Cry Wolf


31 people dead from plague outbreak in DRC, say health officials

At last, a real plague.

Not this faux-plague of Covid-19.

Maybe this time we can look forward to horse-drawn carts telling us to Bring Out Your Dead, and mass graves, and deserted depopulated villages.

Something that kills off half the population, not less than 1% of it.

A proper plague. A new Black Death.

With luck it’ll be the end of not just Covid-19, but also Global Warming and Climate Change and asteroid impacts and obesity epidemics and smoking bans, and all the other fake emergencies, as for once a real menace stalks the land.

They’ve been crying wolf for so long that it’s about time a real wolf appeared.

It will be something refreshing.

Except that it’ll probably turn out just like Covid-19, with mass vaccinations and lockdowns, and hardly anyone will die. It’ll be the same as it ever was.

It’ll be yet another false alarm.

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17 Responses to Cry Wolf

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Plague, being a bacteria, is treated now with anti-biotics. The only possible scary thing would be if we all became anti-biotic resistant!

  2. Rose says:

    “In 1665, London was rocked by an outbreak of bubonic plague. It was believed that the disease was spread by bad smells and invisible ‘miasmas’, so people used smoke to protect themselves. Tobacco was especially recommended to ward off the plague, and those tasked with disposing of the dead smoked a clay pipe to keep the disease at bay.”

    “The belief that tobacco smoke could ward off disease persisted for centuries. A pipe or cigarette was a necessary accessory for the doctor, surgeon or medical student, especially in the dissecting room. The anatomist was advised to smoke freely to cover the smell of the corpse and to protect himself from potential diseases emanating from the body.”

  3. nessimmersion says:

    Unfortunately we’ve increased the probability of resistant bacteria evolving by spraying steri spray around with abandon fir the past year.

  4. Joe L. says:

    Happy Birthday, Frank!

    I dropped by the Smoky-Drinky Bar in hopes of taking part in a birthday celebration, but it looked to be closed for the day (probably due to COVID-19 restrictions :P).

    I hope you have a great, smoky-drinky birthday regardless. Cheers!

  5. Александра Собина says:

    Happy smoky birthday, Frank!

  6. Rose says:

    Happy Birthday, Frank

  7. beobrigitte says:

    Not this faux-plague of Covid-19.
    Tell this my English daughter-in-law. Her mum died in her 50s on 21.12.20 of covid. My daughter-in-law is likely to beat you up.
    The current death rate is still at 3% of the population. 30 times higher than the flu.

    People who screech from the safety of their own homes are not convincing. Go out, mix and mingle!!! What are you afraid of?

    A year ago I was convinced we as critical thinkers would be the first to understand and critically investigate. To my dismay I observed just runaway ideas into oblivion. And haters. None of them made and still makes no scientific sense.

    I am moving up north where I, as a German, are welcomed and am able to cast my vote; a respected citizen. I will cast my vote for Scotland. You dream on. Youngsters here are not prepared to wait 10 years for nothing. The EU isn’t falling apart. The Brexshit dream ends soon. At the latest in 2024.

    Reality is a bitch, innit?

    • Frank Davis says:

      Sources? According to the BBC, Covid deaths are just 3 times higher than flu and pneumonia, not 30 times higher.

      That’s the same order of magnitude.

      And there are all sorts of different numbers floating around, some greater. some lesser.

      I still think that the response to Covid is as hysterical as the response to tobacco smoke. And it has nothing to do with Brexit.

      • beobrigitte says:

        You might want to rethink your maths. The death rate of flu = 0.1% of the population. Covid-19 = 3%.
        I expect this to drop to 1% at the end.

        Unlike you who is caught in the endless loop of being a victim I am in a position to point out to the rabid anti-smokers that they are reaping the result of the ignored disgruntled voting.
        Make of it what you want.

  8. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    Latest graphs for all-cause mortality by age group for England and Wales to Friday 12 February, Week 6:



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