All Freedom Lost

Julia Hartley-Brewer 9:33 mins

“I think the next battle is going to be demanding those rights back, every single one of those rights we’ve given away in this emergency legislation.. I want every last one of them back, and I don’t want them ever taken away again.”

Peter Whittle referred to them as liberties rather than rights.

Neither mentioned it (nobody ever does), but one of those lost liberties was the freedom to simply sit in a pub and drink a beer and smoke a cigarette.

It is perhaps the least of freedoms, but it’s the least of freedoms that matter most, because they measure the true depth of what has been lost. If you lose this freedom, you have lost all freedom. And we have lost all freedom.

And until we regain that freedom, we will never regain any other freedom.

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9 Responses to All Freedom Lost

  1. Mark Jarratt says:

    Too true. The desire to save the world is usually the desire to control it, and the behaviour of others. Politicians and so called public health act against the interests of the public.

  2. Clicky says:

  3. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Very true Frank. We must, however, be more vociferous in fighting our corner.

  4. Lepercolonist says:

    As Patrick Henry exclaimed: Give me liberty or give me death.

  5. Clicky says:

  6. waltc says:

    Just saw on the news that your exTony Blair is calling for vaccine passports.And so the noose tightens.

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