Isolated Protected Smokers

Britain has pursued a mass vaccination strategy as aggressively as any country. It approved Pfizer’s vaccine even before the FDA. More than 80% of Britons over 16 are now fully vaccinated.

But Britain is in far worse shape than it was at this time last year, when no one was vaccinated. It is now averaging about 140 deaths a day, roughly 10 times as many as mid-September 2020. And hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise.

Same in Israel.

I’m one of the 20% unvaccinated Brits.

Why should I worry about it? I never go out anywhere since I was expelled from society by the 2007 smoking ban. I stay at home all the time.

Perhaps that may explain why smokers seem to be resisistant to Covid-19?

It’s simply that they’re an excluded minority. Many of them just stay home like me. There’s nowhere they can go where they’re welcome. So they’re less likely to get this bug.

And also it looks like the Pfizer vaccine doesn’t work.

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10 Responses to Isolated Protected Smokers

  1. Elizabeth says:

    In my family Frank, as the “new” Covid hit our UK shores my daughter picked it up from lecturing to Chinese students fresh back from Christmas in China. It was very frightening. Ambulance twice for breathing difficulties. Her husband and two children (ambulance again) and CATS! went down with it and the husband ended up with Shingles. Roll forward. As a result, we got vaccinated except for another daughter and her family, who refused. This week, one vaccinated son-in-law, is down with Covid, just coughing and spluttering and wandering around bored. He got it from his teenage (unvaccinated) son, who was hardly ill. His vaccinated wife is fine, and the anti-vaxxers all, one Mum, and two kids are down with it. The kids have it “lightly”.When I say Mum and Dad are down with it, I mean DOWN with it, in bed, not wandering about being bored. When you get it au Naturelle, it can be life-stopping. I am just hoping they don’t get long Covid, or need hospital because I’m too old to look after the kids. I don’t think vaccines have failed completely, though they are disappointing, They still reduce the severity of Covid. But actually chancing your luck by having Covid without vaccination, is more dangerous than chancing your luck by having the vaccination. I go for getting the so-called vaccination that might need boosters, rather than getting Covid au Naturelle to make myself immune from it. It’s no hoax. It’s a nasty virus that causes a really horrid disease. My first daughter who got Covid from Uni, had breathing difficulties for six months after!
    I am biased you see. Stay safe, take the vax.

  2. Stephen Helfer says:

    It certainly seems as if the vaccines are disappointing. Both Israel and the UK are doing poorly despite high vaccination rates.

  3. Clicky says:

  4. Александра Собина says:
  5. Russtovich says:

    Speaking of smoking and Covid, you might like this Frank:

    Also, why are we calling this a vaccine? A vaccine makes one immune. Whatever people are being injected with, it sure as hell it NOT a vaccine.


    • Joe L. says:

      Thanks for the link! And you are correct, this is not a vaccine. It is experimental gene therapy. On their website, the CDC has quietly changed the definition of “vaccine” twice since the start of this “pandemic” to make this injection meet the criteria. This is disturbing.

  6. Clicky says:

  7. RdM says:

    Frankly, that last link in the original post hardly helps the cause.
    From Frank’s link

    In summary and based on the available evidence, it seems unlikely that smoking offers some degree of protection from the effects of COVID-19. The ONS report1 shows that smoking rates are the lowest at 7.9% in those 65 years and over and it is possible that the lower incidence of infection among smokers, simply reflects the fact that fewer older people smoke rather than an intrinsic and protective effect among smokers. Until more definitive evidence emerges, it would seem prudent that current healthcare advice to stop smoking is continued rather than patients relying on a potentially spurious belief that somehow smoking will prevent them from becoming infected with COVID-19.

    (My emphasis.)

    Contrast that with links below, plus notes I made, thoughts sent to a friend.
    Am I wrong? Can these be refined and or corrected? Noted in haste.

    As for some lists of studies, here are some collated in descending order of date.

    The comments in the last two may be interesting;- especially from Rose, * who notes (in the 2nd & 3rd earlier links) that it may be nitric oxide (and even to a lesser extent carbon monoxide) (both actually produced in the body in very small quantities) that helps.

    Nitric oxide inhalers are coming out.
    There’s the cytokine storm.
    CO might help against that. Or is it NO?

    There’s also the ACE-2 receptors, which something in tobacco might affect and block off covid.
    Not nicotine, because vaping showed no benefit.


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