A Failing Prohibition

I often wonder whether top-down state-sponsored prohibition like the current smoking ban can ever succeed in the long term.

One simple fact is that after 14 years of the prohibition in the UK, I’m still smoking. I’m never going to give up smoking. To do so would be to surrender to the bullies in Public Health. So even if I come to hate smoking, I’m not going to stop. I’ve dug in my heels.

But anyway smoking is one of life’s pleasures. Who wants to give up one of life’s pleasures?

Furthermore, I no longer believe anything that Public Health says about anything. Covid-19 scaremongering is a good example. It’s been a complete loss of faith. Am I unusual? I don’t think I am, except in being vocal about it.

Smoking is never going to be eradicated. The rise of vaping is an interesting example; it’s smoking without tobacco smoke. It looks just like smoking. And that’s why Public Health wants to eradicate vaping as well.

The truth is that Public Health is entirely concerned with appearances.

Public Health obviously wants to ban alcohol as well. They’re prohibitionists who want to prohibit things. They have no positive vision of adding anything to the world. They just want to subtract things. They don’t want a fuller life: they want a diminished life, a minimal life. They want a prison world.

I think that if they’d been successful at prohibiting smoking they would have started prohibiting alcohol as well. And then they’d have moved on to prohibit sugar and meat and fast food. But they didn’t succeed.

I don’t think they can ever succeed.

I think they’ll just fade away.

And then after a while they’ll be back again, trying to prohibit something else.

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20 Responses to A Failing Prohibition

  1. Dmitry says:

    I no longer believe anything that Public Health says about anything: that’s right. Nobody does. And the most amazing thing is a universal boycot of vaccines. People may only be pressed into vaccination for some technical reasons, like paying a price for being able to move around. But look at the numbers of those polled and saying that they don’t want to be vaccinated. 50%, 60% – amazing. Never ever happened. In Russia, nobody wants to do it, Medvedev the ex-president just tried to say something about obligatory vaccination, and it took the presidential spokesman to rebuke him. Nobody trusts these PH people anymore. Looks like there is only way out, a kind of a rebellion of respected doctors demanding to investigate all kinds of PH.

    • RdM says:

      Nobody trusts these PH people anymore. Looks like there is only way out, a kind of a rebellion of respected doctors demanding to investigate all kinds of PH.

      Perhaps there is a small start here?

      But only a very small start.

      More …

    • waltc says:

      The push for the vaccine in the US is constant, inescapable and blatant propaganda—tv and radio commercials at least three times an hour trying every possible angle. It’s patriotic,! When you do, you can go to a bar! You can hug your mother! If you don’t, you’re a stupid selfish bastard! The spokesmen are everything from kindly doctors to peppy cheerleaders yelling through megaphones and, of course, celebrities. . And they’re offering rewards. In NYC, the mayor offered (not kidding) a chit to get a free portion of fries. Others are offering everything from tickets to games to an entry into a lottery for a million dollars. And then, on the other end, there’s the threat of second class citizenship—of never again being able to board a plane or enter a market, and the real hatred and fear of the unvaccinated expressed on social media posts, as though ‘unvaccinated’ meant “infected” and people without a “vaccine passport” should be made to ring bells and shout ‘Unclean!”

      Meanwhile, it’s said that about 40% of health care workers are refusing to take it, same for the armed forces. A whistleblower showed that facebook is limiting or even ghost banning posts containing anything negative about the stuff—like serious side effects or deaths, Every once in a while a five second item comes on tne news about vaccinated teenagers getting heart attacks, people going stone deaf, dying of brain aneurisms within days, but always followed by disclaimers about how rare that is, even when official stats show that “rare” turns out to be thousands of people.

      All I know is, there were no vaccines in the 1918 flu epidemic and the virus died out and the world resumed tne Roaring Twenties.

      • Dmitry says:

        Funny, but all of it happens in Russia too. The result is… 10% of population so far. That bastard Medvedev said something about making it obligatory. He had to be corrected by the president.

  2. Mark Jarratt says:

    Yes the CV19 panic mongering is tobacco control and the public health cult writ large. Now much of the population has been treated like smoking lepers. Will that signal failure reduce the unmerited influence of the public health modellers? We can hope. Their zero risk bias has failed humanity.

  3. jaxthefirst says:

    Completely OT, Frank, but have you discovered talkRadio yet? I’m sure that there are loads of people on here who have been listening for ages, but I’ve only learned about it (via YouTube, of all places, as a result of a search for items about Laurence Fox’s new political party), and it’s turned out to be a complete sanity saver for me throughout this crazy pandemic period. It’s the only radio station which, to be honest, “speaks my language” whilst all the others – and I mean ALL the others – are busy parroting the official, accepted viewpoints on everything and anything. They haven’t, to my knowledge, yet stuck their heads above the parapet and mentioned the widespread but deliberately-unacknowledged prejudice against smokers – even they aren’t that brave yet – but they’ve shown themselves to be prepared to speak out on behalf of many groups who, at the moment, the rest of the media are busy demonising – straight white males, for example, Brexit supporters, or those who think that lockdowns etc are little more than a power-grab and nothing to do with health – which is certainly a step in the right direction. Nor do they shy away from putting the other side of the argument when talking about the fashionable “heroes” who, according to every other station and paper, can do absolutely no wrong, ever, under any circumstances.

    Honestly, if you’re feeling a bit low and a bit down through a combination of the smoking ban and the pandemic over-reactions combined (and who isn’t?), give it a try. It’ll really perk you up to know that at least there’s one station out there refusing to “peddle the rhetoric” endlessly. It certainly did me!

    PS: Don’t get it muddled up with talkSport. They used to be the same station, but have now split – talkSport is now mostly sport with just the odd “other” item put in, whereas talkRadio is all current affairs etc.

      • jaxthefirst says:

        Yes, that’s the link to the live shows, if you want to listen that way. I tend to get to them via YouTube, partly because if I want to listen to them live I’ll simply do it via my radio, but also because via YouTube you can select past programmes and interviews covering topics you think you might be interested in hearing an alternative “take” on (there’s usually a little clue in the headline) or people that you’ve heard being interviewed before that you have liked and want to hear more of. As I say, I’ve yet to hear any of them mention smoking specifically, but in terms of broadcasting criticism of the “establishment” or the “experts” they’re never afraid to do that – even (shock, horror!) questioning the elsewhere-unquestioned “heroism” of the NHS – and neither are they afraid of arguing against the “currently-acceptable viewpoint” on things. Which is a rarity on any other forms of media these days. For me, in this crazy upside-down world of right-on views and the same old “good guys” and “bad guys” they seem to be the only station “speaking my language,” even if, to my knowledge they haven’t yet spoken about the subject closest to my heart.

        • jaxthefirst says:

          Hi again, Frank. OK, scrub those last few comments. In the wake of the “Oxford” story, talkRadio have roundly failed the Litmus Test and have come up disappointingly unsupportive of the universally-accepted social punchbag – smokers. Admittedly some of the reporters weren’t as breathlessly excited by Oxford’s proposals as I suspect pretty much each and every presenter on each and every other radio station no doubt was, but even those presenters who put up a token resistance argument against the proposals clearly didn’t feel very strongly about it. Like most non-smokers, I think they just aren’t that bothered about it. And, as we all know, any organisation’s attitudes to smoking usually indicate their attitudes towards a whole host of other areas of life, too, so if I was going to go on listening to them (which I’m not – not now), I’d be bracing myself for more disappointment in other areas in the future. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. I’ve only just found them, and for a while loved them and then …. bam! – that little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

          I’m so fed up, Frank. I’m tired of it all. Really tired of it.

        • Rose says:


          I feel your pain, but look at it from their point of view
          “The reaction came as no surprise to those who have tried to uncover the facts about passive smoking. More than any other health debate, the question of whether smokers kill others as well as themselves is engulfed in a smog of political correctness and dubious science.

          Researchers who dissent from the party line face character assassination and the termination of grants. Those who report their findings are vilified as lackeys of the tobacco industry, and accused of professional misconduct”

          We were brought up to understand “the scientific method” and I think we are still struggling to understand Post Normal Science where things are decided by how many people can be made to believe and others know to keep quiet

  4. Clicky says:

  5. Steven says:

    Quality of life is far more important than longevity of life.Why is it that the health fascists make us want to prolong our lives by taking away some of our pleasures.I rest my case your honour.

  6. Rose says:

    I’m very much looking forward to GB News, it starts properly on June 13 but is already broadcasting on 236.


    • jaxthefirst says:

      Ooh, thanks so much for that, Rose. I had heard about that new station, but didn’t know for certain if it was going to go ahead. And anything that features Neil Oliver (one of my favourite interviewees on talkRadio) has got to be good. Definitely worth a listen. Who knows – perhaps the pushback is starting ….. ?

  7. Clicky says:

  8. Clicky says:

  9. Clicky says:

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