Delay the Next Ice Age


During an event in Cambridge, England on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that despite communist China’s long list of human rights abuses, the United States must partner with them to fight climate change.

Does she want to start a new ice age?

Vostok ice core data


This shows ice ages lasting about 100,000 years punctuated by brief interglacials lasting around 10,000 years. We’re overdue for a new ice age.

Which is why I’m all in favour of global warming. I want more CO2-driven global warming. It might manage to delay the onset of the next ice age.

The Earth has a naturally oscillating climate. CO2 is just a small component of it. It’s not the controlling factor.

It’s only over the past 12,000 warm years that human civilisation has arisen.

A new ice age would rapidly end it.

In my own models I’ve seen repeating ice ages. There is no equlibrium. Climate is always changing.

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7 Responses to Delay the Next Ice Age

  1. Stephen Helfer says:

    With all the money flowing into research that will reinforce the Global Warming theory, it is no wonder that most scientists are in agreement..

  2. Doonhamer says:

    Contrariwise, the Beeb was today trumpeting a shortage of CO2 in UK because of Brexit and the Cronyvirus. But no mention of Warble Gloaming (© Grampa) Apparently we cant kill pigs without it. No Halal pork you see.
    The CO2 is used, somehow, to stun the porker Maybe they got overheated and faint.

  3. Dmitry says:

    I love global warming, just got back from Greece, was remembering Nisakiman. And smoking everywhere at ease, and not wearing that ugly mask (just like in Russia). And it was like 27-30 C at daytime. Let the sunshine in!

  4. Clicky says:

  5. Clicky says:

  6. RdM says:

    I ‘d thought the righteous skeptics had shown that temperature increase preceded CO2 increase by ~ 800yrs, much as you’d expect with cold vs warm fizzy beer.
    But that chart shows the opposite. What gives?

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