Age of Hysteria

Oh dear,

Changing what we eat is a radical act that will make us and nature healthier and happier. By making nature-conscious eating choices and helping to spread the word, each of us can contribute to keeping planetary warming within the 1.5° Celsius limit laid out in the Paris agreement. A healthier plate makes for a safer planet.

We’re living in an age of hysteria.

There’s no way of “keeping planetary warming within the 1.5° Celsius limit laid out in the Paris agreement.” That “limit” is a nonsense. We’ve always been helpless passengers aboard a planet on a roller-coaster ride around the Sun. We’re in control of next to nothing. We have no control whatsoever of the orbit of planet Earth, nor of the Sun’s radiation, nor of the solar system’s planets and asteroids and comets. Nor are we even in control of the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, including the tiny fraction of CO2, much of which is produced by plants.

Part of the problem is a widespread belief in some sort of equilibrium state of the world from which we have willfully and sinfully departed, But there is no equilibrium, We live in a dynamic, ever-changing system. There have been a long succession of ice ages over the past few million years, none of them affected by humans in the slightest degree. It’s no different today, except we’re now far more conceited about our powers than ever before.

There’s also a belief that we can control the Earth’s climate simply by reducing CO2 emissions. But CO2 is just one small component of a very complex climate system, over which we have next to no control.

The last 100,000-year-long ice age ended about 12,000 years ago. We’re due to re-enter an ice age any time now. We ought to be more worried about global cooling than global warming. With luck our current slight warming will delay the onset of the next ice age.

Even the British prime minister has joined the hysteria.

My friends, the adolescence of humanity is coming to an end. We are approaching that critical turning point, in less than two months, when we must show that we are capable of learning, and maturing, and finally taking responsibility for the destruction we are inflicting, not just upon our planet but ourselves. It is time for humanity to grow up. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, U.K.

We are incapable of doing anything significant. Human life is in its infancy, not its adolescence. We are not capable of learning, and maturing, and taking responsibility for something over which we have no control, and for which we have very little understanding.

Even the church is joining in.

“Together with the COVID-19 pandemic, safeguarding creation is among the most urgent challenges facing humanity,” Cardinal Parolin told a meeting of the presidents of the European Bishops’ Conferences Friday. “Not even the current health crisis must stop the commitment to take care of our common home,” Parolin continued.

The best we can do is to enjoy life while we may. Let other people worry themselves to death.


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8 Responses to Age of Hysteria

  1. Mark Jarratt says:

    More evidence of the illusion of control, and nirvana thinking. Those who believe human laws and the usual tax, ban, control and subsidise (the anti smoking template, although Big Pharma are subsidised for useless smoking “cures”, not wind turbine or solar panel manufacturers) approach can change the laws of physics are not exponents of reality.

    It is perplexing why so many worship the cult of climate change, how dare they!! Cults and hysterical apocalyptic catastrophists rule, when previously the “end is nigh” fearmongers would have been ignored as eccentric and deluded.

    Yours in pointless damaging illegal house arrest (more unfit for purpose collectivist absolutism)…


  2. Clicky says:

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  4. Joe L. says:

    Groundbreaking study! In other news, scientists discover water is wet.

    Quitting smoking leads to eating more junk food, weight gain, study finds

    Put down the pack and pick up a snack.

    A new study from the University of Minnesota found that quitting smoking leads to a poor diet, potentially leading to weight gain.

    The new study found that the opioid system — the brain functions responsible for addiction and appetite regulation — may cause former smokers suffering from nicotine withdrawal to prefer fatty, sugary foods to fill the void.

    The study was led by Dr. Mustafa al’Absi, a licensed psychologist and professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Biobehavioral Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus, who published his findings in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

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