Stop The Steal

Facebook has announced that it will remove all content that mentions “Stop the Steal,” a phrase in reference to the 2020 U.S. presidential election that is popular among supporters of President Donald Trump.

I can’t think of something more likely to convince people that the election has been stolen than to disallow them from saying so.

I also can’t see what good it can do Facebook’s reputation than for them to tell  their users that they are being censored. In what other ways are they being censored? Are they only allowed to say only the approved message. No wonder people are moving to other platforms.

I haven’t used Facebook for years, but today I felt it was my duty to post “Stop The Steal!” on Facebook.


I wonder how long it will last?

Someone on Facebook was asking if I was still posting my blog, and I replied “I’m still here.”

Anyone see either message?

P.S. My Stop The Steal message was still there after half an hour. Maybe they’re not censoring?

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8 Responses to Stop The Steal

  1. Dr. Sok says:

    I have started spunking truth bombs in the supermarket. They don’t know what to do except, `smoking ban’ Calling all, stand against this nonsense, your liberty has gone. Just tell the gov to do one. As usual👍

  2. RdM says:

    A lot of Frank Davis results … I don’t see you in there?

    Have you been de-platformed already, Frank? ;=})

    Or just flying under the radar?

  3. Dr Evil says:

    I posted it FB too. Had to do it!

  4. Александра Собина says:

    I did too, will see for how long it will be on.

  5. Dr Evil says:

    Stop the Steal is still there on FB after 23 hours.

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