Woke Meat Is Coming

An arresting headline:

Woke Meat Is Coming

It’ll consist of a slurry of crushed insects, apparently.


Alex Jones breaks down the growing medical tyranny takeover of humanity and why the people must take a stand now.

This medical tyranny has been going on a long time.

And so has this:

While the number of fatalities attributed to Covid-19 is carefully tracked by governments, few people have recognized how pandemic-spurred crackdowns have devastated democracy around the world. Emergency proclamations have entitled presidents and other government officials to seize vast new powers previously forbidden to them.

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I seem to have nothing to say these days. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because Trump is no longer in office, and Joe Biden is boring. Or maybe it’s the endless lockdowns and the endless Covid-19. Or maybe it’s just because it’s winter.

Just one thing I noticed:

Wokeness is enhanced awareness of social and political injustice and the determination to eradicate it.

Somehow this wokeness never extends to awareness of the injustices and exclusions faced by smokers all over the world. It’s a selective wokeness. It’s really no wokeness at all. It’s unwokeness.

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The Experts are No Experts

Will they win the War on Smoking? Will we all stop smoking? Will tobacco become a distant memory?

I doubt it.

Is there anything else they’ve ever managed to stamp out? Cocaine? Cannabis? Opium? Alcohol?


Of course political and medical and scientific authorities want people to believe what they tell them. But do people believe whatever they’re told? No, of course not: everyone is able to think for themselves to some greater or lesser extent, and this is the foundation of scepticism.

I grew up in a time when tobacco was regarded as harmless, and cannabis was regarded as a very dangerous drug. Nowadays it’s the opposite way round: Cannabis is being legalised where tobacco is being banned. But the wheel of fortune keeps on spinning, and quite likely it’ll all change again sooner or later.

We should be glad that there are sceptics. It would be an awful world if everybody thought the same way about everything, in lockstep together. It would also be an awful world if nobody ever changed their minds. It would mean that nobody would ever learn anything. Learning anything entails changing your mind.

I think that what’s more likely to happen is that people will stop believing authorities. I already disbelieve most of them. I’m tired of their endless scaremongering. I’d guess that most other people are too. What else could happen? When everything is portrayed as an emergency, there ceases to be any emergency at all.

Is there a Climate Emergency? Of course not. All you need to do is look out of the window. If there were buckets of rain falling from black clouds all day, and sheets of lightning everywhere, perhaps there’d be something to worry about. But there isn’t. England yesterday was as cold and sunny as any other February day over the past 70 years. There was nothing at all remarkable about it.

So for all the expert alarmists’ warnings, personal experience regularly contradicts them. And so the experts are increasingly ignored. The experts are no experts. And any fool can see it.

Maybe one day they’ll get it right, but not yet.

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Cry Wolf


31 people dead from plague outbreak in DRC, say health officials

At last, a real plague.

Not this faux-plague of Covid-19.

Maybe this time we can look forward to horse-drawn carts telling us to Bring Out Your Dead, and mass graves, and deserted depopulated villages.

Something that kills off half the population, not less than 1% of it.

A proper plague. A new Black Death.

With luck it’ll be the end of not just Covid-19, but also Global Warming and Climate Change and asteroid impacts and obesity epidemics and smoking bans, and all the other fake emergencies, as for once a real menace stalks the land.

They’ve been crying wolf for so long that it’s about time a real wolf appeared.

It will be something refreshing.

Except that it’ll probably turn out just like Covid-19, with mass vaccinations and lockdowns, and hardly anyone will die. It’ll be the same as it ever was.

It’ll be yet another false alarm.

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Revisiting Barcelona

About 10 years ago I spent a few days in Barcelona. It was just before a draconian new smoking ban was going to be imposed. I spent much of my time wandering from bar to bar in the district of Esplugues de Llobregat, having a coffee in one, a beer in another, and smoking in all of them.  I recorded the names and locations of each bar on a map. In brackets were the approximate number of tables, with X indicating outside seating. Only 4 of the 29 bars were non-smoking.

Of course they’re all non-smoking now.

Since then I’ve never revisited Barcelona in person. And at one time I’d thought seriously of buying a house in Spain. Why go somewhere where I was no longer welcome?

Yesterday I was using Google maps to virtually revisit Esplugues, and wander around it using streetview. And I tried to find out how the bars were doing.

One place I visited every morning was the Caseta bar right next to the Hostal Lami where I always used to stay. I’d buy a coffee and a hot bacon roll, and slowly wake up with a cigarette or two. It had no outside tables. And it’s gone now, replaced with a laundrette.

Just down the road was the Chico d’Oro, which also didn’t have any outside tables. And that’s gone too.

Just round the corner was the Andurina, which had a large outdoor seating area. It’s still open. But it seemed to have very few customers at the outside tables. And the number of tables seemed to be halved from my recollection of them.

Not far away was El Gran Jaguar. I spoke to its proprietor, Stephanie, at the time, and she was very worried about the upcoming smoking ban. She said that 80% of her customers smoked. And it would seem that he apprehensions were justified, because El Gran Jaguar is gone.

The Canarias bar and the Cafeteca bar are both still open, but both have tables outside with ashtrays. I don’t remember either having outside tables 10 years ago. Unnamed bar 18 is also still open.

I couldn’t find the Conde Bicou restaurant on its beautiful little tree-lined street made of granite bricks with mini street lights like candles set along both sides – a beautiful sight at night. But it was hard to find back then, so it may still be there.

That’s 3 out 0f 8 bars that have closed. And it rather looks like the survivors all managed to provide outside seating, with ashtrays on the tables.. In some cases it looks like the shop windows were moved inside, in order to create a small covered area for a table or two,

It’s hardly a scientific survey. There are lots of reasons other than smoking bans that cause bars to close.

But even in November, when I visited, Barcelona was quite warm. So people could probably happily sit outside throughout much of the winter. Even more so further south than Barcelona.

The same can’t be done in Britain, where it’s only warm enough to sit outside for a few months in summer/ And Britain is also a wetter place than Spain. 

Nevertheless it still fills me with rage that the bullying bastards in Public Health have been able to impose their diktat on so many places, and on so many people. Public Health has become a vast global industry, full of busybodies who are accountable to no-one.

I’m going to hate these people all my life.

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Changing Moral Sensibilities

These days statues of formerly illustrious figures are being toppled because they were slave owners or slave traders. Slavery is seen as something terrible, and anyone involved with it is regarded as morally corrupt.

And yet slavery has existed throughout human history. Why was that? Is it that only recently there has been a moral awakening, in ways there seems never to have happened in ancient Greece and Rome?

One explanation is simply that in the past life was much more difficult than it is now. Most people had to work all their lives, and only a few people lived lives of leisure. And these busy societies were slave societies, whether or not they used that term. But now, thanks entirely to technological innovation, most people don’t have to work. A lot of people can be kept unemployed all their lives. It’s the result of an economic transformation, not a moral transformation. Moral change has been driven by technological change. We no longer need slaves the way they did in Greece and Rome.

Political change also followed technological change. The larger the idle class, the more widely that decision-making is shared

It’s been a sudden transformation that’s taken place in Europe and America. Two or three centuries ago America was a colonial backwater of the British crown. The northern states were the first to industrialise, while the south remained a slave-owning agricultural region. The American civil war of 1861-65 was between northern and southern states, and centred around slavery. The industrial north defeated the slave-owning south.

WW1 was arguably a European civil war. The Franco-Prussian war of 1870 was a war between newly-industrialised Germany and a largely agricultural France. Prussia won, just like the American north won. And if armies on both sides numbered in millions of men, it was because millions of men no longer needed to work, and could be sent off to fight in trenches – inconceivable in wars a century or two earlier..

Such wars are inconceivable now because there now exists an economic parity, If Europe conquered the world, and established colonies all over it, it was because technologically-advanced European armies, with their cannons and muskets, were invincible. Such disparities no longer exist, Or they don’t exist in the same extremes that they once did.

Why was it that northern countries were the first to industrialise? The answer perhaps was that life was harder in the north than in the south. The easier life was in the south, the less the incentive to innovate. If life was already pretty good, why strive to improve it? Before Britain and Germany industrialised, it was countries like Spain and Portugal which were idler and wealthier, and could extend colonies all over the world.

In busy, hard-working societies there was little leisure time, little time in which people could do as they pleased. In idle, leisured societies, people could do what they liked, and think what they liked. And so people became culpable for what they did, precisely because it was freely chosen. And that’s why there’s so much moral condemnation flying around, with statues of people being torn down. Bristol’s slave-owning Edward Colston (1636 – 1721) is now seen as a monster who freely chose to enslave people, when he could easily have done otherwise. But Colston lived in a slave era not much different from ancient Greece or Rome: if he had not been a slave trader he would have been a slave. He is being judged by the standards of a time quite different from those in which he lived. The same is happening with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison,

What’s called “woke” these days is perhaps nothing more than the new moral sensibility that comes with economic development and the freedom it brings. But if the newly “woke” were to somehow be transported back to ancient Rome, they would be laughed to scorn, and themselves promptly enslaved. We should be profoundly glad that we no longer live in such a world. But our modern “woke” can’t see this. They see no difference between then and now.

Our modern “woke” see life as a playground in which we can play any game we like. And for many of them that’s exactly what it is. But until very recently it was not like that at all. Until very recently life was one long round of toil for everyone except a lucky few. And if all had shared equally, there would have been no philosophers, no writers, no inventors: all would have shared the same misery. For all these things are the product of inequality, not equality.

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Getting Ugly

I don’t know about anyone else, but what’s happening in the USA these days seems very ugly.

Firstly the election was stolen from Donald Trump, And now his impeachment has started. Whatever next?

Is it possible to impeach an ex-president? If so, doesn’t that mean Obama can also be impeached? If not, doesn’t that mean Trump is rightly still president?

If nothing else it seems horribly spiteful and vindictive. It looks like a show trial.

And also it seems politically dangerous. 74+ million Americans .voted for Trump back in November. Stamping on Trump also means stamping on Trump voters. It’s extremely divisive. And America is already deeply divided.

Something Paul Craig Roberts said, 17 minutes into this:

Everybody knows the election was stolen,

And that’s the horrific fact of the matter.

He also said that the United States, as a political project, had ceased to exist.

And that’s the terrible fact of the matter too.

And he said that Donald Trump was being punished.

And that’s obviously true too.

He asked how long it would be before everyone else was told to repeat the official narrative.

That’s a good question.

I wonder how long I’ll be able to continue to write this blog.

It’s all getting ugly.

We’re entering a totalitarian world.

Maybe it’s always been one.

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Covid Refuseniks


The UK government is considering a plan to despatch council staff to knock on the doors of those who have refused to take a coronavirus vaccine, in an effort to coerce refusniks into taking the shot, according to a report…

In December, a poll found that around a third of people in the UK do not want to take the vaccine.

I’m one of the UK refuseniks.

There are multiple reasons.

Firstly I think the Covid pandemic danger is being exaggerated. It’s no worse than flu (which seems to have vanished). And I’ve never had a flu shot either.

Secondly I doubt that Covid vaccinations are very effective. In fact in some cases the vaccinations seem to be killing recipients.

Thirdly, I’m a smoker and I’ve already been expelled from society. I no longer go to pubs, except to occasionally sit outside in summer. It’s been that way since 2007. I’ve already been “locked down” for 13 years on the basis of one medical lie (about the dangers of environmental tobacco smoke). Why should I pay attention to another lie?

It’s not just that I don’t believe what Public Health zealots have to say about tobacco smoke or Covid. I don’t believe what they say about all the other supposed health threats either.

I don’t believe in Global Warming or Climate Change or their supposed health threats.

I don’t believe in the EU. Or the UN. Or the WHO. Or the BMA. Or the RCP.

They care nothing for me, and I care nothing for them.

They have contempt for me, and I have contempt for them.

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Smoke-Free AND Alcohol-Free Pubs

Manchester Evening Newa:

Hospitality industry bosses have been expressing their disbelief this morning as reports suggest that pubs could reopen in April with no alcohol…

But the news has left hospitality bosses and operators in shock, with the CEO of the British Beer and Pub Association saying the industry has come ‘under attack’.

I don’t know why anyone is shocked.

After all, it’s clearly a natural progression from the pub smoking ban, It’s all about Health. And Health is the only thing that really matters, isn’t it? If pubs were healthier places after smoking was banned, they’ll be far more healthy after alcohol is banned.

People will still be able to drink fizzy drinks, and milk, and of course water.

Although, after a few more years, all these will be banned too, except water. And all food will be banned too, except bread.

And we’ll live on bread and water.

What could be healthier than that?!

People will soon get used to it, just like they did with the smoking ban.

It’s often said that Britain was a far healthier place during WW2 rationing, when people only got the bare minimum, and everyone was lean and fit.

That’s how health is measured: by how thin you are. The thinner the better.

So perhaps we should bring back rationing?

Everyone gets a loaf of bread and a jug of water a week. And a piece of chocolate once a month. And a small (low-fat, low-sugar) plum pudding at Christmas.

No need to stop there. It would also be a lot healthier if cars and buses and trains were banned too, with everyone walking around on their own two legs. That would keep them super-fit/.

We shouldn’t be making life easier for people. We should be making it harder.

Some people seem to think that a pub with no beer would be insanity. But really it’s no more insane than a pub with no smoking. A public house is simply a house into which anyone can enter. There’s nothing that says that such a house should be able to sell alcohol any more than it should sell food or clothes or machine guns. Why should it sell anything at all?

Health is the only thing that matters. Not freedom or democracy or reason or faith or honesty or anything else. Just Health and Health alone.

But you probably know that by now.

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Propaganda Wars

I’m so sick of hearing about C****.

Are two face masks better than one?

Who cares? It’s never going to go away. It’s been around for a year already.

My own view is that it’s yet another exaggerated threat, like tobacco smoke or Global Warming. It seems to be a characteristic of our time to amplify any threat. Perhaps this is simply in order to sell it better to more people. Or perhaps because there is a single news culture that tells the same story to everyone.

But the result of crying wolf at every small threat is that people like me stop believing what they’re being told, and greet every new claim with automatic immediate scepticism.

I grew up in a world where everyone smoked everywhere. They smoked in pubs. They smoked in restaurants. They smoked in trains – which even had their own built-in ashtrays. About the only places they didn’t smoke were churches. Smoking was normal, and it had been normal for hundreds of years.

And then one day they started telling us that Smoking Kills. And smoking started being banned in more and more places, until smoking was banned almost everywhere.

But smoking doesn’t kill. It doesn’t kill like bombs or bullets kill. And it’s an exaggeration to say that it does, And anyone can see this. And so thst’s where disbelief starts. And that’s how disbelief spreads. If they’re lying about tobacco smoke, what else are they lying about? They probably lying about everything.

I was asked today if I wanted to be vaccinated against C””””. I said No. I don’t want protection against an exaggerated threat. And the vaccinations seem to kill quite a few of their recipients. And also I don’t believe that any effective vaccination is possible anyway. Microbiologist Legiron:

Decades of research have not come up with a single effective coronoavirus vaccine.

The War On Smoking began a long time ago, but it gained its greatest momentum in the aftermath of WW2. And WW2 was accompanied on both sides by a great deal of propaganda. And propaganda always entails exaggeration. Propaganda is untruthful. Propaganda aims not to inform, but instead to shape opinion in desired directions.

It would seem that the propaganda wars of WW2 were immediately replaced at war’s end by the propaganda Cold War and a propaganda War On Smoking, with the propaganda machine retasked to new purposes.

Propaganda: Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

The propaganda never ended. And now it is ubiquitous. And everybody knows they’re being propagandised. Everybody knows that they’re being lied to, all the time, about everything.

And when that happens, the propaganda stops working.

Brexit may well have been aa propaganda failure. Britons were being told by the mainstream media that they should remain in the EU. That was the propaganda message. So it was expected that when they were given a vote on the matter, they would vote to remain in the EU. It was a tremendous shock when they didn’t. But perhaps it was simply a rejection of propaganda. Told to think one way, they responded by thinking the other way.

Same maybe with Donald Trump. Told repeatedly how awful he was, Americans responded by voting for him,

We can expect more of this. The propaganda isn’t working any more.

Perhaps it’s time to do something unthinkable: like simply tell the truth.

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