Blame It All On Trump


Desperate Afghans fall to deaths from plane wheels after packing runway to flee Taliban

You know whose fault this is, of course.


UK Talking to Taliban, Blames Trump, Not Biden, for Afghanistan Chaos

Donald J Trump.

Joe Biden Blames Donald Trump for Afghanistan Collapse — Despite Calling Taliban Takeover ‘Unlikely’ in July

Who else could possibly be to blame?

P.S. Hollywood Celebrities Blame Trump for Biden’s Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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5 Responses to Blame It All On Trump

  1. Stephen Helfer says:

    It’s very disturbing to read what’s happening in Afghanistan. It seems like Vietnam Redux.

  2. Steven says:

    It’s not about the withdrawal but how they have withdrawn.No thought.

  3. Dmitry says:

    Not on Taliban: if anyone needs a good piece for a dossier on Glantz, this is it:
    I’m writing a column on him, after talking with a psycho expert and listing all the strange traits of that “Doctor”. Guess what the shrink has told me: well, i’d love to see the chap, of course, but it sounds like a mild case of the Down syndrome!!!

    • Stephen Helfer says:

      “Stan has always been an advocate and ideologue willing to twist the science,” says David Abrams, a New York University professor and veteran tobacco researcher…. “Frankly, none of us cared if he was a little bit sloppy with his research because the ends justified the means,” Abrams says.

  4. Clicky says:

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