Living in an overregulated, overtaxed, brainwashed prison camp


Oh the contrast with the overregulated, overtaxed, brainwashed prison camp of mostly compliant sheep and grim apparatchiks to which I am now unhappily returned. Boris Johnson’s United Kingdom is much, much closer politically, socially and economically to Tito’s Yugoslavia than it is to Milanović’s Croatia.

It’s been like this since the smoking ban of 1 July 2007, if not before.

In other news

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Net Zero Carbon Emissions as Soon as Possible’

What the hell does he know about it?

I suppose climate alarmism is our new religion, with its own new vision of hell.

But then

Pope’s Swiss Guards Resign Over Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination

Serves him right. Covid is also a new religion.

Tucker Carlson: Public Health has become America’s reigning religion

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Good Riddance

Good news.

Goodbye and good riddance to Public Health England.

All these public health organisations are essentially coercive, for the simple reason that they intrude upon individual autonomy. My health is no longer my concern alone, but the concern of an organisation that claims to know better than I do what’s good for me.

One of the results of this, of course, are smoking bans. Alcohol prohibition in the USA was another. So also are various drug prohibitions. Covid vaccination mandates are just the latest example.

It’s inevitable when some people think they know what’s good for everyone else. It’s why we’re now living in a medical tyranny. What you think doesn’t matter: only the experts get a hearing.

There are many sorts of public works which increase people’s freedom without invading their autonomy. Roads and bridges are good examples. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

The same applies to wind farms or solar farms when added to other forms of energy. But banning cars or internal combustion engines removes freedom, by forcing people to use only officially-approved forms of energy. Same with banning burning coal or wood.

All bans are coercive. And people will always resist coercion. Which is why I expect a public revolt against the bullies in Public Health.

Unfortunately Public Health England is to be replaced by the equally Orwellian Office for Health Promotion and Disparities.

How are they going to deal with health “disparities? With the fact that some people are healthier and more long-lived than others? One obvious solution would be to have a mandatory maximum lifetime of 65 or 70 years, and prevent people from “unfairly” living to the age of 80 or 90, by denying healthcare to anyone over the mandatory maximum age. All in the name of “equality”. Where else can the pursuit of equality lead?

We should be glad of inequality. We should be glad that we are all different sizes and shapes and colours. Inequality is the measure of our freedom.

What is the war on obesity but the demonisation of large people? What does “overweight” mean other than the idolisation of some arbitrary ideal weight? I myself have always been “underweight”. We should accept people as they are, not bully them to conform to some ideal. We should seek the greatest diversity rather than the greatest uniformity.

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Bushcraft Bear

I’ve been following the volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. 

The best reports come from somebody called Bushcraft Bear.

Bushcraft Bear is just a guy with a webcam standing on a hill in La Palma, talking about what he’s seeing. Yet somehow it’s better than the TV news, even if they’ve got drone and helicopter views. How come it’s better?

One answer is that the TV news is crammed into a couple of minutes of a news show from presenters who are nowhere near the place. By contrast Bushcraft Bear will talk for 15 or 20 minutes, and will describe what he sees and hears and smells.

Over 16 hours Bushcraft Bear’s video above got 171k views. Over the same 16 hours a Sky News report on the volcano got 219k views. So Bushcraft Bear was doing nearly as well as Sky News, and a lot better than many other news outlets.

Add also that, unlike Sky News, Bushcraft Bear’s English is far from perfect.

What’s he got that they haven’t? Bushcraft Bear is authentic. He’s saying what he thinks. Sky News presenters are saying what they’re told to say.

And that’s refreshing.

I hope to see many more reports from Bushcraft Bears all over the world.

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Social Isolation Tyranny

Unvaccinated residents of Sydney, Australia, will face social isolation and a difficult life should they continue to resist vaccination, says New South Wales state Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Just like smokers.

Australia went from a free country to a police state in less than a year.

Smokers have been experiencing this tyranny for much longer than that.

Soon everyone else will too.

P.S. “…they spent decades trying to scare us about overpopulation, global cooling, the amazon rainforest (allegedly disappearing), and finally, climate change, and they failed. A virus comes along and they realized that this cut across ideologies, cut across political affiliation and they were able to declare an emergency and suspend normal democracy. They were able to achieve their one-party state with an unelected bureaucracy.”

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The Absolute Tyranny of Public Health

Via Clicky:

Four or five policemen tackle an Aussie smoker, quite likely injuring him in the process.

In other news

Health workers should be given priority access to fuel in UK, says senior doctor

“Everyone will have their own reasons for needing to fill up but as pumps run dry there is a real risk that NHS staff won’t be able to do their jobs and provide vital services and care to people who urgently need it.

“While the government has said it is putting plans in place to alleviate the shortage of HGV drivers to transport fuel, the results of this won’t be immediate. Healthcare and essential workers must therefore be given priority access to fuel so they can continue their crucial work and guarantee care to patients.”

Health is now more important than anything else.

Health is more important than freedom or autonomy or democracy or self-government. It’s more important than friendship , conviviality, laughter, and song.

It’s unsurprising that senior doctors regard health as paramount: it’s their job. But must the rest of us share their opinion?

A soldier in an army places his health at risk. He may be shot and killed. Should he value his own health above that of his country’s liberty? That many men have nevertheless gone to war shows that there was something that they valued more than life or health. Was that a mistake?

When Winston Churchill said “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender”, wasn’t he giving bad medical advice? Shouldn’t he have said that “we will quickly surrender, to save our lives and protect our health”?

Perhaps it is that public health attains its supremacy when other values have been abandoned, and all that remains is just the desire to stay alive.

We are always placing our lives at risk. We do it when we drive cars or fly in planes or go swimming. Even making a cup of tea or reading a book has health risks attached. Simply being alive means being in danger of death. If we were in no danger of death we would not be alive.

Could it be that the safer our lives become, the less alive we are? And life is lived most intensely when in the greatest danger of losing it? If we could live forever there would be no point in living.

Public health is slowly killing us all as it sets out to eliminate all risk from life. Public health is taking away the thrill of it all.

It does so by vastly exaggerating first the risks of smoking, and then those of climate change, and now of Covid-19.

Public health must be killed before we can recover our lives.

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Age of Hysteria

Oh dear,

Changing what we eat is a radical act that will make us and nature healthier and happier. By making nature-conscious eating choices and helping to spread the word, each of us can contribute to keeping planetary warming within the 1.5° Celsius limit laid out in the Paris agreement. A healthier plate makes for a safer planet.

We’re living in an age of hysteria.

There’s no way of “keeping planetary warming within the 1.5° Celsius limit laid out in the Paris agreement.” That “limit” is a nonsense. We’ve always been helpless passengers aboard a planet on a roller-coaster ride around the Sun. We’re in control of next to nothing. We have no control whatsoever of the orbit of planet Earth, nor of the Sun’s radiation, nor of the solar system’s planets and asteroids and comets. Nor are we even in control of the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, including the tiny fraction of CO2, much of which is produced by plants.

Part of the problem is a widespread belief in some sort of equilibrium state of the world from which we have willfully and sinfully departed, But there is no equilibrium, We live in a dynamic, ever-changing system. There have been a long succession of ice ages over the past few million years, none of them affected by humans in the slightest degree. It’s no different today, except we’re now far more conceited about our powers than ever before.

There’s also a belief that we can control the Earth’s climate simply by reducing CO2 emissions. But CO2 is just one small component of a very complex climate system, over which we have next to no control.

The last 100,000-year-long ice age ended about 12,000 years ago. We’re due to re-enter an ice age any time now. We ought to be more worried about global cooling than global warming. With luck our current slight warming will delay the onset of the next ice age.

Even the British prime minister has joined the hysteria.

My friends, the adolescence of humanity is coming to an end. We are approaching that critical turning point, in less than two months, when we must show that we are capable of learning, and maturing, and finally taking responsibility for the destruction we are inflicting, not just upon our planet but ourselves. It is time for humanity to grow up. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, U.K.

We are incapable of doing anything significant. Human life is in its infancy, not its adolescence. We are not capable of learning, and maturing, and taking responsibility for something over which we have no control, and for which we have very little understanding.

Even the church is joining in.

“Together with the COVID-19 pandemic, safeguarding creation is among the most urgent challenges facing humanity,” Cardinal Parolin told a meeting of the presidents of the European Bishops’ Conferences Friday. “Not even the current health crisis must stop the commitment to take care of our common home,” Parolin continued.

The best we can do is to enjoy life while we may. Let other people worry themselves to death.


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A cure far worse than the disease

Once they have everything centralised, step out of line and they turn off your bank account. Again, that’s started. Nigeria has announced that the unvaccinated will not have access to banking services.

I wonder how long I’d last without my bank account? I’d not be able to buy any food, so I’d be consuming my current stocks. Also I guess that gas and electricity and water would soon be cut off too, for non-payment of bills. I’d also likely be unable, without a phone, to arrange a vaccination even if I wanted to comply.

I’d be dead in weeks. Maybe even days with the extreme worry.

And so would millions of other people. There’d be mass death.

And all this over a disease which only apparently kills the elderly and obese, and not all of them. This is a cure that is far worse than the disease.

P.S. Seems the story could be true.

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Delay the Next Ice Age


During an event in Cambridge, England on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that despite communist China’s long list of human rights abuses, the United States must partner with them to fight climate change.

Does she want to start a new ice age?

Vostok ice core data


This shows ice ages lasting about 100,000 years punctuated by brief interglacials lasting around 10,000 years. We’re overdue for a new ice age.

Which is why I’m all in favour of global warming. I want more CO2-driven global warming. It might manage to delay the onset of the next ice age.

The Earth has a naturally oscillating climate. CO2 is just a small component of it. It’s not the controlling factor.

It’s only over the past 12,000 warm years that human civilisation has arisen.

A new ice age would rapidly end it.

In my own models I’ve seen repeating ice ages. There is no equlibrium. Climate is always changing.

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Isolated Protected Smokers

Britain has pursued a mass vaccination strategy as aggressively as any country. It approved Pfizer’s vaccine even before the FDA. More than 80% of Britons over 16 are now fully vaccinated.

But Britain is in far worse shape than it was at this time last year, when no one was vaccinated. It is now averaging about 140 deaths a day, roughly 10 times as many as mid-September 2020. And hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise.

Same in Israel.

I’m one of the 20% unvaccinated Brits.

Why should I worry about it? I never go out anywhere since I was expelled from society by the 2007 smoking ban. I stay at home all the time.

Perhaps that may explain why smokers seem to be resisistant to Covid-19?

It’s simply that they’re an excluded minority. Many of them just stay home like me. There’s nowhere they can go where they’re welcome. So they’re less likely to get this bug.

And also it looks like the Pfizer vaccine doesn’t work.

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No Privacy

A Japanese brokerage firm has banned its staff from smoking, even while working from home. Nomura, the country’s biggest investment bank, has asked its local staff to give up smoking during the working day in a move labelled as ‘intrusive’. More than half of the company’s staff in Japan are currently working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nomura announced the move in an internal memo on Tuesday, saying in a statement the following day that the new policy – introduced without plans for monitoring or punishment for rule breakers – will improve employee health and the workplace environment….

What will they demand next? No alcohol? No meat? No TV?

They’ve started invading the privacy of their homes.

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