War on Pubs


Is The UK’s “War On Pubs” About Silencing Dissent?

…health bureaucrats seem to be intent on the British public remaining joyless as part of some demented puritanical drive to oversee the “crude sanitisation of our understanding of the human soul.”

Sounds about right.

They’ve been doing it for years.

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5 Responses to War on Pubs

  1. James Higham says:

    Very much so, Frank.

  2. Mark Jarratt says:

    More disgraceful dictatorial illiberal interference devoid of nuance, sophistication and respect for the decisions and freedom of others, like this appalling example from our mates in NZ… https://consult.health.govt.nz/tobacco-control/smokefree2025-actionplan/ – so Aotearoa must be “smoke free” (actually less free as you noted Frank) by 2025 must it, says who.

    It is the usual bogus consultation to provide a fig leaf of validation for their prohibitionist zealotry, and although slightly discouraged from unproductive previous representations to the Australian Government robber barons, I will be giving the NZ “Health” Dept a robust submission telling them to GO AWAY AND LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE, unless they seek the predictable consequences of increased robberies, law enforcement corruption, smuggling, disrespect for the law, and the usual other “unintended consequences” of prohibition, known for at least a century.

    Perhaps other readers may like to complete the “consultation” too (e.g. Rose, WaltC, Joe L, RdM (in NZ so your view would have more weight). You all always mount very comprehensive arguments, not that zealots are susceptible to logic, they just know better than us what we value and how we should live.

  3. Clicky says:

  4. Clicky says:

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