Roadkill Resurrection

I used to think that the 1960s was about the most turbulent event I ever lived through. But I now think that the 2007 UK smoking ban tops that by a country mile. If nothing else, the 1960s really meant a period from about 1967 to 1970. It didn’t last very long. By contrast, the UK smoking ban’s ill effects have been not only lasting, but ever-intensifying over a 10 year period. I’m a different person from what I was 10 years ago. I live a completely different life. All purely the result of the smoking ban.

And I don’t think I’m very unusual in this respect. I think that all Britain’s smokers took a big hit on 1 July 2007, in multiple ways. They took a hit to their self-esteem. They took a hit to their sense of being valued members of society. They took a hit in their communities and friendships. They may even have taken a hit in their jobs and homes and families. And of course they’ve taken a hit to their pockets, as taxes have been ratcheted steadily upwards on tobacco.

And it’s not just here in the UK. The same thing happens wherever smoking bans are introduced. The ISIS survey I published included survey results from not just the UK but also the USA, Canada, Holland, France, Spain. And the story was the same everywhere.

With the Queen signing the Brexit bill into law this morning, I couldn’t help but remember that I used to be quite pro-EU only 7 or 8 years ago. It was something that changed very suddenly, almost overnight, when I learned that the EU parliament had voted through a European smoking ban, with provisions for show trials of prominent offenders. With that, what had seemed once to me like a “happy family of nations” started to look like the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

And I was wondering this morning how many other smokers had the same experience. I know Dick Puddlecote did, because he said so. And given around 10 million smokers in the UK, I wonder how many of them became disenchanted with the EU because of it. In fact, I wonder how many of Europe’s 150 million smokers became disenchanted too. We keep reading about the rise of populism in Europe, even if Wilders in Holland doesn’t seem to have ridden the wave far enough:

Gloating EU JUBILANT at Geert Wilders loss as France & Germany try to stop Le Pen support

MARINE Le Pen’s rival has congratulated Mark Rutte’s election victory over nationalist Geert Wilders in the Dutch election, as world leaders welcome the result.

I can’t help but think that some of that “populism” is being driven by angry smokers, not just in Britain and Europe, but in the USA as well

But you never hear about Britain’s smokers. Or Europe’s smokers. Or even America’s smokers. Not in the MSM, anyway. There’s dead silence. Even though the 2007 UK smoking ban was (for me at least) a first magnitude life-changing event, bringing sweeping changes in all my outlooks and attitudes, smokers simply don’t exist on the political landscape. They’re non-people. They don’t count. They were all thrown under the bus 10 years ago, and they’ve remained there as roadkill ever since.

Nisakiman remarked yesterday that:

Support for smoking is political suicide these days.

He’s right. But why is he right? The answer, it seems to me, is because the mainstream media and press and TV are all completely under the thumb of Tobacco Control, and if any politician steps out of line on tobacco, any number Deborah Arnotts will immediately start screaming and shouting.

It’s just like in the USA, where Donald Trump has become President in the face of exactly this sort of continual screaming and shouting by the US MSM. And he hasn’t even said anything at all about US smoking bans. And trying to figure out what his administration is likely to do about them – if anything at all – is an exercise in reading tea-leaves, of a kind I was engaging in only yesterday.

The MSM – wherever they are in the world – are the guardians of political correctness. As Mika Brzezinski recently remarked on Morning Joe: “That’s our job (…to control exactly what people think).” There are a whole number of “correct” or “responsible” or “acceptable” positions on everything from smoking and global warming and the EU, any deviation from which will bring the MSM thought police hammering on your door.

Your opinions will only get aired if they’re the right opinions. Everything else gets silenced or shouted down.

But it might be beginning to change. It’s not as easy “to control exactly what people think” as it was 20 years ago. The internet is changing how information gets around. The MSM no longer has a monopoly on what and what isn’t news.

One day the roadkill smokers, who’ve been shut out of all public discourse, are going to come back to life, and tell their stories, and have those stories heard. It’ll be a roadkill resurrection.

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12 Responses to Roadkill Resurrection

  1. I read over on Raedwald’s that GW got 19 seats, The Guardian says 20, I would score those +5 seats as a ‘win’. Last night’s German news was only predicting a 14% share of the vote….and making it sound as if that would be the end of civilisation as we know it and the strasse would rend asunder and a foul beast goosestep towards Amsterdam.
    As I have said many times before, ‘BBCism’ is not a disease confined to these shores.

    • smokingscot says:

      GW party managed the 20 seats and, like yourself, I do not see that as any kind of failure.

      Maybe to the MSM and perhaps to Wilders himself (he is an arrogant chap) who made out P.V.V. might become the largest party.

      They didn’t, they came second – so a move from 3rd largest party to 2nd. From 15 seats to 20.

      But MSM was correct on one point; support for Ruttes party was forecast to go down – and it did, from 41 seats to 33.

      Several things I’ve taken from this:

      – They counted all the ballot papers by hand. Official reason? They wanted to defeat hackers. (That makes me rather suspicious because we know from videos of the Scottish referendum that motivated individuals do mess around with votes they don’t like).

      – The sudden drop off in support for P.V.V. just days before the election. (Odd that one with a bit of a pong because Turkey seems to be saying all the right things to benefit Wilders’ party).

      – Turnout was over 80% and the millennials and snowflakes came out in large numbers, some seen queuing before daybreak, or polling stations opening, to cast their votes. (So they’ve learned from Brexit and Trump there’s no good whinging after the event if you didn’t bother to get off your butt and vote).

      – Yet the younger voters didn’t go with the flow. Party For Animals got 5% of the vote (up from 3), while the Greens saw their numbers go from 4 seats to 14. (I suspect some of their youth are so disillusioned with traditional Dutch politics, they just had fun with their vote).

      And I’ve read elsewhere that there are two other parties in Holland that are Euro sceptic, so not quite sure why the elite in Brussels were so pleased with the result.

      I feel it’s entirely wrong to castigate the Dutch voter (as I’ve seen for most of today on comments sections – mainly Daily Express). Maybe it a case they’re doing what I’d do and vote for a party that’s going to question Brussels and maybe take Netherlands out of the EU.

      So not that dissimilar to avoiding the BNP to vote for UKIP. Both want us out the EU, one with logic and fine reasons, the other because they’re just thuggish brutes.

  2. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Looks like people are finally tired of the anti smoking dudette in the phillipined

  3. castello2 says:

    In the US the pfarmafia own the media and support tobacco control all the way. NBC/ABC/MSNBC – Owned & Operated By US Drug Corporations

  4. Frank Davis says:

    Interesting conversation between Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen yesterday. Pity they weren’t both smoking, because they’re both smokers.

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  6. Clicky says:

  7. jaxthefirst says:

    I heard one commentator today saying that the only reason Wilders didn’t win the election (or get even more seats) was for precisely the same reasons as why UKIP didn’t win (or get more seats in) our last election – because his leading opponent, Rutte, effectively found himself in the situation of having to adopt some of the Wilders’ own key policies to save his own and his party’s skin, just as Cameron had no option but to promise us a referendum on EU membership in order to avoid losing lots of seats, and possibly the whole election, to Farage and UKIP. Which makes the seats gained by Wilders even more of a success. After all, we got our referendum, didn’t we, even with just one solitary UKIP seat remaining after the last election. Perhaps now the Dutch people will get some of the things they want (Maybe an EU referendum of their own? Not sure), even though the man who drove those things to the top of the agenda didn’t get the top job.

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  9. waltc says:

    Incidental intelligence. Man jailed for the official crime of chewing tobacco in Oman.

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