Coming from the Wrong Side of Town

Why is Donald Trump such a divisive figure? Why do some people hate him? And why,, conversely, do some people love him? No other presiident in recent history seems to have attracted a similar reception.

My answer, for a long time, has been that he comes from the wrong side of town. He was born and raised in Queens. NY, and that was the wrong side of town. And that’s perhaps because in many ciiies the prevailing wind blows from west to east, which meant that all the smoke from city chimneys blew eastward, making the eastern quarter smokier than the western quarter, and a less desirable place to live. West London boroughs like Knightsbridge and Chelsea are far more desirable places to live than eastern districts like Stepney or Shoreditch. And the same is probably true of New York City, and many other cities too.

So it’s perhaps pure snobbery that makes some people regard Donald Trump with contempt. He comes from the wrong side of town, and he speaks with the wrong accent.

Though he grew up in privilege, eventually attending college at Wharton, Trump never shed his Queens accent. 

Did Julius Caesar have a Subura accent?. Subura was a crowded lower-class area on the east side of Rome that was also notorious as a pleasure district.[

Julius Caesar lived in a family home in the Suburra district until, in 63 BC, he was elected pontifex maximus at the age of 37,

He became known for his exceptional oratory accompanied by impassioned gestures and a high-pitched voice

So most likely Caesar had a Subura accent just like Donald Trump has a Queens accent. And maybe much of his oratorical success was because any Roman listening to him knew from his voice that he was one of the Populares, and not one of the arrogant Optimates from Palatium. And Julius Caesar was as much hated as Donald Trump, and was also eventually murdered.

Did Napoleon Bonaparte have a Corsican accent? And Alexander a Macedonian accent?

Perhaps these small things matter more than anything else. Perhaps people’s accents matter more than what they actually say? If Trump had a Texan accent, it would have been a different story?

I liked Trump. To me he just had an American accent. I’m not able to tell different regional American accents apart, like I can with \british accents, So I only heard the content of what he had to say. But other people were picking up a lot more information from the way he said it. I suspect that Never-Trumpers are people who made up their minds about him after hearing him speak a single sentence, and they were judging the accent, not the content: Trump was from the wrong side of town.

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6 Responses to Coming from the Wrong Side of Town

  1. Judd says:

    Many reasons for liking him, and in no particular order

    Not a politician, told it how he saw it, never made any attempt to appear perfect or PC and had faults just like every one of us, wasn’t buyable, a patriot, a good businessman, generous to a fault, genuinely respected people who worked for a living and/or gave service to the country.

    Mostly though, you just knew he was a decent stick because just hearing his name was enough to bring the enemies of the real people to hysterics, policians media troughers and endless snowflakes alike, he made them incandescent with rage and he could wipe those smug expressions from their mugs in a split second, that i shall miss more than anything.

    I don’t think it was his accent, but agree it was that he wasn’t one of them, maybe because they can be bought they assumed like so many of their ilk do, that everyone else has a price, no they bloody well don’t.

  2. Clicky says:

  3. decnine says:

    Is Donald Trump really a divisive figure? These days, it’s hard to think of any statement which some crazy won’t take umbrage to.
    Donald Trump’s offence was winning the 2016 election when anyone whose opinion matters knew that Hilary Clinton was the rightful next President.

  4. waltc says:

    Just catching up here after a week’s absence. More complicated than Queens but that, at least symbolically, was part of it. He was the crasher at their party; the spanard in their works. But I agree with you that dark times are ahead– with all the statist authoritarianism they wrongly accused him of exercising now coming down on us full force. It’s already started.

  5. Sok says:

    I think Trump is a funny bloke, suited for a funny crazy country. He is still the president by the way.

  6. Doonhamer says:

    Rivers. It was probably better to live up river if the river was your source of drinking water, even if being filtered by passing through several feet of soil, your sewer and the run-off from your shambles, dye-works, linen manufacture, leather tanning
    So in the case of London those to the east got the benefit of the smoke of incompletely burned whatever would fit on the fire, the wind blown dust from the shit covered roads, what Aussies politely call bull-dust, and a rich viral and bacterial soup for water.
    No wonder they had coarse accents.

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