Cigarette packets

During the clearing of Frank’s flat I came across a number of cigarette packets that he had designed and made himself. One still with its Marlboro contents. The photograph tells part of the tale.  He had been outraged by tobacco control’s graphic health warnings and wanted to produce a gentler, more reflective product. The artwork is his own.

Later, sifting through his papers for April 2012 I found eight pages relating to the design and construction of the cigarette packet. It gives some insight into his thinking.

At the end he reflects:  Marlboro packets smile at you, in a guilty sort of way.

Frank’s cigarette packet design

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14 Responses to Cigarette packets

  1. Fredrik says:

    Yes, I seem to remember one of his posts were about designing packets sleeves. Didn’t know he was a part time Marlboro man though, I thought he was strictly ryo!

    • Rose says:

      You remember right, Fredrik.
      Frank explains.
      I found it this morning.

      “So in no time at all, I had got my scissors out and was trying it myself, using the same images I produced for my first cigarette packet design. And fortunately (although I smoke roll-ups) I still had a packet of Marlboro, and it still had its cellophane wrapper around the bottom half.”

      • Fredrik says:

        Rose, thanks for that! I think I was remembering my surprise about Marlboro at the time. I am not keen on Philip Morris as they are no friends of smokers. Not that any tobacco company is a friend of smokers , with the possible exception of Imperial Tobacco. They are all to happy to hide massive margins under the tax take and they have never really challenged the science on smoking and health which with all the data available these days it should be a turkey shoot.

        I still come to Franks blog because for years the first thing I would do when I start up my computer is to write the letters c and f in my browser and hit return so I could read what Frank had written in his latest posts. I am slowly getting out of the habit but muscle memory like that takes a long time to go away.

  2. Emily says:

    I don’t remember ever seeing these! That’s a beautiful design that he made, the trees are lovely.

  3. Dmitry says:

    Speaking about Marlboro, I’ve discovered recently an amazing piece in the Washigton Post. That’s about real cowboys, and how they kill themselves at some crazy rate, and about a misfit trying to talk them out of smoking. In a way, this article is a kind of an indictment against you-know-what-and whom, especially when it starts talking about “toxic masculinity”. In cowboys, you know.

    • Emily says:

      Curious, Dmitry – what do you mean exactly by “this article is a kind of an indictment against you-know-what-and whom”?

      I just finished reading it and the article was baffling on many levels but this paragraph really made me laugh:

      Ozzie, on the other hand, likes the former president, who he believes behaved as “a man of his word” when it came to his campaign promises. Ozzie is against masks and against vaccines, and may have given Bill and his family breakthrough cases of covid-19 a few months back. They had only mild cases, but Denise still has a cough from it.

      I know it’s old news by now but I’m still astounded when I encounter the stunning mental gymnastics about how vaccinated people get “breakthrough” covid from the unvaccinated.

      • Dmitry says:

        Sorry, Emily, haven’t been on this blog for a while, writing and lecturing like hell.
        You-know-what-and whom – that’s the face of the enemy, call it the global mediacl wardens or anything, these are the bad guys who tried to wash our brains with their anti-smiking, then by theri coronavirus… And they always get away with it. They got away with anti-smoking because they doubled down and started that lockdown-and-mask-wearing horror of theirs, and now they are getting away with it because the world is going to dogs generally. Lessons not learned, criminals not punished.

  4. RdM says:

    Fredrik;- what happened to your site, still listed in the side bar?*/
    Now it seems spammed, before that seemed to disappear.

    That was really important info!

    Andrew;- Apologies for the lack of reply to your earlier post in answer to me, re
    I’d had some ill health news, later a serious accident, wasn’t up to it, recovering now.

    I’ll get back to it;- it looks like the best solutions are paid ones though, so far.

    Thanks so much for continuing to post these snippets;- it keeps him in our minds, and updates!

    Best regards ;=})

    Ross Matheson

  5. Fredrik says:

    Dear the archivist,
    I have a post that was a reply to Ross’s question and I think has gone in to the spam folder,
    I would be very grateful if you could dig it out (it took a while to write as it is a bit of a missive! )

    • Hi Fredrik: I’ve looked through all the spam and comments around the time you responded to Ross but there’s nothing here, alas. Looks as though it’s something else lost in cyberspace.

  6. RdM says:

    Thanks, Fredrik.

    On a lovely new morning, let’s hope that the Archivist can work the WordPress and find, restore it!

    Remember, two links is the limit.
    More, and it automatically goes into moderation.
    Can he fix it?

    I’ve been there before;- writing a long screed, brilliantly creative, only to have it vanish somehow.
    Hard to reconstruct it 2nd time around. The creative expression and emotion to try to recapture.
    For a while, if I remembered to, I took to writing up a prospective forum post in a text editor.

    But more recently, I’ve found a very useful Firefox &or Chrome browser addon/extension,

    TextArea Cache

    It’ll save everything you’ve typed into a text box into a cache, like a clipboard manager.

    That’s enabled me to get back stuff that otherwise might have been lost. Look it up! ;=})

    Cheers for now !

    ~ RdM

    • Fredrik says:

      I shall make another attempt to post my reply!

    • Fredrik says:

      Hi Ross,
      I closed my blog after google decided to move it into the dark web about two to three years ago. By moving to the dark web, I mean my blog disappeared from the google results, the site was still there. Previously when you googled the search terms ‘alternative analysis blog’ it would come first in the listing but then one day it disappeared completely from the listing. As no one could find it , I did not see the point in maintaining it. And before that I noticed that the google terms ‘rain lung cancer’ stopped returning my blog as number one in the listing as it always had done, not only did it not return at the top of the listing, as it had always done, but it did not appear at all. In addition cancer stats that I had referred to in my blog disappeared, tools used to access the data got un-open sourced, the data got unpublished. If a researcher were to attempt to recreate my research it would now be impossible because the data and tools have disappeared. All sorts of weird and unexpected things happend but are too numerous to enumerate. And these generally google is censored to the nth degree, it was once a fantastic search engine. There was a time when you could still find my research on other search engines but now I can not find any trace of my research on ANY search engine and I am not entirely sure how this has been achieved. I would add links to prove my point but the post will go into the spam folder and Frank always had to dig them out for me!

      The whole area of science on smoking and health has always been tightly controlled but there was a golden period of the internet where people could get hold of data and research it like the world wide web was intended for but sadly those days are over and the science
      on smoking and health is controlled on the internet. I think it obvious why my blog got so much attention so early because it was clear that the modern lung cancer pandemic could not possibly be caused by smoking and clear that smoking probably does not
      cause lung cancer; The real difference between risks for smoker vs never smokers is just over 3 fold and not 10 or 20 fold as we have been told for decades and as detection bias accounts for almost all of this difference it is hard to make the case the the modern lung cancer pandemic was caused by cigarettes. As was demonstrated in my blog the data rejects the theory that smoking played any causal role over time , but did have an effect due to detection bias. It was also clear that if you want to know what caused the pandemic you need to identify a causal factor that came down in the rain between ~1945 and 1985 and then you will know what caused it. The answer is, most likely, alpha emitting radionuclides coming down in the rain due to 520 atmospheric atomic weapons tests conducted in the 20 years
      or so after WWII (the fallout ended about 1990).

      So it is hardly surprising my blog got censored.

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