Trump Still In The News

I suppose one reason why Trump remains in the news is because the MSM haven’t got anything else to talk about  Impeaching him after he’s left office just serves to keep him in the news.

What are they impeaching him for anyway? Nothing. They’re impeaching him because he’s Donald Trump.

Aside from that, it seems like a politically very bad idea. 75 million people voted for him – maybe 80 million if all the voter fraud is corrected. Attacking Trump means attacking a lot of people. Why do it?

Why are Republicans joining in this witch hunt? It’ll backfire on them.

How long is Biden going to last anyway? Not long, by the sound of this report:

HOT MIC: Biden Says ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Signing,’ Signs Executive Order Anyway

Who’s running America now? Shadowy figures in the background.

We’re in the middle of yet another Covid lockdown in the UK. What’s the point? As I see it, a lockdown will just slow the spread, and make the pandemic last longer and produce more new variants.  It’s another exaggerated threat anyway: it’s not as if this is a new Plague.

But Health is the only thing that matters these days.

With luck, pretty much  everybody’s going to be thoroughly sick of \\public Health soon.

I’ve been sick of them for a long time.

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20 Responses to Trump Still In The News

  1. Chris Sorochin says:

    Trumo is like stepping in sh*t. He may be gone, but the smell will linger for a while.

  2. Jim says:

    “But Health is the only thing that matters these days.”

    But only if you have covid. If you have any of the other myriad of things that can kill you or make your life a misery then you don’t count. You have to die and suffer, to ‘Save the NHS’.

  3. Dmitry says:

    All right, anyone for good news?
    If you remember that wonderful story about smokers almost not vulnerable to that virus, it ended in silence some moths ago. Silence it was, because it became clear even for idiots that it’s true, smoking is protecting us from all viruses. So the doctors, at least in Russia, were instructed to say: yes, it protects you, BUT IF YOU STILL GET INTO A HOSPITAL, THEN YOU’LL HAVE IT HARDER THAN NON-SMOKERS AND ARE LIKELY TO KICK THE BUCKET.
    What happened next? Here is a recent Farsalinos report, investigating statistics. His conclusion: no, there is no ground to say smokers have it worse than the non-smokers.
    Have a look yourself:

    • Lepercolonist says:

      Thanks for the link, Dmitry. Another smoking lie debunked.

      Joe Biden calls for ‘Unity’ but he wants to impeach Trump ? What a fool.

      • Joe L. says:

        Joe Biden calls for ‘Unity’ but he wants to impeach Trump ? What a fool.

        Joe Biden is less a fool and more a tool of the Globalists. They have given him free reign to continue lining his family’s pockets with money from corrupt foreign powers in exchange for Biden to help force their agenda (The Great Reset/The 2030 Agenda; e.g., “Build Back Better”) down our throats.

        This whole call for “unity” is such transparent hypocrisy and doublespeak. The true goal is obviously to demonize populists and label them as “domestic terrorists” in order to stifle any and all dissent. Actual unity among the masses is the last thing these bastards want.

    • Rose says:

      Thanks, Dmitry,

      The thing about Farsalinos is he doesn’t seem to notice what’s in the smoke.

      The cytokine storm
      Carbon monoxide inhibits IL-17-induced IL-6 production through the MAPK pathway in human pulmonary epithelial cells


      “Interleukin (IL)-17 is a proinflammatory cytokine that is produced by activated memory CD4 T cells, which regulates pulmonary neutrophil emigration by the induction of CXC chemokines and cytokines. IL-17 constitutes a potential target for pharmacotherapy against exaggerated neutrophil recruitment in airway diseases. As a cytoprotective and anti-inflammatory gaseous molecule, carbon monoxide (CO) may also regulate IL-17-induced inflammatory responses in pulmonary cells. Herein, we examine the production of cytokine IL-6 induced by IL-17 and the effect of CO on IL-17-induced IL-6 production in human pulmonary epithelial cell A549. We first show that IL-17 can induce A549 cells to release IL-6 and that CO can markedly inhibit IL-17-induced IL-6 production.”

      Inhaled Nitric Oxide and COVID-19
      April 28, 2020

      “Regarding its antiviral action, NO has been shown to increase the survival rate of mammalian cells in-fected with SARS-CoV (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome caused by coronavirus). In anin vitrostudy,NO donors (i.e., S-nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine) greatly increased the survival rate of SARS-CoV-infectedeukaryotic cells, suggesting direct antiviral effects of NO (1). In this study, NO significantly inhibited thereplication cycle of SARS CoV in a concentration-dependent manner. NO also inhibited viral protein andRNA synthesis. Furthermore, NO generated by inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibited the SARS CoV replication cycle.”

      Click to access f81c22ae1eac43bb5cda314a28d4e045.pdf

      Nevermind nicotine, the smoke mimics components of our ancient immune system, which we normally make by other means.

  4. jameshigham says:

    Question of time, Frank. This thing cannot be sustained past 2021.

  5. Clicky says:

  6. Dr Evil says:

    47 Senators, Republicans all I think, say this impeachment nonsense is unconstitutional. It is going nowhere fast.

  7. Sok says:

    More businesses open in Bournemouth just now,. More people floating about. Lockdown is gonna be a memory soon. Watch the media narrative change.

  8. Rose says:

    Here’s one to watch.

    EU demands AstraZeneca diverts 75m Covid jabs made in UK factories
    27 January 2021

    “Officials say UK-made supplies should be sent to the bloc or pharmaceutical giant will face legal action for breach of contract”

    Last I heard (yesterday) the EU hadn’t even approved the vaccine yet.

  9. waltc says:

    Can’t figure out how to post a photo of a chart here and don’t have a link. But. The US CDC did a study of 7100+ people with covid. On a list of a dozen other conditions they had (from “none” to diabetes, heart disease, etc) and among which “conditions” was “current smoker” a total of only 96 current smokers were among the 7100 and of them few were hospitalized at all, and only 4 (5%) wound up in the ICU. Maybe I can email it to Frank who can figure out how to post it.

  10. Steven says:

    How can you impeach somebody who is longer in office.A complete waste of time and money.

  11. Lepercolonist says:

    You need 2/3 of U.S. Senators to impeach. 55 Senators in favor of impeachment. So , the Dems are shy 12. Never going to happen. Complete waste of time. The media does not have Trump to kick around anymore and their viewers are dropping. Tough shit.

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