Frank from February 2020

This instalment of Frank’s diary/journal covers parts of February 24th and 25th 2020.

He starts the page with comments on Rush Limbaugh and moves on to the smoking ban, his health, the Earth’s albedo and Glaciation, mentioning barrel-vaulted cathedrals in the process.

About the archivist

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4 Responses to Frank from February 2020

  1. virtualbarman says:

    That was a shock seeing this in my inbox!

    Thanks for sharing though…

  2. RdM says:

    Hi Andrew, Archivist!
    Thanks for so much work in scanning and uploading these!
    May I suggest looking at Franks diary notes around the days of these two posts, ?
    (with 47 responses)

    and a few days later,
    (a post worth archiving) (with 22 responses.)

    Quite different subjects, the latter a long guest post.

    Appreciative regards;- thanks so much.

    But of course, whatever you can share I think will be appreciated.

    Best wishes for all new endeavours, as well as still being alive to and in Franks old blog!

    ~ RdM

  3. I echo RdM A drew, many thanks indeed! One project I hope to get to later this year in Conjunction With FORCES and folks who know more than 1973 Fortran, will be anarchival project for all of us Free Choice activists so that our thoughts and ideas and inspirations will be accessible a nd sharaabe to Future freedom fighters!

    – Michael

  4. Александра Собина says:


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