The Most Persecuted Minority

Murray Rothbard wrote the following article in August 1994…

Quick: Which is America’s Most Persecuted Minority? No, you’re wrong. (And it’s not Big Business either: one of Ayn Rand’s more ludicrous pronouncements.)

All right, consider this: Which group has been increasingly illegalized, shamed and denigrated first by the Establishment, and then, following its lead, by society at large? Which group, far from coming out of the “closet,” has been literally forced back into the closet after centuries of walking proudly in the public square? And which group has tragically internalized the value-system of its oppressors, so that they are deeply ashamed and guilty about practicing their rites and customs? Which group is so brow-beaten that it never thinks of defending itself, any attempt at which is publicly condemned and ridiculed? Which group is considered such sinners that the use of doctored statistics against them is considered legitimate means in a worthy cause?

I refer, of course, to that once proud race, tobacco-smokers, a group once revered and envied, but now there are none so poor as to do them reverence.

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15 Responses to The Most Persecuted Minority

  1. Mark Jarratt says:

    CV19 – tobacco prohibitionist controls writ large, a predictable consequence of biomedical bureaucratic fascism.
    My crystal ball was working well when I wrote this back in Feb 2019 –

  2. Rose says:

    Very good.

    A study of Prohibition and how exactly it was done is well worth the time.

    Wayne B. Wheeler: The Man Who Turned Off the Taps

    “Prohibition couldn’t have happened without Wheeler, who foisted temperance on a thirsty nation 90 years ago”

  3. Chris Sorochin says:

    I’ve yet to hear of police murdering or brutalizing smokers just for being smokers.
    This sort of hyperbole only weakens our cause.

  4. Smoking Lamp says:

    Tobacco control is a true global totalitarian movement. Like all such movements it puts itself above the state and normal politics. it creates a new power vector by destroying the old. SmokErs are casualties and the targeted ‘other’ in this cultic crusade.

  5. Clicky says:

    • Joe L. says:

      This is passed off by the Guardian as “news,” but we here have been discussing studies that indicate a rise in lung cancer among never-smokers since at least 2013.

  6. Clicky says:

  7. waltc says:

    OT: News from New York City. Now that the state has legalized marijuana (even as tne feds criminalize menthol) the city will be opening licensed “consumption lounges” (their name for them–mine would be “joint joints” ) iow, bars when tokers can light up. The first prototypic one made tne news tonight: the most smoke-filled room I’ve ever seen though the “consumers” didn’t seem to mind tne smoke, likely because, inlike tobacco smoke, secondhand weed smoke isn’t at all dangerous and, in fact, is very likely a cure for cancer.

    On the tyranny of public health, I commend to a chronicle of its long and dangerous history in a book by Allan Kraut called ” Silent Travelers.” Likely still on Amazon and worth your attention.

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