Never Any Timestamp

Rod Liddle smoking, and talking about the BBC.

As I watched, I wondered when it was recorded. They never tell you this. There ought to be a timestamp on the screen.

Eventually I realized that it was made in the summer of 2021, after they spoke of Joe Biden being president, judging from their summer clothes. But it could have easily been shot in 2020 or 2019.

I suppose that when it was first broadcast everyone knew what day it was. But YouTube videos are visible years or decades later. It then becomes important to know the context in which it was made. But you’re left guessing. And in this case I was kept guessing until half way through.

It should be easy to add a discreet timestamp.

Words aren’t timeless.

Books carry their publication date. So should videos.

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1 Response to Never Any Timestamp

  1. Stephen Helfer says:

    I totally agree. I’m often wonder when videos were made.

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