Amazed and Delighted

18 months ago, in January 2020, I was busy writing my own climate simulation model.

But then I came down with something very like Covid-19, and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks.

Since then I’ve done nothing at all with the model.

Until today.

Today I set out to try to get the model running again. It was an uphill struggle. I’d completely forgotten what to do,

But eventually I remembered that I needed to run Netbeans, open, and run the file.

Amazingly, I got it all running. And did a screen capture of the applet window. And uploaded it to WordPress:


It shows the Earth’s continents covered with 2 km of snow and ice, And temperatures in the atmosphere and in layers beneath the surface.

I’m delighted.

The model is still working! And I’m gradually remembering how it works. It’s like entering a dusty room I’ve not been inside for ages.

Above all, I’m delighted that after 18 months my interest has been rekindled. Why did it take so long?

Main problem is that I’m so short-sighted now that it’s difficult to even read the screen. But I have the same problem writing my blog, and I can manage that.

In this model the snow and ice acts as insulation on the surface of the Earth, and causes it to warm. Eventually this warming causes the snow and ice to melt. In the subsequent interglacial period the surface of the Earth cools, and snow starts to settle once again. So there’s a succession of glacial and interglacial periods, several thousand years long.

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8 Responses to Amazed and Delighted

  1. sackersonwp says:

    Yes, an intriguing hypothesis. Have you put it to a university department?

  2. Joe L. says:

    Great to see you working on your models again, Frank! :-)

  3. Mark Jarratt says:

    It is excellent that you are “rekindling” interest in your climate simulation model, and blog – set the world on fire fighting biomedical CV19 fascism. Such social control is identical to anti-smoker zealotry and almost certainly the same bullies are behind it. We DO NOT CONSENT to such relentless state sponsored intrusion into individual risk tolerance and personal autonomy…

    From Mark in chilly Canberra (yes it does get cold in Australia, but not Canada cold)…

  4. Clicky says:

  5. Charles Burns says:

    Isn’t that already accepted theory? If not It should be. It would account for Greenland and Antarctica ice moving into the sea, as the bottom ice melts and slides. It means “global warming” is evidence that the earth is not fully finished with ending the last ice age. The melt comes from below more than from above. People touring glaciers in Alaska are told the melting is at the bottom

  6. Frank Davis says:

    Not that I know of/

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