Crooked, Manipulative, Rust-Hearted Shitsacks

Dick Puddlecote:

What a great start to 2017, playing bullshit bingo with the ‘experts’ of the anti-smoking scam. Yet again e-cigs have exposed the tobacco control industry as a collection of crooked, manipulative, rust-hearted shitsacks who are prepared to lie at all costs to keep their harmful but lucrative bandwagon going.

I agree – but I wonder if the people in Tobacco Control also think that they’re crooked, manipulative, rust-hearted shitsacks? I bet they don’t.

I bet that if you asked Deborah Arnott what she thought of them, she’d say that they were a fine bunch of people doing an tremendous amount of good. She’s come out with how smoking kills half of all smokers, and 70% of smokers want to give up smoking, and a long litany of other reasons why TC was such a good thing. She’s probably got it memorised, and repeats it every day, like a Credo. Maybe she repeats it to herself at daybreak every day, on her knees beside her bed, hands clasped together in prayer. It needs to be repeated, over and over again.

It probably helps TC that they have lots of conferences. It gives them a chance to get together with fellow antismoking zealots and repeat all the mantras to each other all over again, and come away with their faith renewed. After all, it’s not as if Tobacco Control is a vibrant scientific discipline in which new things are being discovered all the time, and people need to get together to learn about new developments. TC is more or less entirely static. There’s never anything new. Or if there’s anything new, it’s coming from outside – for example in the form of e-cigarettes (something TC didn’t see coming).

No, the conference is like a pilgrimage. It’s a way of re-affirming the faith, and boosting morale.

And you probably need your morale boosted from time to time, if you’ve devoted your life to extirpating smoking. You’re not trying to build something, but instead trying to tear something down. And when you are destroying something, you need to have your self-belief and morale boosted, in the same way that soldiers in armies need to be reminded of the cause that they’re fighting for, before they go out and kill a whole lot more people, and flatten a few more towns.

Tobacco Control is engaged in destruction. It’s trying to stop something, prevent something, end something, kill something. What they’re doing isn’t in the least bit creative or constructive. And so they have to believe that the eventual outcome of all their destruction is going to be something good, like the triumph and peace and prosperity that comes at the end of a war. And they need to be reminded of this, before they go out and start plastering No Smoking signs in a bunch of new places.

The same isn’t true of creative people. They’re constructing something. And in large part their reward lies in what they make. The artist steps back from his canvas, and admires the completed work. The potter holds up his completed pot. Artists don’t need to have conferences with other artists to re-affirm the value of painting pictures: they love doing it, and don’t need anybody to tell them it’s something worth doing. It’s only if you’re doing something truly horrifically awful that you need to have lots of other people tell you that it’s the right thing to do.

So Tobacco Controllers need morale-boosting conferences. And what’s most notable about recent conferences is that the general public are now being excluded. The conferences are now closed, held in secret. Why?

Probably because there’s growing resistance to Tobacco Control. They have enemies. Enemies who are telling them that they’re not doing any good at all, but that they are instead just a bunch of crooked, manipulative, rust-hearted shitsacks. And it probably doesn’t do morale much good at all to be told you’re a crooked, manipulative, rust-hearted shitsack. It becomes imperative to silence such dissenting voices. It becomes imperative to exclude them from the bonding rituals of the conferences. You can’t have people standing up and asking difficult questions.

So my guess is that morale in TC is beginning to falter a bit. Twenty years ago, nobody questioned their bona fides. Everybody thought they were doing something good. But now there’s a mounting chorus of criticism coming from all over. And it’s been getting to them.

Maybe the politicians that used to be eager to introduce oh-so-popular new bans and restrictions on smoking are beginning to lose their enthusiasm. Maybe their phone calls aren’t being returned quite as readily as they used to be. Maybe the funding is starting to dry up. Maybe more and more people are asking When Will ASH Be De-funded? Nobody used to ask questions like that. And, worse still, most of the people who are asking these questions aren’t even being paid to ask them. Pretty much everybody in TC, including Deborah Arnott, needs big bucks to do anything. And now they’re up against a growing army of irregular volunteers. It must be very dispiriting.

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23 Responses to Crooked, Manipulative, Rust-Hearted Shitsacks

  1. Furtive Ferret says:

    Indeed they are Shitsacks. I had reason to be at my local hospital yesterday. One of the first things I noticed was the “policy” notices prominently posted around the site informing me that smoking was banned but in smaller font, “including electronic cigarettes and vaporisers”. Really just demonstrating to me that it really isn’t about health at all. I can see no rational reason to ban e-cigs other than they can.

    • Joe L. says:

      Tobacco Control must not realize that the more non-tobacco / smoke-free products they tack on to their bans only helps to reveal their true goal is not to improve public health but rather purely to denormalize smoking by eradicating every act that remotely resembles it.

  2. Rose says:

    Watching the Harry Potter films over Christmas I was once again struck by how much Dolores Umbrage reminds me of a Tobacco Controller, the petty rules, the minor tortures, the spiteful acts, all done with the approval of her own conscience, a bright smile and that little laugh, supposedly for your own good.

  3. Vlad says:

    Very well said.
    You wanna see an ambulance chaser shitsack? Look at this one, taking advantage of Carrie Fisher’s death to ask for more funds for TC:

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      ‘Maybe Princess Leia can help us defeat true organized evil after all.’

      How much crap can a shitsack stack?!

    • Furtive Ferret says:

      I didn’t know they stacked shit that high.

      With thanks to Gunnery Sgt Hartman.

    • prog says:

      Right….during the filming of The Blues Brothers even John Belusi advised her to cut down on booze and drugs.

    • smokingscot says:

      It seems this is the author’s first attempt at self publicity. He being employed specifically for tobacco control.

      First off the latest information (i.e. today) on Ms. Fisher is remarkable:

      “While it has been widely reported Carrie suffered a heart attack, the exact cause of of her death remains unknown.”

      And that article goes on about her jawboning with her sister about being 60 years old.

      The author in Canada of course makes his prime argument that being a lifelong smoker lead to her “heart attack”.

      Furthermore Ms. Fisher admits to being an alcoholic and a drug abuser. That’s very common indeed with people who have bi polar disorder. And known to be an issue with life expectancy.

      But the biggest kicker’s from the medical establishment itself.

      “Serious mental illnesses reduce life expectancy by 10 to 20 years, an analysis by Oxford University psychiatrists has shown – a loss of years that’s equivalent to or worse than that for heavy smoking.”

      In other words the pillock who penned that garbage was trying – in her death – to adopt her, to make her out to be an example for the snowflakes who ain’t going give a toss about double checking. Similar perhaps to Chapman and his comments on Joe Cocker.

      Her fans knew she was a substance abuser and took all kinds of medication to manage her bi polar condition. They also know she was an habitual yo-yo dieter.

      However as anyone who’s done the London to LA flight will know it’s a ball breaker that goes on and on and on for 11 hours and 15 minutes. Add the obligatory two hours before takeoff and the fact it was a night time flight after a packed day in London and I have little doubt that Ms. Fisher pretty well conked out after the meal and a hearty nightcap.

      No getting up, no meandering through the cabin, no seat exercise and you’ve got a pretty good lead up to deep vein thrombosis that in turn can trigger a cardio vascular event.

      I have no idea of the readership of the Vancouver Sun, but I wouldn’t use it to line the budgie cage.

      Wonder if some pathetic nondescript will try something similar about George Michael? If so I suspect his fans’ll nail the twat, even in Canada.

      Personally I got the impression that Carrie was burning her candle at both ends and rather than grow old gracefully (like Barbara Streisand and Cher) she was trying to defy her age. And as many people with bi polar (or manic depression as it used to be called) will tell you, they do have a death wish.

      • C.F. Apollyon says:

        >>>>Furthermore Ms. Fisher admits to being an alcoholic and a drug abuser. That’s very common indeed with people who have bi polar disorder. And known to be an issue with life expectancy.

        Since when is my life expected to be, or meet, some certain set of expectations that is set by anyone other than me and my own expectations of me? Outside of my own expectations of myself, within the expectations of others of course. Or…inside of my own expectations outside of the expectations of others. Whatever the case may be when we get there. Or I get there. Whatever the case may be.

        Not that I expect an answer. But I do expect that there is an answer out there somewhere.

        I wonder if I am expected to find it?

        I wonder when I can expect it?

        I wonder who will inspect it?
        /me shrugs

  4. Smoking Lamp says:

    They hold secret meetings so they can reinforce their hate in private. It wouldn’t do for the public to know that the health charade plays second to a quest for control and power–all fueled by hate. Tobacco control must be destroyed!

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  6. Clicky says:

  7. Steven says:

    The truth about this is that you have to follow the money trail.That will lead you to the truth.Do you honestly believe that all these people from ash and tobacco control would follow their agenda unless they were getting well paid.People like us have no funding.We do this from the heart not for financial gain.

  8. Mark Jarratt, , Launceston, Australia says:

    Well said yet again. Irregular volunteers must keep on fighting the illiberal tax and ban hyper regulators. D Arnott, Simple Simon and the other zealots probably pray to the Devil.

  9. Frank, in the spirit of inquiry, I had the following email ‘conversation’ with ASH this morning:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    You state on your web page the following:

    “Globally, smoking killed 100 million people in the 20th century”

    I have 3 simple questions for you:

    1. What are your sources for this figure?
    2 Were all those 100 million people, at death, subject to an autopsy to
    show cause of death?
    3 Was the cause of death on each of the 100 million death certificates
    recorded as due to smoking?

    If you aren’t in possession of this data, then this figure is at best,
    wild speculation and at worst, an outright lie. Please clarify.

    Dear Charlie

    The figure was calculated by Professor Richard Peto who also estimates that if current smoking rates continue in the 21st century death rates from smoking could reach 1 billion.

    There are various ways of measuring causes of death but usually this is done by measuring patterns of death and disease over many years – known as epidemiology. The causal links between smoking and diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease were established as long ago as the 1950s. In some diseases such as lung cancer the association is very strong showing for example that 80%-90% of cases are caused by smoking, while for heart disease, for example there are multiple factors so the smoking-attributable fraction is smaller at around 14%. Thus over time it’s possible to estimate the total number of deaths caused by smoking.

    Death certificates usually refer to the particular illness that a person was suffering from at the time of death, eg lung cancer, rather than the lifestyle that caused it. Similarly a person dying of alcohol-induced cirrhosis of the liver would have the liver disease listed as the cause of death rather than alcohol.


    Amanda Sandford
    Information Manager
    Action on Smoking and Health
    6th Floor, New House
    67-68 Hatton Garden
    EC1N 8JY

    T: 020 7404 0242

    ASH Daily News brings you a brief round up of the headlines on tobacco control and key research developments. Sign up to stay informed

    Action on Smoking and Health is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No. 998971. Registered charity no. 262067. Registered address as above.

    So its a guess as I thought.

    Charlie Wardale

    • Frank Davis says:

      Thanks for that. Of course it’s a guess.

      I once met Richard Peto, long before he got knighted. We shared a mutual friend, and I spent quite a long time talking to him in a large and fairly empty pub in London. I was smoking, of course, and he wasn’t, of course. I think we were talking about something vaguely health-related. And as we talked we moved further and further apart, until our conversation was being conducted at a distance of 20 or 30 feet. It was as if some force of mutual repulsion was pushing us apart. Now, of course, I regard him as a repulsive antismoker – one of those who have been using mathematics to dress bigotry in fine garments. But it seems that the force of repulsion was present long before the smoking ban.

  10. Ta for the link, it’s always worth repeating what they are, which you just did very well :)

  11. C.F. Apollyon says:

    I spit in your general direction.

    But then again, I have a large wad of tobacco…or…”dip of snuff” in my mouth.

    So no offense meant.

    ^Jay Lumen & Gary Beck – Strange Fruit (Original Mix)^

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