Is It Worth Watching TV?

I haven’t owned a TV licence for over 10 years. I got threatening letters for quite a long time, but I simply replied that I didn’t own a TV set. After a while the letters stopped. It’s saved me about 150 pounds a year.

Now it’s rumoured that the licence fee is to be scrapped. So I’ll be able to watch TV again.

But I have a question for regular TV viewers: is it worth watching?

It certainly used to be 20+ years ago. But I have no interest in Celebrity Come Dancing and similar dross.

Jeremy Paxman used to be pretty good, but I think he’s defunct now. Anyone remember Cliff Michelmore? Or the Brains Trust?

What little I see on other people’s TV sets isn’t very impressive.

It was better in black and white.

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20 Responses to Is It Worth Watching TV?

  1. Mark Jarratt says:

    Why is there even any obligation to have a TV licence, not as if it is driven anywhere.
    No licence fees are payable in Australia for viewers but free to air programming is usually hardly worth watching although there are over 20 channels (including dross like home shopping ad channels).
    Many watch streamed TV like Netflix: more since the infallible governments incarcerated the population to “save” us all (like tobacco prohibitionists, illusion of control). 📺🚬

    • Ripper says:

      “Why is there even any obligation to have a TV licence”

      There isn’t one. Its all one big scam. I used to inform people, but as someone famous once said, ‘its far easier to deceive people than to tell them that they have been deceived’.

      The actual law is – you need a licence to watch or record live broadcasts – that is, any terrestrial channel where the public receives the broadcast at the same time.

      Lets imagine for a moment that Frank does that without a licence – how would TVLA prove it?

      Their ‘enforcement officers’ are nothing of the kind. They have no more authority than a doorstep salesman. You have no obligation whatsoever to let them into your house or even to speak to them. If you throw their acidic threatograms in the bin and slam the door in their face without saying a word, they are totally powerless. Non communication is the best way to go, after about 6 months they don’t even know your name and you become ‘the legal occupier’, let alone knowing if you have a TV set.

      Even if they do know your name, they can’t apply for a warrant without hard evidence such as a recording, The TVL goon’s word is not enough. Detector vans exist in name only, they are merely vans with the name on the side. They contain no electronics. Same with the ‘hand held’ detectors. Those are merely intimidation tactics – after all, even if they could detect a TV running, its impossible to tell what it is receiving or whether its a TV or computer monitor, or whether its yours or your next door neighbour’s. Also, detection is useless because it is not against the law to own a TV set without a licence.

  2. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Only a rumour Frank, i can’t see it happening. I wish it would though. I rarely watch BBC. It’s too woke and pc for me.

  3. Bill says:

    Was it ever?

  4. Judd says:

    Haven’t watched live telly for many years now, everything carries some level of propaganda, news and current affairs increasingly biased and that was year ago, it won’t have got any better in the meantime.

    Have Amazon Prime and Netflix subcriptions, yes there’s plenty of tat there too but you can always find something worth watching, ann without any smug presenters newscasters or overpaid un-entertainers to suffer.

    Won’t return to normal TV even if they paid me, same with the rest of the mainstream media, i don’t want to hear anything they have to say.

  5. Rose says:

    From what I can see, the BBC is behaving itself this week and being able to see and hear a 41 gun salute synchronised to the minute across 4 countries, Gibralter and on ships at sea, was for once, doing what is expected of it.

  6. Doonhamer says:

    BBC 4 is mostly good – Scandi and Frog dramas, quirky stuff like Dibna, Sky at Night, history and science stuff.
    Channel 5 seems to be doing what BBC 2 used to do well.
    Talking Pictures useful
    Here in Scotland Scottish TV occasionally, well quite often, throws up a gem, about real people and unspoiled by big budgets. Maybe other regions do the same.
    A recorder is very useful because some good stuff happens at funny hours.
    So, yes, provided you are content with a steady drip of good stuff, telly is useful

  7. jameshigham says:

    I’d not buy a new one. For what to?

  8. Rose says:

    Watching the distressing BBC report on Covid-19 in India this morning, I was reminded of the exploits of the former Indian Health Minister, a man who just couldn’t keep quiet at a time when we were still not sure what was going on or who was doing it to us.

    Now, Ramadoss wants ban on tobacco products
    2 October 2008

    “CHENNAI: Buoyed by the ban on smoking in public places that went into force across the country on Thursday, a jubilant Union Health Minister.

    Ramadoss, who persisted with his dream of enforcing the ban on smoking, unfazed by criticism from top Bollywood actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan to members of civil society, took part in the campaign to publicise the salient provisions of the law banning smoking in public places.

    Distributing pamphlets highligting the ban to passengers at a bus terminus here, Ramadoss said “my intention and my aim is to make India a tobacoo-free nation. But I do not have the power to do so.”

    He said 152 countries had signed a WHO-supported international agreement to ban the production of tobacco products in a phased manner.”

    Now I can’t find out much I’d rely on about smoking in China these days but I believe China National Tobacco is still going strong, whereas we got rid of our last tobacco manufacturer in 2017.

    Chimneys finally quit smoking at Gallaher tobacco plant
    October 27 2017

    “Half past eight on October 24 will go down in history as the moment Britain ceased to be a tobacco manufacturer. Once the final product — a pouch of fine-cut tobacco for roll-your-own cigarettes — came off the production line at the plant in Ballymena, the machinery was turned off at the site which will be redeveloped for use by Wrights Group, the Northern Irish busmaker.

    The closure of the factory, which until recently employed almost 900 staff, comes after the closure in May last year of the last tobacco factory in England, the Imperial Brands plant in Nottingham.”

    • Rose says:

      Yay! Someone mentioned Nitric Oxide at last!

      Covid third wave no longer expected in the summer, government advisers admit
      11 April 2021

      “Last week, researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that sunnier areas are associated with fewer deaths from Covid-19.

      The team suggested that sunlight exposure may cause the skin to release nitric oxide which reduces the ability of coronavirus to replicate, as has been found in some laboratory studies.

      Dr Richard Weller, corresponding author, consultant dermatologist and Reader at the University of Edinburgh, said: “There is still so much we don’t understand about Covid-19, which has resulted in so many deaths worldwide. These early results open up sunlight exposure as one way of potentially reducing the risk of death.”

      An interesting interpretation, but progress I feel.

      Nitric Oxide Can Help Treat Pneumonia, Researchers Say
      “According to Zapol, it all reduces to one simple thing. “Good things hide in pollutants and cigarettes,” he said”

  9. Clicky says:

  10. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Back in the ’80s there used to be a children’s TV show that played on the Beeb in the mornings, during the school holidays…

    Fuck TV. Go, go, go read something a lot more interesting instead…

  11. Joe L. says:

    No, there is nothing worth paying for TV to watch. Today, you pay for your choice of government propaganda or mindless entertainment. It’s not just “news” programs which are pushing government propaganda; even sitcoms here in the US are promoting and normalizing “alternative lifestyles”, and I need not state that there is not a glimpse of tobacco use–as if it is never existed.

    You’re far better off watching independently-produced videos on the internet. However, if they question the “official narrative,” they are becoming harder to find due to censorship. For example, The Corbett Report, which, after existing for more than a decade, was banned from YouTube this weekend for posting this great video regarding the current state of science:

  12. Rose says:

    It’s always good to start the day with a laugh however bitter.

    Calls for ‘pavement pragmatism’ as pubs and restaurants told outdoor space counts as ‘indoors’
    11 April 2021

    “Outcry from owners who have been told Covid guidance is based on legislation linked to the indoor smoking ban.”

    “The issue is Government guidance which is based on legislation linked to the indoor smoking ban, when a definition was needed for what constituted outdoor and indoor.
    The Covid guidance for reopening outside reads: “To be considered ‘outdoors’, shelters, marquees and other structures can have a roof but need to have at least 50 per cent of the area of their walls open at all times whilst in use.”

    It means, if applied strictly, that a marquee or tent must have two of its four sides open at all times to be allowed in Monday’s reopening.”

    It seems that non-smokers do care, when it happens to them.

  13. Dr Evil says:

    I watch TV and yes, I have a licence. I mostly watch progs on satellite channels such the various History channels plus a few other selected programmes on other satellite channels which I often record. I find I watch very little live TV on so called terrestrial channels although ITV 4 has a wonderful set of old 60s and 70s TV shows during the week. It amazes me that I’m watching stuff 60, 50 and 40 years old and it is better than most modern programmes. Plus a weekly dose of Champion the Wonder Horse, Popeye and Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe thanks to Talking Pictures TV. Oh and The Champions on Sunday night. My, the production values in that show look really terrible by the standards of today. Or the standards of the 1960s TV show The saint. I guess it is due to budgets.

  14. It’s bloody rubbish. The only things I find myself watching on actual TV these days are The Chase and reruns of Last of the Summer Wine

  15. Steven says:

    Main channels are rubbish.I live in the past when we hardly had any swearing and violence for the sake of violence.Best channel for me talking pictures channel 81 all the old programmes.

  16. pete says:

    from when the TV licence fee was actually worth it – in the first half of this Jack talks about what we were at about 3000 years ago – I’ll guess all us 60’s / 70’s boys loved these programmes

    …here’s a minute of The Brains Trust’s Dr Joad – I agree with him – I know we all love our motor vehicles but surely the best mode of travel ever, has to be the horse

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