can be arranged to necessitate the introduction of the fully planned society they want. And this is why it’s important for the Russians (or Chinese or North Koreans or ISIS) to be kept as enemies. There needs to be an enemy to justify the need for planning and rationing.

The EU is another example of large scale social planning. We are all supposed to forget that we are British or French or German or Spanish, just as we are to learn to stop smoking and drinking and eating meat. We are to become teetotal Europeans.

And I’m not sure that planning and rationing is necessarily politically socialistic. For it might be said that these days more or less the entire political class has signed up to the idea of planned, organised society. We are, as it were, all planners now. And there are just as many Conservative and Liberal planners as there ever were Labour planners. There are just slightly different flavours of planning.

But a planned society, of whatever political flavour, must always be the antithesis of a free society. For all planning requires the end of freedom of every kind. People cannot be allowed to do what they like if what they do (and what they are to like) has been carefully planned for them.

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15 Responses to The Re-Introduction Of Rationing

  1. Barry Homan says:

    Reading the blog post for today, my thoughts keep turning to Jean Monnet. There was a planner if there ever was one, and I keep thinking he’s one of the biggest factors for the state we find ourselves in today.

    I don’t know too much about Monnet. Anyone care to comment?

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    It seems the Controllers deny the prospect of rationing because it is based on control. The actual heath aspects of their regime are secondary. That said, the global assault on smoking and vaping is gaining steam as they seek to impose bans in Tokyo for both smoking and vaping. Check out the story at “Heat-not-burn tobacco may not be part of Tokyo smoking law”

  3. Tony says:

    I’ve been listening to James Delingpole’s podcast interview with Rupert Darwall.
    (see also

    At around 3 minutes in, he mentions a couple of Hitler quotes that I find chilling:
    “I’m not interested in politics, I want to change people’s lifestyles” and “I don’t need to nationalise industry, I can nationalise people”.

    My only reservation is that I wonder what his source is. I can’t find those quotes on wikiquote for example.

    • Tony says:

      P. S. The Brietbart link should be good for a few days but long term try this:

    • Frank Davis says:

      I listened to that podcast yesterday, and almost mentioned it in my blog today.

      I heard the two Hitler quotes you mention, but also one in which he said that “wind energy was the future.” Although what Hitler knew about wind energy could probably have been written on the back of a stamp.

      I was interested enough to order a copy of the book. Maybe there’ll be a source in there for the quotes.

  4. waltc says:

    A few years ago NY state passed a law to prevent Indian reservations from selling branded cgts to non-natives at discount prices by adding its exorbitant tax at the wholesale level. IOW, the Indian retailers pre-paid the tax and thus had to pass it on. However, since by treaty, the state could not tax tobacco sold to the tribes for their personal use, they devised a statistical formula–deciding arbitrarily what % of the tribe smoked and how many cgts a day they might reasonably (in the eyes of the state) smoke and allowed only that count of cgts to be shipped to them tax-free. IOW: rationing.

    As for them all being Planners, I recall about 20 years ago, then-mayor Guilliani announced on a snowy New Years Day a plan to regulate traffic by banning taxis from picking up or delivering people to their door, but only to taxi stands at designated corners. My mother had just had a hip replacement op and was using a walker and burst into tears because there was simply no way she could ever travel anywhere, even to her doctor, if she had to navigate icy streets and fight go-getters at cab-stands. Luckily, there was enough uproar that The Plan died in its sleep, but it exposed the nature of Planners. (The Plan uber alles and the people should just adjust.)

    • Rose says:

      This one?

      Bloomberg tells Paterson to cowboy up, crack down on Senecas selling tax-free smokes on NY thruway

      “Mayor Bloomberg, channeling his inner Wyatt Earp, shot himself in the foot Friday.
      The tough-talking mayor infuriated Native Americans by urging Gov. Paterson to handle a dispute over cigarette taxes by delivering some Dodge City-style justice.

      “I’ve said this to David Paterson, I said, ‘You know, get yourself a cowboy hat and a shotgun,'” said Bloomberg, blasting from the hip on his weekly radio show.
      “If there’s ever a great video, it’s you standing in the middle of the New York State Thruway saying, you know, ‘Read my lips – the law of the land is this, and we’re going to enforce the law.'”

      The politically incorrect crack – pitting cowboy Paterson against the state’s Indians – drew a pointed rebuke from Barry Snyder Sr., president of the Seneca Nation of Indians.
      “Regrettably, Mayor Bloomberg has made some reckless and insensitive statements to the people of the Seneca Nation, all Native Americans living in New York State and throughout the country,” Snyder fired back.

      The state plans a Sept. 1 crackdown on the Native American tribe’s longstanding sales of its untaxed cigarettes to the general public. The plan is expected to generate $150 million in new revenues.”

      Tobacco is a sacred plant, which is one of the reasons James 1st hated it so much.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Never mind ‘Climate Change’, I have long considered that the ultimate aim is rationing, i.e. controlling. Inefficient energy ultimately leads to rationing/controlling. Health aims = rationing/controlling, electric cars, driverless cars etc. Everything powers that be spout has the eventual aim of control, climate change or any other dogma is just the means to the end.
    Frankly I’d much prefer the days when God or gods were in charge at least there was a semblance of freedom. Jesus is the good shepherd but ultimately sheep could still stray, in the NWO there will be no way to stray.

    • Rose says:

      I take your point, but unless they manage to completely erase human ingenuity, I’m sure that someone, somewhere will find a way round it.

      • Joe L. says:

        They may not be able to completely erase human ingenuity, but they certainly are suppressing creativity, and controlling and directing ingenuity through dogmatic pseudoscience, dumbed-down education systems and liberal prescription of psychological drugs like SSRIs.

        Not to mention they deter anyone from daring to “find a way around it” by making them out to be heretics or “crazy conspiracy theorists.”

        In order to prevent dissent against their control, they just increase their control.

  6. beobrigitte says:

    I recently made the same point to my MP about the prison smoking bans that are being justified entirely on health grounds: all considerations of justice and care and compassion had gone out of the window.
    Whose health? The wardens most certainly smoke, it’s a stressful job getting even more stressful by prisoners stressing even more, thus exacerbating stressful situations.
    I advocate the handful of antismokers to start physically working in prisons. Deborah Arnott will be safe – she ain’t gonna get raped. (Can’t say the same when it comes to a fist in her face – stressed prisoners are said to be good at handing out smacks).

    I’m now wondering if this was a time which health zealots look back on nostalgically as a sort of golden age when everyone was wonderfully slim and fit (or perhaps just rather emaciated)
    In that case I’d advocate all anti-smokers and weight control obsessed people to be relocated to:
    (Looks like Wikipedia ain’t going to be around for much longer. I would donate but the antismokers took control of it. They’ll have to donate).
    They’d LOVE it!!! And all we have to do is avoid the island. It’s a win-win situation!

    But a planned society, of whatever political flavour, must always be the antithesis of a free society. For all planning requires the end of freedom of every kind. People cannot be allowed to do what they like if what they do (and what they are to like) has been carefully planned for them.
    What a boring life! It’s even more worrying when you have to grow old in such.

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