The New Luddites

Rolls eyes:

More than 1,000 schools should be fitted with air filter systems to protect children’s bodies and minds from toxic traffic fumes, MPs say.

And schools, hospitals and care homes should no longer be built near busy roads because of our terrible air pollution, they warn.

The Government has been repeatedly criticised for failing to deal with harmful chemicals in the air that kill an estimated 29,000 people a year.

I can vaguely understand why we might want to protect children’s bodies from traffic fumes. But what’s this about protecting their minds? Is it to protect them from the idea of vehicles with wheels at each corner, and an engine on top?

I’ve long since come to the conclusion that, if contemporary enviro-loonies had been around in the 18th century, Britain’s Industrial Revolution would simply never have happened. 

There would have been no coal mining permitted, of course (noisy, polluting, ugly, dangerous). Or any other mining either (noisy, polluting, ugly, dangerous). Nor would there have been any steam engines (noisy, polluting, ugly, dangerous). Nor canals (ugly, dangerous, and disturbing the natural aquatic order). Nor turnpikes (ugly, polluting, noisy, dangerous). Nor factories (ugly, noisy, polluting prisons).

The industrial revolution would have been strangled at birth. Britain would have remained a largely agricultural society, with dirt roads leading from village to village, in which poverty and disease wracked their stunted populations.

It’s only now, when they have secured for themselves the innumerable benefits of industrialisation, and the world’s industrial hubs are now to be found in China or India, that our modern environmentalists have set out to strangle it on its deathbed.

And what they hate, above all, is industry – as Bishop Hill has just observed:

The tactics of the less reputable members of the environmental fraternity has long been to prevent any sort of industrial activity by making the cost of policing their protests so high as to wear public opinion into submission. One has to say that this approach has not been entirely unsuccessful.

For that is indeed what they want to stop:  any sort of industrial activity. And as Britain has slipped into a post-industrial era, they want to hasten its return to  a “green and pleasant land”, populated by windmills and solar panels and bicyclists.

Because, for them, industry simply means noise, pollution, ugliness, and danger. It is all costs, zero benefits. It is more or less as if the pig iron converters pioneered by Sir Henry Bessemer (1813-1898) did not produce steel, but merely smoke, steam, noise, and heat – and nothing else whatsoever. And that Sir Henry had set out to inflict his infernal machines upon the world with the deliberate intention of making life worse for everyone (and in particular for those unfortunates who worked his machines), rather than better for everyone.

In a time when Britain’s culture (smoky, beery pubs) is under ferocious attack, and its Christian religion as well, its industrial heritage – and of course its imperial heritage – are under ferocious attack as well, from a new army of machine-breaking Luddites. But while the old Luddites were in competition with the early machines, the new Luddites just hate machines.

They hate iron. They hate steel. They hate plastic. They hate coal. They hate oil. They hate gas. They hate cars. They hate roads. They hate railways. They hate airplanes. They hate rockets. They hate ships. They hate smoke. They hate carbon dioxide. They hate chemicals. They hate everything that was introduced after about 1500 AD. They hate the entire modern world.

And it was exactly this sort of hatred for modern industrial society, combined with a nostalgia for forests and woodlands, that underpinned Nazism. It was a profound rejection of science and reason in favour superstition and mysticism. It was a yearning for a former, simpler order of things. No wonder they’re often called eco-Nazis.

But there’s no going back. The course of history cannot be reversed or retraced. Because the industrial revolution didn’t really begin in Britain in the 18th century. It began many millennia earlier, when the first metallurgists learnt to smelt first gold and silver, and then copper and iron.

In fact, it could be said to have begun hundreds of millennia earlier still, when men first made fire and built huts, and women first wove garments and cooked food.

We are inseparable from our technologies. We could never have survived without them.

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  1. The Blocked Dwarf says:

    “In fact, it could be said to have begun hundreds of millennia earlier still, when men first made fire and built huts, and women first wove garments and cooked food.”

    Infact it can be claimed that it all started when the woman took dietary advice from a snake while her bloke was thinking with his dick.

    No I’m not saying that technological advancement is intrinsically evil but it is the consequence of that edenic Tarte Tartin. KNOWLEDGE (they knew they were naked ie they suddenly realised that instead of romping around in Paradise they should maybe get a fire going and invent the loom cos it gets fucking cold at night in the Middle East).

  2. Vinny Gracchus says:

    Fear of change is part of it. There is such total transformation as result of information technologies that people feel helpless. Of course you can empower people by fooling them into thinking they have control. Essentially stimulating seemingly grass roots movements for tobacco control–smoking bans allow the mass to think it has influence and its interests are being protected. Never mind that we have no actually proof of second hand smoke risks; forget the studies that don’t show the risk. Let’s just develop a ‘movement’ and nurture it then an elite can have total control. To what end, I can’t imagine.

    Now that movement is on the rise in New Orleans. Once the libertine capital of the United States, NOLA is moving toward becoming a sterile tobacco control mecca, Check to this editorial from a local paper: “Butting out?” . The editorial states:

    “Smoking likely will be banned in New Orleans bars eventually, and if New Orleans City Councilwomen LaToya Cantrell and Susan Guidry have their way, that day will come sooner rather than later — early in 2015, in fact. Last month, Cantrell presented the first draft of an anti-smoking ordinance that she plans to introduce in the coming months.”

      ”Public tobacco use is trending downward in Louisiana, as it is elsewhere, but our state still has one of the nation’s highest smoking rates. A recent Gallup poll found 24.7 percent of Louisianans smoke. Annually for the last five years, state lawmakers have killed a proposed statewide smoking ban, but an anti-tobacco movement has taken hold. Alexandria and Monroe are now largely smoke-free, and just two months ago Abbeville adopted a smoke-free ordinance that encompassed some public spaces (including parks) while excluding bars and bingo halls. State universities are now smoke-free, and area universities have followed suit.”

    Read the rest for details (including the inclusion of e-cigarettes, etc. This proposed ban is a big deal. It essentially would ban smoking indoors and out with no exceptions, It ignores the existence of smoke-free option for those that choose, and it is advocated for on the basis of nonexistent health risks from second hand smoke.

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      There is a post today by Christopher Snowdon at “Velvet Glove, Iron Fist” about the lack of impact of the UK smoking ban on heart attacks. Since the ban was in part justified on the basis that second hand smoke contributes to heart attacks why isn’t the ban being revisited?

      • Frank Davis says:

        Tobacco Control always claim dramatic falls in heart attacks after smoking bans are introduced. They do it by cherry-picking a few hospitals or time periods. It never stands up to scrutiny. But it gives them a few headlines, and that’s really all they want. That’s how the Tobacco Control lie machine works.

        And the ban was actually “revisited”. But it was Tobacco Control who reviewed its effects. And naturally they found that it had been “a great success”. Everything Tobacco Control does is always “a great success”.

    • waltc says:

      If you’re from Louisiana, keep us posted on this, I understand the state gov’t is now entirely in Republican hands and your governor has eyes to run for president. Be interesting to see which way the Republicans decide to go and/or how far they’re willing to stray from their alleged principles.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      The last I read is the black lady pushing the ban in N.O. only had ONE vote for her bill……….Nobody else was on board so nearly everything being reported via NOLA or a few other MSM groups is all pomp as in media blitz to get it out like it has overwhelming support where it actually has none.

      Its in the Nazi hand book always show in the media thru editorials or inteviews that the ban is a success no matter the truth,

      • Vinny Gracchus says:

        The NOLA ban is a local municipal initiative sponsored by council member LaToya Cantrell. She apparently has the support of more than one council member to include the Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

  3. wobbler2012 says:

    I’m sure the BBC compared losses from pollution to losses from secondhand smoking ever keen as they are to perpetuate bullshit at any given opportunity.

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    SC lifts ban on hookah in smoking spaces

    The Hindu

    Lifting a three-year-old ban on Hookah smoking, the Supreme Court on Monday held that a prohibition on “facilitating” Hookah smoking in strictly …

    Lifting a three-year-old ban on Hookah smoking, the Supreme Court on Monday held that a prohibition on “facilitating” Hookah smoking in strictly smoking spaces is impermissible in law.

    A Bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and Rohinton Nariman, in a judgment, held that smoking prohibition only extended to public places and not spaces earmarked for smoking.

    Clarifying Rule 3 of the Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Rules 2008, the Bench explained it is incumbent upon owners of a public place to ensure that no person smokes there.
    No paraphernalia
    To this extent, the judgment by Justice Nariman said, ashtrays, matches, lighters and other things designed to facilitate smoking are not to be provided in public places.

    But a bar on Hookah smoking in smoking areas is outside the purview of the Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply & Distribution) Act, 2003, or the Cigarettes Act.

    The judgment came on three separate appeals filed against the decisions of the high courts of Bombay, Gujarat and Madras in 2011.

  5. waltc says:

    On the topic, what about Gregor Mendl and his dangerous genetic modification of food? Didn’t we all die from eating his damn peas?

  6. Judd says:

    What industry?

    You driven our motorways and main roads recently?

    Apart from a few cars assembled for foreign car companies, our industry increasingly comprises huge roadside warehouses stuffed to the rafters with Chinese plastic tat (or food), and the increasing volumes of ships to bring it in, and trucks to shift it from container port to warehouse and thence via parcel carrier to increasing numbers of homes housing increasing numbers of people.

    Every cloud has a silver lining, it’s not just massive warehouses lining the roads, and thousands of Barrack homes to accommodate those who work there…we’re saved we have hypermarkets and retail parks selling…..apart from food, Chinese plastic and white goods tat to good little consumer drones.
    Not forgetting car showrooms, selling mostly imported…need i go on.

    The other boom industry being food manufacture, staffed by whom? transported by trucks…more roads more staff, etc etc etc.

    Pint pots and quarts, what the hell did the envrowarriors (or anyone else) imagine might happen when a country’s population explodes by design.

  7. I might well have taken things out of context yesterday, so I apologise unreservedly other than that some of you revel in somebody’s death and I was hardly expected to know that, “Or was I?” is a radio gag in LA.

    Anyway, it looks like my position here has become untenable, unfortunately. As I also said yesterday, I do love this blog and all due respect to Frank for sharing his time and undoubted wisdom and to the commentators for providing added insight.

    My overreaction was probably due to being tired of all this fighting. I’ve been at it for ten years or more, like many of us, but things just get worse. We’re banging on about the loss of all sorts of freedoms, but nobody is listening. The only killings I want to see are when the traitors in positions of power are finally tried, found guilty and hanged. I think that is the only way that we can take back what we have lost.

    And getting on to the post, we are losing our industry because the enviro-loonies are useful idiots like TC and the Warmists. The taxpayers are funding ‘charities’ and quangos to lobby governments and the EU, such as: EU funding £90m green lobbying con. The aim is to deindustrialise us to impoverish us.

    And our Christian religion has to go as well because it’s the Freemasons’ stated aim to destroy all religions and replace them with their own and the Marxist-Leninists must also eradicate it along with the family or their ideas could never gain acceptance. The agenda is all written down. It’s in scripture and the writings of Albert Pike and Marx and Lenin and carried out by millions of their clones currently running our governments and institutions.

    That’s why we have no chance until that is dealt with and even then we have no chance. The only chance we have is to get right with the Man upstairs. It’s a spiritual battle and too many people think they can win by their own strength and anyway, there simply aren’t enough people who passionately care. The passionate ones seem to be mainly the controlled ones who rail against industry and smoking and eating and who think that patriotism is “racist”.

    But I have written all this before. Numerous times, all over the internet, for years. I have asked politicians for change (or more likely not for change) by letter, email and in person and been given their bog-standard response every time.

    On both sides of the Atlantic we have many reasons to pursue the traitors. In the UK, for signing our country away in successive treaties with Brussels, for the subversion of our culture and for making treasonous constitutional changes in the House of Lords – a cause pioneered by Albert Burgess, who asks each of us to report Blair, Cameron and others to the police for treason. Blair already has cases open, but only a deluge of complaints from the public will force them to act.

    As Frank has given me the inspiration for the majority of my own blog posts recently, I’d better close that down as well. I had decided to anyway. I neither have the time nor inclination to post often, so don’t get the readership I used to enjoy a few years ago.

    It will all lift a great weight from my shoulders and when I’m refreshed, God willing, I can pursue more effective measures.

    Keep banging on, Frank.

    • mikef317 says:


      Long before you expressed your opinions on Frank’s blog, smokervoter was a commenter. I read his opinions like I read yours. Half the time I think he’s a bright guy; the other half is a topic best left to the future. (Sorry smokervoter; no time to argue.)

      I read yesterday’s comment thread and thought it weird and out of control.

      I’m 99.99% certain that smokervoter never murdered anyone. Personally, I’m 100% certain that I’ve never murdered anyone – and if I had, I damn well would not post that fact on the internet for all the world to read.

      With an emotion laden topic, it’s easy to get carried away. (I do myself, but most times my intellect overrides my emotion and I don’t post the comment.) I think smokervoter went too far (unintentionally). Stewart, I think you over-reacted in the opposite direction.

      So who among us is perfect?

      For commenters on yesterday’s post, I would suggest the following. Have a drink (if you drink). Have a cigarette. Relax. Calm down. No matter how much damage the Tobacco Control zealots do (and they do a very considerable amount), let’s damn them as liars, let’s prove their “science” wrong, let’s toss them out of their overpaid jobs – let’s even put them in jail – but to murder them? Not an option. To think otherwise is to become more extreme than the extremists.

      Stewart, if he chose Frank could block your comments. He has not. I would not either. You have your own voice. I may agree or disagree, but at least I listen.

      • margo says:

        Well said, mike. And Stewart, today is a new day. Clean slate.

        • beobrigitte says:

          Margo, I agree. Today is a new day.

          Stewart, I’d regret to lose your blog to read. Sure, right now you are tired and fed up. Have a cigarette, a cup of tea/coffee and continue! When was the last time you had a holiday?

          I have to agree with mike:
          You have your own voice. I may agree or disagree, but at least I listen.
          I actually like the fact that we are such a diverse bunch of people; differing opinions are a good thing in my view; there is plenty to talk about.

      • Frank Davis says:

        “Have a cigarette. Relax. Calm down.”

        That’s more or less exactly what I emailed Stewart to say yesterday.

        This blog has a whole bunch of angry readers, all angry about the same thing, but also angry about other things too. And so it can’t be too surprising if occasionally flash fires break out.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          So true,each of us in our own way wants to hang the Nazis for what they’ve done to us all.

          But we must remember we aren’t their only victims……………..

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          At the rate theNazis are going snitching out smokers is just one thing for tomorrow it will be snitching out a big mac eater,or you packed a soda in your kids lunch pail,or you were seen buying alcohol and drinking it………..the list of creatable snitches for anything is ever expanding and not just for drug use. Remember Pharma is the biggest dealer out there and who is snitching them out for it or the government for allowing and paying for this shit to go on………….

        • Thanks everyone. I appreciate your sentiments. I got carried away. I’m glad I’m not the only one to disapprove of murder, Mike.

          So who among us is perfect?

          What dismayed me about the previous round of comments, other than my own behaviour, was that certain people think that murder is justified in certain situations. No right to a fair trial. Or even an unfair one.

          But cheers.

        • beobrigitte says:

          What dismayed me about the previous round of comments, other than my own behaviour, was that certain people think that murder is justified in certain situations.

          I did make it clear that I do not approve of murder and find it NEVER to be justified.
          I believe that we all would never kill anyone. We often say things in anger that we would never see through! And, yes, we all are getting angry these days – the plate that’s being thrown on the wall (if the object of that hate outburst ducks in time) gets it.

          We are living people.

        • @beobrigitte – Thanks for your support. I last had a holiday in 2003. It was one of my best ones, though!

      • smokervoter says:


        Half the time I think he’s a bright guy;

        You’re being generous there. My dad always gave me credit for about one-third.

        It seems someone in the comments yesterday with a frozen website agrees:

        “Why anyone would want to hack it or steal it is beyond me, it’s totally crap content – but it’s a labour of love nonetheless and I’m sticking by it.”

        BTW, your summation of Medicare and Medicaid the other day was nothing short of brilliant, I saved it to my desktop as a text file. Half the time I can’t remember which is the federal program and which is the state one.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      And getting on to the post, we are losing our industry because the enviro-loonies are useful idiots like TC and the Warmists. The taxpayers are funding ‘charities’ and quangos to lobby governments and the EU, such as: EU funding £90m green lobbying con. The aim is to deindustrialise us to impoverish us.

      BINGO Stewart………………that’s exactly what its all about and creating a world government of their own kind and not elected as Frank pointed out here not long ago.

      the FCTC world health anti-tobacco treaty and then thenext objective the world anti-obesity treaty,then the world anti-alcohol treaty or the green wackos who push these bans and there far out attempt at Copenhagen to install a world government body that no nation could challenge in its authority!


      The U.N., in the person of a communist bureaucrat and fossil-fuel billionaire named Strong, invented the climate scam because the pompous, squawking inadequates and misfits who populate its marble halls have long fancied themselves as Kommissars in the most exclusive club in the world – the Politburo of a global bureaucratic-centralist government.

      They gave the game away in 2009 when, on Sept. 15, they published on an obscure U.N. website the draft climate treaty that, they hoped, would be triumphantly signed at the annual international climate yabbadabbathon at Copenhagen.

      The draft, at Paragraphs 36 and 38 of Annex 1, explicitly mentioned that a global “government” would be established, with overriding powers of taxation, regulation and enforcement. This power of the Klimate Kommissars to compel independent-minded nations to do as they were told was delicately described in the treaty draft as a “facilitative mechanism.”

      A 2 percent tax on every financial transaction worldwide was to be levied. Rich nations would be ordered to contribute a further 2 percent of GDP each.

      And would this world “government” be elected? Did the words “ballot” or “vote” appear anywhere in that dismal draft? No. This was to be a tyranny-by-clerk, modeled on the unelected and now mercifully collapsing European Union, which – by a process of annual agreements and treaties whose content was kept so secret that in Britain the major treaties were actually classified until they had been inflicted on us and we could not escape – acquired supreme legislative and administrative power by little and little, while few noticed what was going on.]]

    • carol2000 says:

      “when the traitors in positions of power are finally tried, found guilty and hanged.” Don’t forget to confiscate their assets, too. Forget Marx & Lenin, they deserve to be punished for how they used their money to persecute us.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Id say gates and bloomies billions split xxx number of ways to us that fought them might go a pretty good ways to make up for our suffering…………

  8. smokingscot says:


    Yesterday was outrageous. OTT does not do it justice – and the reasons you prattled on about are indicative of someone who’s very close to full blown schizophrenia, or a nervous breakdown.

    You cannot fight the entire system on your own – and what makes it doubly sad is you’re not always right.

    You’ve mentioned on many occasions that you’ve been shunned in real life. You seem to feel that being shunned by your Doctor and so on are badges of honour. And something to crow about.

    What we all have is the ability to blend in as we see fit. Keep the fags out of sight and even the most virulent anti-smoker hasn’t a clue whom they’re dealing with (though in my case I need to keep my left hand out of sight as it’s got the tell-tale tar stains). I love that, it’s empowering!

    I’ve learned vast amounts by visiting this place and even more by digging into things and posting on my site. I couldn’t care less what the visitor numbers are, so long as I get one person to read one single post each month, then I feel it’s worth my effort. Hand on heart, once I’ve seen that all important first person spend 15 to 30 minutes on the site, everyone thereafter is just sharing with more.

    My reasons for dwelling on this is because I know the alternative is pointless. It may take me several weeks to finalise a post, but that’s at my own pace. Standing with a clapboard in some street corner, repeating the same subject umpteen times is the only viable alternative. So I spend time getting things right, then say it once in a post and that’s it for as long as I wish.

    The web is our only outlet and Frank’s place is unique. And I certainly don’t get it right every single time. I’ve been slapped down here a couple of times and that’s it, lesson learned.

    No one is forcing you to bog-off; what I’d much prefer to see is you develop a degree of empathy and do so quit with the ramming stuff down people’s throats. Your justification for many things is given as a born again Christian. That’s fine, but it certainly doesn’t give you some supreme authority. In fact Proverbs 10 is a place you really want to re-visit. Today. Right now.

    There are numerous individuals who comment here who are Christians. They don’t need to harp on about it; one of the main thrusts I see time and again has to do with wanton waste and the need to be aware of evil. Lot’s said about that in many Holy Books.

    None of us has a “position” here, just Frank – and we stay or go based on his say so. Nothing from yesterday tells me he’s going to block you.

    The only way forward is continue to share, to support and to avoid that corrosive thing called pride.

    Just do not shut down your own blog. Please. Take time, reflect, hug a tree… but don’t shut down Real Street.

      • @Smokingscot – Thanks. I think. Being shunned by the medical profession isn’t a badge of honour for me; it’s a genuine inconvenience. Not schizophrenia. A nervous breakdown might be nearer the mark!

        I know I go on about the same things, but then it’s what matters to me. You’ve probably heard my complete repertoire many times.

        As for pride – I have none. Wasn’t aware I came across as authoritarian. Just trying to speak from the heart. I’m tired of the daily grind of reacting to bad news and I need to take a break from it. Real Street can probably be kept live in the event that I decide to enter the ring again. I never did get around to changing the picture from the sea to a street.

        • Incidentally, I mention my problems with the NHS not out of pride and certainly not in an attempt to gain pity, but to reinforce the fact that all this ‘concern’ over prisoners’ (or anyone else’s) health is a total sham. We know that, but that’s the only reason I mention it to bring the fact closer to home for everyone. I don’t expect people to read every post every day, but many probably do, so sorry for repeating it, but that’s the reason why.

  9. Rose says:

    Well, I’m quietly delighted to see the scam beginning to fall apart.
    Yes, I know the BBC is still saying that air pollution is as bad as smoking, but that is a small advance in that it’s not still blaming secondhand smoke.

    London will follow Paris and ban diesel cars, campaigners warn

    “Pollution is so high in the capital, and diesel fumes so damaging, experts believe Boris Johnson will follow Paris’ lead and ban the cars from London’s roads within the decade”

    “When it comes to tackling London’s air pollution. and protecting the health and well-being of all Londoners, diesel cars are an issue which must be addressed.

    “Over recent years the Euro diesel engine standards have not delivered the emission savings expected, yet governments have been incentivising us to buy them. This has left us with a generation of dirty diesels.”
    http: //


    “AT ONE EXTREME were the people–mainly British–who pushed their way to open microphones’to say “I won’t let them poison my air,” and “If we’d been intended to smoke, we’d, have been given little chimneys.”

    “A fundamental principle” of ACS, said the Society’”s public information vice president, Irving Rimer, has always been that “smokers are people and most of them are very nice people and very responsible people”

    His comments, at the close of a session on `Control of Smoking at Places of Work, met little enthusiasm from an audience who two days before had tried to boo and clap down a physician who disagreed with the Royal College of Physicians report on smoking.

    He was trying to read an unscheduled paper on “‘The Cigarette — Enemy or Red Herring?” and it became obvious that he felt cigarettes were being used as a scapegoat for alleged dangers of diesel engine fumes.”
    http: //

    Dr. Geoffrey Myddleton exonerated at last.

    The Cigarette – Enemy or Red Herring?
    “The other theory is that the increase in lung cancer has been due to motor exhaust fumes; which are known to contain carcinogens, especially those of the diesel engine. I estimate roughly that the petrol engine is only about 6 % as dangerous as the diesel, and that if one adds.6 % of the petrol used to the diesel fuel consumed on the road’s in each year, one gets a graph of the huge rise in carcinogenic pollution of the atmosphere in Britain in the last 50 years .
    If the curve of the rise in male lung cancer mortality is plotted beside it, one can see that there is a close relationship between them.
    I believe that this correlation is more than mere coincidence.
    The diesel’ theory needs to be thoroughly investigated’ by a crash programme of research, and the cigarette theory needs to be checked and the figures on which it is based audited by independent statisticians.
    The cigarette theory has been used as a red herring to distract attention from the horrible pollution of’the atmosphere by the diesel engine. all we’ve had up till now has been a flood of propaganda and the virtual suppression of all criticisim and discussion.
    I appeal to the Fellows of’the Royal College of Physicians to have the courage to support a fresh and unbiased investigation.
    Somebody dies of lung cancer in England and Wales every 18 minutes.
    I believe that a complete mis-diagnosis of the cause of the increase in lung cancer has unfortunately been made, and that suffering humanity has the right to a second opinion.”

    Graph on page3

    Fear of political embarrassment led to government cover up of link between air pollution and lung cancer

    “Delegates attending an international conference in London today to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Great London Smog of 1952, which caused an estimated 12,000 deaths, will hear how governments from the late 50s onwards deliberately downplayed the huge threat to public health caused by air pollution, and sought to shift the blame firmly onto cigarette smoking instead.

    Professor Virginia Berridge of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s History Unit has researched papers relating to cabinet committee meetings in the late ’50s looking into smoking, air pollution and lung cancer. She asserts that although there were clear political reasons for obscuring the link between air pollution and lung cancer, other factors, including a shifting public health agenda, which focused on an individual¹s responsibility for their health rather then environmental influences, were also key in ensuring that the issue of air pollution was ‘damped down’.”

    Diesel smoke is one of the few things that makes me instinctively hold my breath and always has.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      What were the death rates of consumption,pneumonia.flu and a multitude of other things say back to Englands Industrial revolution and thru it. My own Doctor knows his smoking patients get those same things no differently than his non=smoking patients and treats them all accordingly. Never stating any lifestyle caused your cold or flu………………

      My thought is everything is being blamed on everything as the PC crowd decides which should be blamed next an as Carol points out bacterial and viral components get nearly a complete pass,yet because of a large herd of humans can pass quickly worldwide and todays public health like the Ebola deal wasn’t even detected for what 3 months by those WHO were tasked with that mission in there core charter.

      Perhaps Pharma and government are creating viruses to cull the herd or cause dysfucnctions like adeno-viruses and the like that leave scarred lungs and take forever to get over as long as 18 months Id read in some cases if ever,leaving folks with that latest created lung disease COPD………….

      The above may sound conspirital but in todays world I believe its total reality………….

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Lots of folks have said threw the years I have a blood hound nose for getting on the right trail………………..Eventually.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          If my assumptions are correct weve wasted 60 years or longer chasing lifestyles and curing nothing while diseases caused or mutated continue to plague mankind and blamed on the PC correct targets of lifestyle……………

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          This observation for me began in 1992 or so when I noticed my uncle aged 54 at the time came down with a bad case of so called pneumonia and was hospitalized for 35 days over it and was a lifelong smoker,yet prior to that never had a problem in the world with his lungs at all. They then labelled him with COPD/EMPHYSEMA.
          Then I saw others with the same thing happening again and again. Then there was a pause until about 2005-9 and I saw another string of the same thing happening again only this time it was identified as ADENO-14 virus a virus not seen since the 1950s. The outbreak occurred in Seattle and spread like a plague.

          I have no doubt the diagnosis of COPD shot thru the roof at this time and later.

          Many folks I had known and not known were diagnosed with it out of the blue.

          Each I asked when did this start and all were stating 18 months back and at that time it would have been during Tennessee’s own outbreak of ADENO…….

          Even my own aunt who is now 75 had quit smoking after she too had an unknown episode of a strange lung infections hitting her at about the same time some 2 years earlier only she lived in Arizona at the time of affliction and she was given the line her smoking caused it………….needless to say she bought the story!

          If it can ever be proven pharma re-created these virses and released them in a coordinated attack on the public at large as part of a quit smoking agenda,we have them cold for murder of millions.

      • Rose says:

        My thought is everything is being blamed on everything as the PC crowd decides which should be blamed next

        Fashion. Not only fashion but you get to socialise and be seen with the celebrities in your group. You get to name drop and speak with a borrowed authority while others nod in agreement.
        Do you think that anyone would be treated to champagne and caviar if the cause was an unfashionable one?

        Fashions come and go but I don’t think germs or infections have ever been all that popular.

        • beobrigitte says:

          Rose, this is something that still makes my blood boil!!! So, the WHO officials hold their SECRET gathering to conjure up the most degrading punishment for the smoking population, padding each other on their backs for ‘saving’ fictional lives whilst ignoring and rebuking requests for help with a REAL EPIDEMIC and everything that follows a REAL epidemic.

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

    If it can ever be proven pharma re-created these virses and released them in a coordinated attack on the public at large as part of a quit smoking agenda,we have them cold for murder of millions.

    The what Stewart states below is exactly what should be happening to the Nazis

    The only killings I want to see are when the traitors in positions of power are finally tried, found guilty and hanged. I think that is the only way that we can take back what we have lost.

    • carol2000 says:

      I see you’ve already “convicted” the pharmaceutical companies, based on nothing but malicious ignorance and stupidity. One thing we don’t need is lynchers who hang the innocent.

    • beobrigitte says:

      The only killings I want to see are when the traitors in positions of power are finally tried, found guilty and hanged.

      Actually, I’d prefer it if they were sentenced to pay for the damage their lies caused with their own personal fortune. (A further 20 years of hard labour in a prison that operates a smoking ban for prisoners might be a little harsh as the prison population might not be too friendly on discovering who these people are.)

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        parmenion wrote this funny too

        When a chemical has a pleasant smell, the perception of risk can be skewed. Until the 19th century natural ingredients were being used to create scents within products, particularly perfumes. In 1921, Chanel launched a jasmine perfume, developed by perfumer Ernest Beaux, who used for the first time aliphatic aldehydes to create an artificial scent, resulting in Chanel No. 5. Many of the chemicals in perfumes are the same chemicals that are in cigarette smoke, such as benzene, formaldehyde and toluene; merely the influence that fragrances have a pleasant aroma ensures tolerance from exposed occupants.

  11. The Blockwart Dwarf says:

    What really bothered me about The Stuart Situation yesterday was how quick we were to succumb to the tactics of our enemies and declare anyone who disagrees with us a STOOGE or a shill or a meat puppet or a troll.
    That was unworthy. Let’s leave that sort of thing to those who scream ASTROTURF whenever someone expresses something “Off Message”.

    I for one hope SC sticks around and I never thought i would say that cos he’s exactly the sort of Xian who makes my piss boil-the sort with an articulated truck of the covenant filled with weapons grade Bible Verses ripped out of context like Alien emerging from a chest. But despite the fact he does things things to the bible that would require an 18 Cert if filmed and despite his being on the Loony Tunes end of Pauline Xianity- he is always worth reading.

    And THAT is what makes this place special, Harley comes out with some absolute tosh at times, so does SV, so does Frank so do I….so does every single commentator here But let us not forget everyone of us has every right to be wrong WITHOUT being labeled a stooge.

    Now excuse me while I go find a ladder long enough to get me off this bloody horse.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Theres one thing that brings us altogether from all walks of life…………..we were criminalized by the government for doing nothing more than what we always did and now its a criminal offense. So what do the strong do they FIGHT BACK like we do leading the fight for others regardless of our views on other things.

      Others who come under attack come here and find guidance and reason they also learn about the tactics employed by the enemy to attack them even if they don’t smoke…….

      It shows as WW2 showed we are united for a single bold reason,to destroy the Nanny state!

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        After that’s done,we will all go back to civil life and back to whatever are political beliefs are or aren’t. But forever changed we all will be regardless of our views in other areas.

        But what we do agree on is freedom is paramount above all else.

    • I don’t even read Paul’s epistles! I like “weapons grade Bible Verses” though, not that I would ever take them out of context…

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    Michael Bloomberg Funded Pro-Tobacco Tax Study by Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber – Breaking…

    With just days until Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber testifies before Congress, a 2008 study has resurfaced which reveals that former New York City…

    In regards to cigarette taxes, the problem of black-market tobacco sales has exploded all along the east coast. According to a Bloomberg article published in May, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot stated, “We are all-hands-on-deck as far as cigarette smuggling because it’s no longer a mom-and-pop operation… It’s something that significant criminal entities are involved in, and it’s a target-rich environment.” What happened on Staten Island with Eric Garner is tragic, but his confrontation with police would not have happened without the cigarette taxes which created a market for his alleged illegal sales—taxes passed without consideration for unintended and often adverse consequences.

    Ya gotta love it! Boyz the Nazi bank vault of gems is about to be cracked wide open in the senate hearings and Rand Pauls tax statements last week over NYC’s crackdown and the resultant death are dragging Bloomberg right into the HOTSEAT!

  13. harleyrider1978 says:

    Audrey Silk

    December 6 at 3:23am

    If only the sheeple knew what a comedy act lifestyle science is. Hey people (I yell into the world’s atmosphere), if it’s not regarding virus/germ/communicable disease then the use of epidemiology is nothing but a freakin’ guessing game and tool for anyone who wants to “prove” their theory!

    Tonight, within hours of each other, were these two reports:

    “The main message to be given to smokers is that even if they gain weight because of quitting smoking, it is still a healthier option than continuing to smoke,” said Mohammad Siahpush, Ph.D., professor in the UNMC College of Public Health and principal investigator of the study.…/58101-study-benefits-for-ex-sm…

    “In terms of life-expectancy, we feel being overweight is as bad as cigarette smoking,” says lead author Dr. Steven Grover.…/obesity-as-bad-as-cigarette-smoki…/

  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    Guy sees wife after surgery as it’s the very first time

  15. harleyrider1978 says:

    Grass-Roots Tobacco Bans? Not Quite

    By Walter Olson

    When the small town of Westminster in central Massachusetts announced plans to ban the sale of tobacco entirely – not just in certain types of stores, or to younger buyers – townspeople came out loudly and in force to oppose the plan. That has thrown advocates back a bit [New York Times, MassLive, earlier]:

    “They’re just taking away everyday freedoms, little by little,” said Nate Johnson, 32, an egg farmer who also works in an auto body shop, as he stood outside the store last week. “This isn’t about tobacco, it’s about control,” he said.

    Right he is. And despite the Times reporter’s lifted eyebrow at the notion that “outside groups” are encouraging town officials to go forward with the ban, it’s worth asking how Westminster, Mass., population 7,400, came to have its very own “tobacco control officer.” Do you imagine the townspeople decided to create such a position with local tax funds? If so, read on.

    WestminsterSealFor well over a decade the Massachusetts Municipal Association has run something called the Tobacco Control Technical Assistance Program, assisted by grant money from the state Department of Public Health. It does things like campaign for town-by-town hikes in the tobacco purchase age to 21, and town-by-town bans on tobacco sales in drug stores. It will surprise few that it has been in the thick of the Westminster situation.

    This article, written for a friendly audience of public health advocates, frankly describes how the MMA project, with assistance from nonprofit and university groups as well as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, worked to break down the reluctance of town health boards to venture into restrictions on tobacco sales (scroll to “Roles of the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program, Local Boards of Health, and Tobacco Control Advocates”):

    Local boards were enticed into hiring tobacco control staff by the DPH’s tobacco control grants. As a participant in the process explained, “[L]ocal boards of health looked at it as ‘oh, it’s a grant. Let’s apply for this grant. So now, what do we have to do, now that we’ve got it?’” … The grants dictated that local boards use those community members they had hired as their staff to assist them in enacting and enforcing tobacco control regulations…

    The staff paid with money from outside the town seem to have seen their job as, in part, lobbying the local officials: “We’ve had to work on each individual board [of health] member to get them to come around,” said one.

    The account continues with many revealing details of how the outside advisers managed to orchestrate public hearings to minimize critics’ voice, deflect challenges with “we’ll take that under advisement” rather than actual answers, and in the case of particularly intense opposition, “back off for a couple of months” before returning. “Grant-funded regulatory advocates were able to counter all of [opponents’] arguments and tactics.”

    In other words, an extra reason for the townspeople of Westminster to be angry is that they have been paying to lobby themselves. And it’s worth knowing exactly how the game plan works, because similar ones have been rolled out to localities in various states not only on “tobacco control” but on “food policy,” environmental bans and other topics. Grass roots? If so, most carefully cultivated in high places.

  16. Zaphod says:


    Speaking as one of your critics, I hope you won’t give up.
    I disagree strongly with a lot of your opinions, and your values. I’ve always felt free to say so. No personal offence was ever intended. I don’t expect to change your mind, and you don’t expect to change mine. Maybe we both speak to the audience, and just state our case.

    We learn from debating with those we disagree with.

    I’ve never doubted your sincerity, and passion.

    Truce over. Let the fight continue?

  17. harleyrider1978 says:

    Garner’s widow: Husband targeted for illegally selling cigarettes, not his race

    The role of New York’s high cigarette taxes in the death of Eric Garner drew more scrutiny Sunday as his widow said that he was targeted not because of his race, but because he continued to defy local ordinances by selling loose cigarettes.

    Esaw Garner said police in Staten Island knew her husband sold individual cigarettes and would harass him, calling him “cigarette man” and her “cigarette man wife

    Read more:

  18. smokervoter says:

    @Carol from yesterdays comments. I love KompoZer. It’s what I transitioned to from FrontPage Express. Microsoft has since come up with Expression for free and it just so happens I downloaded it the other day and am beginning to play around with it.

    It’s basically KompoZer on steroids.

  19. harleyrider1978 says:

    This is a great read

    Social medicine politicizes food consumption and a globalized economy politicizes food production. And the politicized American plate has less on it and at a higher price. While the left obsessively pursues its mission of destroying fast food in the name of lowering socialized medicine costs, they are taking affordable and filling food off the shelves, as they have done with countless other products that they have targeted

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      There was a time when fat was in and thin was out. Obesity was the privilege of wealth and being thin meant being poor. In simpler societies, before slumming became a romantic pose, there was nothing attractive about not having enough to eat.

      To be fat was to be part of the leisure class. Thin meant you were on the road to the poorhouse or to consumption, which meant your body was being consumed, not that you were the one doing the consuming.

      Then agriculture was revolutionized and the values flipped. No one in the West was starving to death and the poorest man could still grow fat. By the time the social programs kicked in, weight no longer meant leisure.

      With packaged foods widely available and jobs shifting from the factory to the desk, it was entirely possible to work hard and get fat.

      On the other side of the aisle, exercise meant leisure time. The standard was set by movie stars who struggled to meet unrealistic standards because they had the time and disposable income to do it.

      Fat no longer meant upper class gentry. Instead it meant lower class peasant. As with art, the widespread availability turned minimalism, and eventually the worthless and overpriced, into class signifiers. Conspicuous consumption of that which was widely available was lower class.

      The overflowing table made way for micro portions and exotic but barely edible foods. Thin was in on the plate and the waistline.

      In the West, weight stands in for class, at a time when explicit classism has become politically incorrect

      In many Third World countries where feudalism never ended, the values never flipped. Instead of anorexia, teenage girls suffer from being force fed to make them more marriageable. The wealthy are fat and the feasts at the top never end.

      In the West, weight stands in for class, at a time when explicit classism has become politically incorrect. When Europeans sneer at how fat Americans are, and American coastal elites sneer at the rest of the country for being fat, it’s a class putdown.

      And no one traffics in class putdowns like the left.

      Liberalism has become an engine of class repression, with the super-rich pushing down the rich and the rich liberal undermining the middle class. Its regulatory regime limits social mobility and locks in class privileges even while spewing rhetoric about these and income inequality.

      Obesity is a classic moral crusade whose real purpose is to inflate the sense of moral superiority of a particular elite. With the moral codes of sex and drugs having been dismantled by that same elite, obesity is one of the few remaining class signifiers, aside from cigarettes, that it’s safe to hold a moral crusade about.

      The War on Fat echoes the same old obsessions of Prohibitionism

      The War on Fat echoes the same old obsessions of Prohibitionism, a paranoid concern about the inability of the lower classes to care for themselves that verges on bigotry, an imaginary crisis blown out of all proportion in order to justify abuses of power and the self-congratulatory superiority lurking behind the curtain.

      Their obesity concern trolling is a combination of classism and nanny statism that brings to mind the days when their ideological forebears thought that the way to deal with the poor was to sterilize those who seemed less capable than the rest to improve the breed. The breed being culled while the elites try to teach their less evolved cousins to survive by eating their arugula.

      Finding moral failings in a manufactured underclass justifies endless abuses of power by demonstrating the inferiority and unfitness of those below. Obesity fits into that same template.

      The solutions never work. Michelle Obama’s botched school lunch program and ObamaCare lawsuits over fitness rewards once again show that the technocratic nanny state can never achieve the goals of the moral crusade. But slimming down isn’t really the goal. Bloomberg’s soda ban wasn’t a serious solution. It was an expression of disdain and most of those on the receiving end understood that.

      Barack and Michelle Obama lecture on food while gorging themselves at banquets

      Barack and Michelle Obama lecture on food while gorging themselves at banquets. The lecture is the point. Cutting calories isn’t. It’s easier to oppress those who are manifestly inferior. Every elite needs these hypocritical justifications of their own superiority. The nanny state is not an act of concern.

      It’s an act of contempt.

      The nanny state is built on a technocratic confidence in the ability to create one size fits all solutions, overlaying that on a map of the current medical wisdom leads to the creation of single standards, which often have less to do with health than they do with the status symbols of the leisure class. 19th century popularized medicine created so many of these fads that some of them are still around today. The 20th century created even more of them. And the 21st century is only getting started.

      Death though is not only inevitable, but it cannot be dodged with a one size fits all standard. Fitness guru Jim Fixx who helped kickstart the running craze died in his early fifties of a heart attack. Fixx had quit smoking and lost weight, and still died at an early age. Jackie Gleason who spent his life looking like a walking health attack, smoking and drinking, outlived him by nearly twenty years.

      Medicine is individual and the collectivization of medicine is a technocratic solution that leads to broad stroke solutions, like adding calories to menus and other rats in a maze tactics designed to modify human behavior on a national level. The targeting of fast food restaurants, public school meals and food stamps reeks of the same elitist arrogance that drives the nanny state.

      The politicization of food by the elites of the left always comes down to class

      The politicization of food by the elites of the left always comes down to class, no matter how it may be disguised in liberal colors. From exotic to locally grown, the trajectory of food politics follows the upselling of food prices The only difference is that the dominance of the left has wrapped the added cost with no added value in their own politics. The more affordable food becomes, the more the left finds ways to add cost to food, without adding value.

      But the politicization of food goes beyond the fair trade and locally grown fetishes of the politically correct elites, the more politics ends up on your plate, the more the elites are driven to involve everyone else in their food fights. What begins as a way of raising prices while diminishing value to assert wealth and privilege becomes imposed on everyone in the name of their political morality.

      Once everyone else is paying more and getting less, then the classist left demands new ways to set its superior moral eating habits apart. Instead of everyone ending up with more food, everyone ends up with less.

      Lefty culture practices conspicuous consumption, but the consumption has to be disguised with conspicuous political pieties. The food may cost twice as much, but it’s locally grown on a farm run by handicapped union workers who visit Cuba to receive free health care or by the indigenous peoples of Tuba-Tuba with the proceeds going to a complete sonic library of their chants and ceremonies. It’s a meaningfully meaningless hairshirt that disguises the consumption underneath.

      Conspicuous consumption is now for the poor while conspicuous political consumption is for liberal elites. Al Gore may live in a mansion but he still has the carbon footprint of a mouse. The problem is the truck driver whose vehicular emissions are killing the planet. Whole Foods is just fine, but we need to do something about White Castle.

      In a moment of horrifying tone deafness that makes Marie Antoinette seem enlightened, the left is cheering that fewer Americans are eating meat, without seeming to understand that it’s because fewer Americans are able to afford it because of the left’s economic policies.

      What the left’s food police can’t accomplish with nudges and shaming, they can finish off with policies and regulations that raise the price of food or make it too difficult to sell

      What the left’s food police can’t accomplish with nudges and shaming, they can finish off with policies and regulations that raise the price of food or make it too difficult to sell. When the left fails to sell the public on conspicuous political consumption as a status symbol, it brings in the heavy bureaucratic artillery.

      It isn’t unusual for elites to use the legal system to enforce their own values on the general public, though it was the kind of thing that the universal franchise was supposed to put a leash on, but there is something grim about their growing preoccupation with the habits and mortality of the population. It’s the kind of concern that has a habit of ending in eugenics and the more medicine is universalized, the easier it is to start cutting off access to medical treatment for those who haven’t been nudged far enough in the right direction.

      Social medicine politicizes food consumption and a globalized economy politicizes food production. And the politicized American plate has less on it and at a higher price. While the left obsessively pursues its mission of destroying fast food in the name of lowering socialized medicine costs, they are taking affordable and filling food off the shelves, as they have done with countless other products that they have targeted.

      By the time the left was done with Russia, it had gone from a wheat producer to a wheat importer and many basic food staples were hard to come by even in a country filled with collective farms. Finding modern day examples of that isn’t hard. We only have to look as far south as Venezuela to see empty store shelves under the weight of government food policies.

      But one day that may be the local grocery store if the left gets its way

  20. harleyrider1978 says:


    This publication thinks its readers can’t handle their emotions. Tell us your feelings in the comments below:

    St. Louis Paper Shuts Down Comment Section

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is taking a unique approach to free speech and journalism. They’re shutting down their comment section on all editorials, columns and letters for two months. How come

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is taking a unique approach to free speech and journalism.

    They’re shutting down their comment section on all editorials, columns and letters for two months.

    How come?

    “Ferguson,” the editorial board wrote in an explanation Monday morning.

    They reason that when they recently tried to have a reasonable discussion on Ferguson, it all devolved into “vile racist comments” and “shouting” (online shouting?) and “personal attacks.” (Hey, welcome to Twitter on a daily basis.)

    They bring up “the nasty effect,” an actual University of Wisconsin-Madison coined phrase for the effect that “certain comments” can have on “a reader’s understanding.”

    Naww couldn’t be us right as the Legislative session begins next and they try and push a Missourri ban again.
    Comments Are Effective

    Posted on January 24, 2014 by Frank Davis

    Via Facebook:

    Commentary accompanying anti-smoking public service announcements (PSAs) in online forums like YouTube has an impact on the PSA’s overall effectiveness. Both negative and positive comments accompanying PSAs degrade the persuasiveness of the videos.

    According to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication, viewer commentary on PSAs have become an integral part of a PSA’s overall message.

    “One thing is very clear: It is no longer possible to consider the influence of news or other messages in the public information environment apart from the comments which follow them,” write Rui Shi, a doctoral candidate at Annenberg, and Profs. Paul Messaris and Joseph N. Cappella.

    I guess that means that if you write “Baloney!” under an antismoking ad, it really does make it less persuasive.

    “The detrimental effect of comments […] seems to suggest anti-smoking PSAs would be better off without comments, especially if the PSAs are strong or if the target audience is somewhat ready to quit smoking,” they write. The power of audience participation via social media is clearly a double-edge sword.

    I must remember that.

    But it isn’t really very surprising. I’m very often as interested in the comments under something as I am in the main item.

    And if comments aren’t permitted, I tend to wonder why. I usually conclude that they’re trying to shut people up, or they don’t want to know what anyone else thinks.

    Which happens to be true for Tobacco Control.

  21. Rose says:


    Mountain-sized asteroid is heading towards Earth, says scientist

    A Russian scientist has discovered a huge asteroid ‘2014 UR116’ passes Earth every three years”

    • Frank Davis says:

      Thanks for that, I shall find out its orbit and report.

      Sun (0) is at centre. Orbits of Mercury (1), Venus (2), Earth (3), Mars (4) in circles around it. UR116 (7) is green line.

      It’s in an Earth-crossing orbit. Period slightly less than 3 years. Closest approach to Earth 12.8 million km on 21 Oct 2014.
      And 10.7 million km on 13 Oct 2017.

      • Rose says:

        I don’t like the look of that at all.

        • Frank Davis says:

          It’s not as bad as it might look. Although it looks like it’s crossing the Earth’s orbit at two points, as it goes anticlockwise along its orbit, it passes several million km below the Earth as it passes the Earth and approaches the Sun, and then several million km above it on the way out.

          Below is the view along the y axis. The Solar System is the black lines, and UR116 the green line. Its orbit is tilted quite strongly to the plane of the solar system ( aka the acliptic).

          But it’s bigger than Apophis, which will come very near the Earth in 2029.

          The new asteroid, called 2014 UR116 is about 370 meters in diameter. Its size exceeds the famous Apophis which the Earth can meet in the next decade. The exact trajectory of 2014 UR116 is yet to be determined, but theoretically it may collide with the Earth, Mars or Venus. Its trajectory can fluctuate because of the gravitational pull of these planets.

          Here’s another view down onto the Solar System. This time, as UR116 dips below the plane of the Solar System (or ecliptic), its trail becomes grey.

          The uncertainties about it are probably because its orbit can be disturbed by passing near Mars on the way in.

        • Rose says:

          It might not look so bad now and the other planets might act as a shield, but every three years it gets closer by 2.1 million km.

          The uncertainties about it are probably because its orbit can be disturbed by passing near Mars on the way in

          You mean it’s projected trajectory could be altered by the gravitational pull of the outer planets, possibly bringing it in even closer to us?

          Very comforting .

          Talking of which, did you see this?

          Invisible shield found thousands of miles above Earth blocks ‘killer electrons’

          “A team led by the University of Colorado Boulder has discovered an invisible shield some 7,200 miles above Earth that blocks so-called “killer electrons,” which whip around the planet at near-light speed and have been known to threaten astronauts, fry satellites and degrade space systems during intense solar storms.”

          “The barrier to the particle motion was discovered in the Van Allen radiation belts, two doughnut-shaped rings above Earth that are filled with high-energy electrons and protons, said Distinguished Professor Daniel Baker, director of CU-Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). Held in place by Earth’s magnetic field, the Van Allen radiation belts periodically swell and shrink in response to incoming energy disturbances from the sun.”

          “The latest mystery revolves around an “extremely sharp” boundary at the inner edge of the outer belt at roughly 7,200 miles in altitude that appears to block the ultrafast electrons from breeching the shield and moving deeper towards Earth’s atmosphere.

          “It’s almost like theses electrons are running into a glass wall in space,” said Baker, the study’s lead author. “Somewhat like the shields created by force fields on Star Trek that were used to repel alien weapons, we are seeing an invisible shield blocking these electrons. It’s an extremely puzzling phenomenon.”

          Now if we could just strengthen it a bit

        • Frank Davis says:

          every three years it gets closer by 2.1 million km.

          What gave you that idea? In principle at least, it’s in a stable elliptical orbit that doesn’t take it closer than 10 million km to the Earth (the Moon is about 400,000 km away). But since it passes near the orbits of Mars and Venus, it’s believed that the orbit might change.

          But in my simulations it doesn’t.

        • Rose says:

          Closest approach to Earth 12.8 million km on 21 Oct 2014.
          And 10.7 million km on 13 Oct 2017

          Gave me that idea.

        • Frank Davis says:

          And those are actually about the closest it comes for another 50 years (according to my simulation model). Although I did find a 4.4 million km close approach in 2047.

  22. harleyrider1978 says:

    In NY, The Profit Margin On Smuggled Cigarette Cartons Is Higher Than On Cocaine, Heroin And Marijuana

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo is out to kick cigarette smugglers in the butt.

      In an effort to crack down on the sale of illegal smokes in New York, Cuomo is set to announce Monday a 13-agency task force dedicated to keeping illegal cigarettes out of the state.

      “This new law-enforcement strategy will help to crack down on these illegal cigarette sales and capture those smugglers who seek to evade the law and rob the state of the revenue it is rightly owed,” Cuomo said.

      A recent study by the Tax Foundation revealed that almost 57 percent of cigarettes smoked in New York were bought into the state illegally, the highest of any state. That was a 20 percent increase from the previous study, conducted in 2006.


      A 2012 study by the Virginia State Crime Commission gave an example in which smugglers could profit an estimated $4 million on 800 cases when first buying the cigarettes in a low-tax state like Virginia and then selling them in New York City, according to the Tax Foundation’s study.

      Virginia’s cigarette tax is just 30 cents a pack.

      In 2013, two men were sent to prison for trying to smuggle more than 1 million unstamped cartons from Virginia into New York City and the Albany region.

      The profit margin on smuggled cartons is higher than that on the sale of illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana, the study showed.

      In NY, The Profit Margin On Smuggled Cigarette Cartons Is Higher Than On Cocaine, Heroin And Marijuana [continued]

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