Once again I’ve had great difficulty trying to post anything on WordPress. I don’t get offered the option to add a new post. It’s only by clicking on more or less everything I can that I eventually get offered this option. And by then I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say.

A lot of people are complaining about Covid lockdowns. They’re not used to it.

But smokers have been facing lockdowns for years. Smoking bans are smoker lockdowns. Smokers are used to it. They’re a small excluded minority, and nobody pays any attention to them.

But now everybody is being locked down. The minority has become a majority, And it can’t be ignored.

And perhaps now a few more people will realise what a monster Public Health has become, and that it’s full of bullies who have no compunction about demonising entire classes of people, all in the name of “Health”. Nothing is more important than “Health”. It’s a new idol.

But humans are always gambling with their health. They’re always taking risks. There’s be no progress but for all the risks people have taken to learn to fly, to sail across oceans, to build trains and cars. A lot of people have died doing those things.

A risk-free life is no life at all.

Health isn’t the only thing that matters. There are plenty of other things that matter. Truth. Reason. Honesty. Compassion. Humour. The list is endless. And they will re-assert themselves one day, and we’ll be freed from the tyranny of Health.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that medics become obsessed with health. It’s what they deal with all the time. Like mathematicians deal in numbers, and soldiers deal in weapons. They need to learn to step back from it, and gain a wider perspective.

Health is becoming a dirty word. Public Health even dirtier.

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11 Responses to Lockdown

  1. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Don’t you have the black WordPress bar at the top of any WordPress site you are on, Frank?

  2. petesquiz says:

    Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments, I don’t think that there will be an end to this Public Health madness anytime soon.

    Once the anti-tobacco zealots discovered the ‘silver bullet’ of passive smoking they haven’t looked back. Getting smokers to give up when they were only killing themselves didn’t work too well, but as soon as the lie that smokers were killing other people became accepted as truth, the tide turned. There were plenty of smokers who believed that they were killing other people and so there was no real uprising because the numbers who could see the truth were too low.

    But Public Health learned the lesson and every crisis since then has become about how your actions affect other people not how they affect you!

    Here in Birmingham we’re getting a ‘Clean Air Zone’ from 1st June and it will cost me (and anyone else with a non-compliant car) £8 per day just to drive into (or through) the city centre (£50 for a lorry or bus!) All this hinged upon the spurious figure of 900 people a year dying as a direct result of the poor air quality. A blatant fabrication, but one that nobody seemed to challenge seriously.

    The Climate Change nonsense relies on the pressure that our actions today will seriously harm our children and grandchildren in the future.

    With COVID, all of the mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns and vaccinations are supposedly to protect other people from you. (One is percieved as being selfish for not wearing a mask or not getting vaccinated!) A majority of people still believe this to be true and will be quite easily frightened into accepting further lockdowns based on so-called scientific evidence!

    Every one of these positions is based on a lie…but…far too many people believe these lies and I don’t see the power of Public Health (and their ilk) waning any time soon (especially when they can get away with branding people like yourself and everyone who sees through their smokescreens as conspiracy theorists or deniers!)

    I wish I could be more optimistic for the short term future, but I don’t see things getting better in my lifetime! (I’ll be 63 in a few months!)

    • jaxthefirst says:

      I suspect that it may take some while, PQ, but I do think that the whole Public Health establishment has taken a knock over the pandemic because of its draconian, control-crazy grabbing of liberties which no-one, apart from smokers, had ever had taken away from them before. And that can’t help but make people resentful and angry at whoever is doing it – just like it’s made us smokers resentful and angry towards those who have done it to us.

      And, on the plus side, the way that those restrictions have been applied, lifted in almost template fashion from all the anti-smokers’ lies and spin and manipulation – some of the similarities really are astonishing – does now give us smokers a wonderful point of reference to discuss these things with non-smokers, because now they understand, because now it’s been done to them too – the same fear-mongering, the same manipulated statistics, the same broken promises, the same “heroes and villains” game, the same shouty headlines, the same guilt-tripping. Christ, even the colouring used in all those doom-laden ads demanding that we obey their dictats almost match exactly the colours that they use on their much-loved plain cigarette packs. They almost couldn’t have made it more obvious what model they were copying if they’d tried!

      I think in many ways non-smokers have remained unaware of how badly and unfairly smokers have been treated over the last few decades, simply because they’ve never been in our shoes. I’ll be quite honest here and say that until the anti-smoking brigade got their teeth into us and the smoking ban came in, with all its associated prejudices and persecutions, I didn’t have much of an idea what it was like to be the victim of real prejudice. I knew it was wrong and bad, of course, and was always supportive of measures which tried to address those prejudices, but it really was only at an intellectual level. I never felt it in my heart and soul. But now I have become a target of about the only remaining State-permitted – nay, State-supported – persecution programme, I really, really do!

      So I think that, having been there, even if only temporarily, will give non-smokers a much better insight into what it actually feels like to have the State not only actively interfering in the most personal elements of your life, but also encouraging other members of the public – your peers, your family, your friends, your colleagues – to take it upon themselves to enforce those interferences in whatever large or small ways they please. Many may not yet have made the connection or noticed the similarities because, by and large, non-smokers aren’t particularly good at that, but it does make it much easier for us to enable them to make those connections and see those similarities because now they themselves have a personal experience of exactly the same situation. And what’s been done cannot be undone. Few people will forget the restrictive nature of the last 12-18 months – we’ve now only got to remind them of what they felt like in 2020 to verbally “take them back” to that period for them to understand what we smokers have been enduring for several decades and are still enduring, even now, as lockdown for everyone else gradually eases.

      Who knows? The pandemic could prove to be the best thing to have happened for smokers in many years, for all the above reasons. And the best bit? It may well have been Public Health’s hysterical over-reaction to it and politicians’ almost-gleeful use of this golden opportunity to withdraw so many basic freedoms with such alacrity and ill-concealed enthusiasm that has made it so.

  3. Sok says:

    Worse still, we pay their wages.

  4. Clicky says:

  5. Philip Neal says:

    Frank, I use WordPress on hosted server pages and my main problem with it is that it takes forever to upload new material. For some reason, it is important to clear your browser cache before, and sometimes during, uploading.

  6. Dmitry says:

    Last Monday we had a small celebration in our Moscow Cigar Club: I’ve published my 300th column on our website. I’ve got a good bottle of brandy and a lot of applause, plus the priviledge of occasional free cigar. So, thank you, Frank (and friends): I wanted to be like you (Roobee, please don’t post that doodle). I’m still not like you, but that column helped me to understand a lot of things about life and people and become very clever. See you one day.

  7. Clicky says:

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