Religious Belief

I was rather surprised, listening to a Forest webinar last week, that many smokers regarded smoking as a dangerously unhealthy practice. Many had even switched to vaping to reduce the risk to their health. No wonder they don’t fight against smoking bans.

I must say that I do not share these views.

A large part of the reason for this is that I spent some time in the household of the virulently antismoking Dr W. In fact it was thanks to him that I started smoking – something I hadn’t considered beforehand.

But another part of the reason was that I grew up reacting against the Roman Catholic church in which I found myself. Whenever I have encountered unquestioning dogma I have begun questioning it, whatever it is about.

The case against smoking was always very thin. It was that lung cancer only started becoming more prevalent when cigarettes became commonplace during WW1. But lots of other things started becoming more prevalent back then, including automobiles and radioactive materials. Why not pin the blame on them? But no, pretty soon it was not just cigarettes but also pipes and cigars that were also deemed fatal, even though people had been smoking them for centuries.

It’s not just that I don’t believe that smoking causes lung cancer, but also I don’t believe in the supposed threat of global warming/climate change. This is another dogma. But it’s one that I’ve been able to explore using my own computer simulation models, given that for some years I studied heat flow in buildings using electronic analogue models.

With this model I was able to generate alternating global ice ages and interglacial periods lasting thousands of years. Carbon dioxide made little difference. When the Earth was covered in thousands of metres of snow and ice, it acted as insulation on the earth beneath, causing its surface to gradually warm up, and eventually melt the snow and ice. No longer covered in a layer of insulation, the surface of the earth would then cool down again until snow could again begin to settle on it. In this manner alternating global ice ages and interglacial periods were generated. Historically ice ages have tended to last some 100,000 years, and interglacial periods abou 10,000 years. Now that we’re 12,000 years into the current interglacial, we’re due to return to a new ice age. I’m hoping that our current slight global warming might delay it.

How many people have got their own climate simulation models? Next to none. They have no way of exploring the matter. So they must just believe what they’re told. Just like with smoking and lung cancer. It’s a religious belief.

We’re living in an era of religious belief.

Soon enough we’ll find out the truth.

My guess is that we’ll find the world returning to an ice age.

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