Frank from November 2017

I’m responding to a request from RdM who asked if I could look through the diary around his November 14, 2017 flat earth versus spherical blog. I came across entries on November 11 – he wrote more than 5 pages that day – I ‘ve scanned three. Half way down the first he writes…Brigette and me arguing with Grainé whether or not the earth was flat. What a wonderful conversation!

How it develops, I don’t know but at least the subject is touched on.

Frank’s writing isn’t the easiest to come to terms with and I might try OCR to see if I can get a more polished result. But his own writing does provide colour if not light.

The day was a good one for him. His last entry – which I include – begins: It’s been a remarkable day…


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5 Responses to Frank from November 2017

  1. Emily says:

    Thank you for this, Andrew. I remember the flat earth discussions on the Smoky Drinky Bar – for a time that was a pretty entertaining topic. One of my strongest impressions of Frank remains the fact that there was nothing he couldn’t consider and discuss intelligently. He was truly a free thinker.

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